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-THE BBB is corupt. You can pay them for a good rating. -They want you to warm market and ask friends and family. When I asked my upline how their experiences went, they told me they had to erase some of the phone numbers from the people they loved because they did not want to help them. <--- wtf? I said. They made me invite my friends following the training. Long story short, I no longer hear from these friends.... HUGE RED FLAG HERE. -MLM... Read more

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They got my husband to join Flash wireless by giving him a free phone that was a piece if ***. When the phone burned up less than 90 days later, we asked them to stand behind his word and replace it...we get no call back. Michael has ignored us for a week. They took my $47.00 to hook the service up, so now they have my money and my husband has no phone. I would NEVER recommend ACN to any of my friends or family. Bad enough they ripped me off. So... Read more

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Hi all, I am writing this to inform all you so you do not get into it. EITHER TRUST ME OR JOIN, WASTE TIME AND MONEY and higher possibility loosing your frnds and family members. I am talking from my experience.please see below: Note - whatever ACN reps mention in meetings ask them if they can do in writing. Members- you have to call your frnds, family to attend the event and ask them to join or get their phone bills to get qualified. then you... Read more

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  • Sep 11, 2014
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This company has horrible customer service. Disconnect my cable service from directv when I never installed direct tv with them. They are charging me 3 months of so called high speed Internet which I have not used. This company is the worst. They should just die already

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I joined ACN 4 years ago and have had issues with them from day 1: 1: I had to pay to join and lost $500 and aquired a video phone that has never worked. 2: I signed up over 300 people beneath me and several were signed up below those people in all the 5 years I have never seen any residual. 3: I cannot get my LAN line to work with vonage because ACN control it and won't release it because they say I owe them money for a line for my video... Read more

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My phone was recently broken, this was partly fault of my own and partly it just being an old phone. I was on vacation when my phone broken, so I figured I could do without and just order a new one when I got home. So I get home on the 9th and we ordered a new phone at about 1:00 PM, with the website saying an order sent in by 2:00 PM will be shipped out the following business day. So, Sunday comes and obviously it doesn't ship then, but I... Read more

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I hate to argue with all you ACN rep about how ACN isn't technically a pyramid scheme because it is a multi level marketing company because you guys are just so stoopid and it is very hard or even stoopid to argue with a stoopid person, but I think I have a way. Here's How--> Me: ACN is pyramid scheme ACN Rep: Technically ACN isnt a pyramid scheme, it's a MLM because blah blah blah...more BS Me: Your are right! ACN is an MLM. [If you look up... Read more

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Me and my wife signed up for ACN along with my parents and it has been a disappointment from the get-go. I was introduced to it through my sister that thought she could make some extra money on the side doing it, and so we figured we'd help her out and save a few bucks at the same time.....were we ever wrong! Our home hydro and gas bills were supposed to go down. THEY DID NOT! THEY WENT UP! We called to complain to ACN's Energy department and... Read more

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Since 2009 I entered a 24 month contract with ACN in May 2009 I discovered on January 2013 hardware wasn’t compatible with my system i raised that issue with ACN technical support with no avail no one on the line was of any help ,in spite of that the monthly fee was continuing debited from my bank account I later canceled any debits from ACN who then terminated the service 1. frailer to resolve technical issues pertaining internet connectivity ... Read more

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Hi I joined this because one of frnds. I wasted time and money. DON'T JOIN.I attended the meeting and all make sense but keep in mind its not true whatever they tell you. you will be surprised at the end. You will never get anything in Residual income. They want you to go their event where they also make money on tickets. They wont even pickup your phones call once they are done with you. Phone bill will be higher than other companies. Customer... Read more

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