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There is absolutely no price advantage ... they are a retailer and you are locked into a contract. If you want out you pay a penalty -- Does that sound like customer service? Once sucked in they have you so clearly this is not so advantageous that you would want the service. Then getting any information from the ACN rep is equally hopeless. May not be their fault but understanding of the service is pretty much void. AVOID THIS SERVICE - IT... Read more

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I was invited to attend a possible career opertunity by a friend. After an impressive meeting I was asked If I'd like to sign up under the impression I would get a seven day free trial. My account was debited £48 and I got given an Id, password and login to a site. When I got home did some extensive research and had a lot of questions about the claims they were stating which just didn't make sence mathmaticly. Decided I didn't want to proceed... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 19
  • #939464

I used this service it is very bad. Infact they start from telling lie eg. Their reps gives false info and after you terminate services the company rip off the customer. I have been charged huge amount of money in terms of termination services which i was told different. Sorry people obviously not a good company

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 19
  • #939325

Just got the ACN internet and it sucks,seriously can you guys fix it up I can't even watch a video online cause it's always stopping,hanging.You can't even watch video on fb.Geez man fix it annoyed a million times.

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I used all their services and they were amazing and still using them every single day. I will recommend everyone to try all services provided by them as they run this amazing scheme where they are helping hungry children to get fed. Specially there digital adapter service , you can make and receive phone calls by using app which comes with their digital adapter service. ACN began as a reseller of long distance services in the U.S., but over time... Read more

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I called about the can being a scam and the woman I gave the money to called me an *** two years later I still did not get anything. I even tried the owner and could not get through. this is a realm scam and should have been dealt with by now. I went with my son who thought it would work and his friend also got nailed with his father for two 500 dollar schemes and are now embarrassed as well. How can this really be happening??? ACN had promised... Read more

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I (Cathye Boyd) open an account on the 4 of August 2016! I cancelled on 5 of August 2016! By calling Ms. Glenda Morris then again I spoke with her on the 6 of August at the Meeting in Bradention Fl. I have never used there ACN digital phone services. I don't have your equipment but I am being billed and changed it's bow showing on my credit report! I have been texting and e-mailing and yet getting no result worse company ever! You all are a... Read more

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Called to get internet issues fixed and they basically called me a liar stating that I haven't called in before...bull$#!)!! I asked for a refund as I haven't been able to use my service since day 1 and they said no. What a joke!! When we tried to switch our shaw service to ACN, Shaw had no idea what we were talking about. Over $600 down the tubes for NOTHING! The "senior Service Agent" was brutal and like I said, stated that the only time I had... Read more

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This is a joke, I pay 200.00 more on my hydro bill per month since signing up, and to cancel its a nightmare; I'm going to sue this company if its a cost to me...totally misguided, customer service is ridiculous... It's a pyramid..get rich fast scheme for the individuals that were not informed of the truth in the beginning...Global adjustments...$130.00 per month every month for the past two years...your evil !!!! You prey on people wanting to... Read more

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Got conned into switching to ACN Internet / TV / Phone. The internet in the 1st week had a 48 Hr. outage. This is beautiful too....Was told by the one that suckered me into this that there's no contracts. I call to cancel and here I find out now that it's 3 Contracts that I have to pay termination fees for each one of these contracts or Almost $1K. Customer service is 0% and they couldn't care less about the service being super slow or non... Read more

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