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Stay away from this company. They took out money from my account after I had cancelled their services and now it's been more than a month and so far they have made some lame excuses as why my money hasn't been refunded. Everytime I called it's a different excuse. Also their rebates is bogus

  • Jun 11
  • Utility
  • London, London
  • Discount
  • 1
  • 617

I signed as a representative with the promise I would sell Virgin Media Bundles, Gas & Eletricity and other products with a discount. It turned to be a lie the discounts don't exist. When I asked an ACN representative over a online chat the question: "What would be an incentive for a new customer to deal with two companies instead of one direct?" the answer I got was "you can convince... Read more

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  • Jun 04
  • Home Phone
  • Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Employment
  • 2
  • 594

I joined ACN in April of 2014. I'm not a millionaire yet and its already June 2014! To be honest, no one told me I wasn't going to have to work for it. They said it was going to take time. They said it was all what I make it. They told me that most people quit in their first year. I am aware that this is not a get rich quick scheme and that I probably wont be able to quit my full time job and... Read more

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  • Jun 03
  • Home Phone
  • Mississauga, Ontario
  • Good Experience
  • 374

Its my first time on this site. and i am enjoying reading all the comments by public. i am with ACN since last almost 5 years. Not only my services are with them, i am into this business as well. Unfortunately the problem with the people is , they just want to make quick money. they dont want to grow them self in the business. They think its lotto 649. and as soon as they will join, they will... Read more

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  • May 30
  • Home Phone
  • Austin, Texas
  • Sign Up Fee
  • 696

Sure, the MLM principle of ACN is sound and if everyone you knew signed on with you and everyone they knew and so on you'd all be stinking rich but that's not how it works trust me and the owners of ACN know this. The reality is 99 percent of the people who you approach to pay the $500 sign up fee to become a partner with you (which is the only way you can make your bonus or any decent amount of... Read more

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International World plan with acn : Flashwireless had 5k minutes hidden lies

On hold for tech support for 93 minutes only for them to say they were working on the issue. Why not post something onlune if you know there is an issue affecting hundreds of customers? Why not mention it on your hold message. Worst customer service ever! Going back to my previous provider who I once thought was the worst but not anymore. Btw...I am an IBO. What a flippin joke & what a waste...

  • May 06
  • Home Phone
  • Macnab Park, Saskatchewan
  • Phone Service
  • 1
  • 306

Awesome company been with them for over two years.....I would totally recommend them to all my friends and family....oh wait I already have :0). The services is cheaper than what I was paying with my past provider. It appears that the people that are complaining probably didn't pay their bills on time and for them I have no sympathy. The service is reliable and affordable and it's a great... Read more

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  • Apr 28
  • Cellular Phone
  • Miami, Florida
  • Digital Phone
  • 329

very expensive phone. ACN will cost 550/year including registration (?) Versus MajicJack 45.00/year. ACN price is ridiculous, because you use your own internet line to make calls, they do not pay any connection. so you pay them for a phone "number" 550.00 /year ???? BUY a Magic Jack instead , same results for less than 10% of the cost. In addition ACN start to charging me supposed call to... Read more

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  • Apr 25
  • Cellular Phone
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Acn Phone Service
  • 299

They told me after I canceled they would send me a bill. But they didn't do that they took it out of my checking account. Now I am in trouble because that was the money I was to use to get a new apartment. We are getting evicted we have only have till,May 11 to get out of here. I am the only one getting money. I don't know what do now. Can any one tell me what to do. I need help. I am... Read more

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