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Our community (Fountainbleau Gardens, Miami, FL) has pre-wired cable with CamCo cable service (now it is ACN, no more Camco), and I cannot choose other contractors, such as Comcast. The internet speed is horrible, and is always disconnected for a long time. Why is there such a *** company and service? The problem is I cannot install dish because of direction of my balcony. Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Unbelievable!... Read more

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i was with acn for over a year they have a very bad reputation in the uk most will not join them after they have experienced acn for themselves or from hearing about acn from friends and family. i was amazed at the amount of people in my cold market who had heard of acn and refused to join many RD's and below have left acn to join other mlm groups. ACN makes alot of money from your efforts in bringing them customers and you earn an... Read more

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I went to one of their meeting and ended signing up. They wouldn't leave me alone to even think about what I was doing. They wanted me to contact my friends and try to sell them on their concept and you feel pressured and if you can't get people to come into the family they don't stop. If you don't wise up before the first TEN Days- you are out of $500. Look at the company you join. In the fine print there is a way of getting your money back but... Read more

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I'm not sure most of these reviews are legimate. I have some of ACN services like their digital phone, wireless and electric. So far, I received competitive rates like most providers. I have not experienced bad customer service and I used their chat services just like the previous providers before switching to ACN and received a quick response. Some of the complaints that were written did not make sense since some of the services were listed in... Read more

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Yes this company is the worst, they charge you freaking a lot and will not return back what they take from ur account and when u complain, they will say it will be credited back to ur next billing. No wonder they want automatic payment. DO NOT BE VICTIM ..DO NOT GET ACN services Add comment

ACN Works. Period!
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Hi, I am reporting from the New York Market. I've started with ACN on Dec 11, 2015 with an open-mind. I'd like to share my testimonial with everyone and show how I was introduced to this opportunity. I had enrolled myself at an IT course as my legal full time was not cutting it. It was in the midst of this course that i found my salvation. I was introduced into this opportunity by a professionally attired gentleman who sat down with me at a... Read more

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Try to make it short and simple,ginna be hard thiugh! My friend git ne to sign up, $499 down the drain! Transfered my services thru ACN,if i did this,up to a $200 bonus,check came in mail $17! Ordered a cable and internet package, $95 for both,cant beat that,next day they are gonna come to hiuse to install direct tv and internet,next day,just direct tv was connected. Called ACN and asked them when my internet was gonna be installed? We dont sell... Read more

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I got signed up by a Lady saying she worked for dish & Direct Tv. She told me dish offers a $300 Visa card if you get the bundle. I didn't have that much to spend nor did I need a home phone but she was more than persistent. She text msg, called my cell & in boxed me. And with every call I was assured after 90days I'd get my $300 visa which I could keep or apply to my bill. After 90+ days I contacted her she told me it was Dish that was to pay... Read more

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Hello! I am reporting from Cleveland, Ohio and I was introduced to the ACN opportunity by my girlfriends parents, Corey and Tonya Anderson. I visited their home at Thanksgiving to meet the family and I was floored by their lifestyle. They lived in a large house with a winding driveway, and were the proud owners of a maserati and three mercedes benz's. I was blown away! At dinner I asked what they did for a living and they told me they have their... Read more

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I've been with them about four months now, and at first it was a little shaky. I didn't know how the services worked and thought they were being deceitful, but they refunded my overage charge do to my own ignorance. I gave them more then just a month and now it's been four months. Its certainly paid off. I'm not trying to make money or anything, and when I first heard it I thought maybe a pyramid scheme. I just wanted discounted service so I... Read more

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