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ACN US wont allow me to unlock my phones so I can point to the service in Asia. None of the ACN in US or Asia are able to get my phones working although I am registered with Asia ACN Service. None of the customer support is able to help in repointing to ACN DPS in Asia and also one team does not have access to my ACCOUNT details in the other. None of the customer support is able to help in... Read more

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ACN is the most inconvenient phone service I've ever had the displeasure of doing business with. Too many run around, can't get my monthly bill paid on time because of their inconvenient payment options. Once paid, they took the money and refused further service. Good for me, I'll just sign up with Comcast. What kind of moronic company drops a customer because the customer attempted to make their... Read more

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Words cannot even describe the nightmare that was joining acn and it's all blame down to one person Miss Juana Oliva. The company itself might be good but I'll never know for sure because of this poor excuse of a woman and here's why 1.) She lies every waking moment of every day. She told my friends and I that people def said yes to our meetings then when we called them they said no such things.... Read more

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I am a small business owner in new Hampshire. I was approached by an individual, kirk walsh. who told me about the benefits of joining can. first, I will save money on my electric, cable and phone, and credit card processing fees will be reduced by 50%. in order to get these benefits, I will have to pay $500.00. I paid $500.00 on my credit card. instead of saving money, my account has been... Read more

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my best friend was brainwashed into this scam and tried to get me on it as well. Anyways so I bought into it and was told it'd be high speed and I'd have 10 days to return it. It took 2 weeks for the arrival and within hours of having the internet set was horrible and nothing would load so I called in and asked to return it, not only did they scam me with the 10 days ***, but I was... Read more

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A client convinced me to move my phone and internet over to ACN w/ no cost but the modem-$68. Century Link came in and re-wired then charged me over $250. The client said that my bills would go down $35 a month. It's gone up. He tried to sell a cheaper credit card payment system & said they'd pay me $100 if they couldn't beat what I had. They couldn't. ACN wouldn't pay me, so the client... Read more

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So I had ACN's video phone service and Internet service. The videophone is absolutely useless and old technology. I cancelled the videophone and kept the Internet. I had an issue with my modem, so they shipped me a new one, provided that I ship them back the old one. They provided the shipping label from Canada post. So I shipped it back. I started getting emails about how they didn't receive the... Read more

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Called support and they are not technically trained. They asked that I open portion my router - did that. Still same problem and now they say it's my router (after making changes) and have sent a lengthy voice message (not email) pointing the finger at my router (Asus router - a standard router). Obviously, they never tested this model before offering the service. So it is a guess that the Asus... Read more

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It's been about a month now and our internet is still barely functional. We had it installed and it worked okay for about the first hour, though the tech who installed it didn't even know what he was doing. Now every single day from 4PM to 11PM it's completely unuseable. Ping that should be 20ms is around 150ms and that's on a good day. As I write this review, the service thinks I live in North... Read more

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I received a notice from a collection company today for an account with ACN. I currently have a digital phone service with this company. However, there was an issue connecting my initial request for service. At their representative's suggestion I was told to resubmit my service request. After the second request, service was finally connected and billed directly to my credit card. However after... Read more

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