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If you go to any of their big "training" events, you will see their Reps get drilled on the notions that they are "saving people money", "feeding children", "helping people realize their dreams"... Go to one of their meetings and see for yourself!! And many of the Reps come away convinced this is what they do, but unfortunately, they don't see the big picture. Look at the companies they represent - Verizon, Sprint, ATT/TMobile, Direct, Dish,... Read more

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ACN is good company but why they don't have any feature to call block or any single number call forwarding system . Add comment

STAY AWAY!! Acn is a scam just another pyramid. Although they will swear by it and say it's not a pyramid that's a flat out lie. This is a system that does not work. Do your research before falling into the "I can save you money on your bills" BS. Perhaps if you're a small business owner you can save maximum of 10 cents a month! But if you own a home or rent- do not fall for this. They also fail to tell you about the lovely $200... Read more

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Went to one meeting and laughed my *** off. What a scam. If you are *** enough to fall for you deserve whats coming to you. You should probably just jump off a bridge and do the world a favor. You are dumb *** who should go out and get a real job. Pyramid scams have been are for a longtime and people still fall for them. Remember Donald Trump endorsed this piece of *** company. Donald Trump is the biggest waste of sperm. He will be the downfall... Read more

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You're probably reading this because you're thinking of joining ACN but not sure. Before you sign up there are some things you must know. #1- if you're letting all the negative comments get into your head then you probably shouldn't sign up!! #2- if you're not the one responsible for all the bills then ACN probably wont interest you #3- before you THINK of signing up, ask for the current month Bonus Document for new IBOs and try to understand... Read more

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This company has horrible customer service, Their associates aren't trained well..I signed up the end of January 2016 an didn't receive services until the 18th of march with a bill following.. When trying to cancel services I was told that a 230 fee will be billed to my card due to a 2year contract.. After waiting that long on services why should I be charged..During the time of my wait I had to continue to contact them in regards to when I... Read more

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I recently used ACN's chat services to try to resolve an issue. I chatted with "Tiffany" for just over an hour, and she was not able to help me resolve my issue. I was quite taken back with how bluntly rude she was as well, attempting several times to end the conversation before I had the chance to respond, and she ended up simply leaving the chat room while I was still typing a response to her question. I left the chat feeling quite unnerved by... Read more

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Oh my god stay away. And if Marlene matriano or Sharon Ishmael start recruiting you run! This is the worst scam cult ever. The Internet is dial up speed and they charge whatever they feel like per month. If your a customer which is what they need to make money your going to regret when you and your family are watching a flick after a hard days work and your Internet gives out. So you call them and guess what. No one there for support. ... Read more

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I trusted a very good friend and paid out $500.00 and never saw any income from this business. They wanted me to switch all my home services to what they offer. NOT a good idea. Please remember that if someone is trying to sell you something that is too good to be true, they it probably is too good to be true. There video phone service was a flop and no one wanted to buy they in the Washington DC area. My net work in this area was over five... Read more

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I have had terrible, terrible experience with ACN. First I had 5 MBPS. Then I upgraded it to 15 MBPS. But it was just as same: Slow, speed drops, modem has to be rebooted several times a day, doesn't support HDTV. Simple awful! Just stay away. bhasjdh;d fhsdkgbfsdgfs dg ;ada; sdhsajd halhdl as @#$%^&*&^ %^&* *&^% %& &( It asked me to write a 100 words. But I don't want to write so many sweat words on Internet and corrupt the readers' minds.... Read more

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