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I want to give my experience both as a rep for 2 years and as a customer using their products. I will try to be as objective as possible and not just say its a mlm their for it is a scam. Clear things up. a pyramid scheme is when you offer no product or service and ONLY make money when people buy into your program. ACN does not get paid a dime when you get recruited and only get paid when you acquire customers and get qualified (I believe it was 5 points when I was in). the more reps and customer you get the bigger your residual is etc etc. makes sense on paper.

So here's my experience with what happened. I got recruited in August of 2016 approx. when I was just getting my first apartment. I was working at a car dealership but wanted more time freedom instead of watching my family grow up in picture frames on facebook. Saw it and made sense.

Red flags moving forward: So my upline who showed me this program left about 2 weeks later never heard from him again. I tried plugging into the system they had (go to the weekly training meetings and try to recruit or acquire services) out in Medina. Well everytime I tried to Shadow a higher rep in the company, they gave me the run around of work with your upline. well my uplines gone. I want to learn and earn and grow and do this right. never got anywhere no one willing to take me under their wing. They always said "in business for yourself but not by yourself" could not be any less false.

Had 5 PBRs (private business receptions) and invited all 109 people that I knew. 8 showed up not one got started. and I believed in the product, got the vivant security stuff, phone lines, internete etc. I spent money I didn't have because I was willing to pay the price to level up in life.

Then I went to 5 of the international convetions. I love the first one. the lights, the testimonies, the insider mindset (which applying the right mindset helped me later in life now I do about 5400 a month on ebay sales). but everytime I got hyped, tried to recruit and no one saw the vision. no one wanted to leave their house to drive an hour to medina to watch a 2 hour presentation.

That free energy sounded great. I could use that money back in my pocket. the way I saw it. gas is 60 and electric was 130 if I could get that free each month (190 x 12 months is 2280 back in my pocket add that up times like 10-15 years it more than pays for the 499 it cost to join.) well I could never get that many customers despite using the script or inviting people to pbrs. I burned though all 109 people I knew and felt like I was still doing something wrong. unwilling to blame ACN. what can I do different?

So between the 700$ for travel, hotel, car gas and food for 5 conventions that's 3500 that I had saved up, plus the 499 to start that's 4 grand plus add in the gas and travel exp of driving an hour to weekly meet ups for 2 years. plus my confidence in what I was doing was now shot because I didn't want to pass this burden onto ANYONE else. plus the 100$+ renewal fees (what?). I had lost everything I had saved up and had to move back in with family to cover the loss. I was so bitter and hurt but still felt I could have made it work, what was I doing wrong.

Well then I finally get some customers on the unlimited energy plan here in ohio. I was TOLD by my RVP and TC reps who train us weekly that its unlimited energy for a flat rate. that you look at the KWC I believe it was called and whatever you use a month fit into a bracket and you pay that much each month. Sign up family and friends with new plan excited that its finally growing. Well, 2 months later will bill takes effect for everyone, they find their bill is double what was being offered. it turns out that the unlimited energy rate only convers the DISTRIBUTION portion of the bill (like 40-60$) and everything else is the same. I was enraged and called up Randy to find out what was going on. The man I wanted to be like and looked up to in business. "What is going on this is NOT what were told in training and were saying this over and over again" I pleaded with Randy that this was wrong. "this is NOT what I'm being told were offering people." he then told me how I'm self sabotaging my own company by bad mouthing the service on social media. never answering my question. I knew at that point I had enough.

I was willing to see it through find a way to make it happen on conventions, find a way to make sacrifice and apply what they told me. I made 200$ in bills over 2 years and lost over $4000 and had to repair the relationships with my friends who all saw it for what it was. ACN does offer actual services. but the business model itself is disgusting, misleading with their weekly trainings, and exploiting their reps until they no longer suit them, not having my back, not offering what they are telling their reps, and then accusing you of "not wanting it enough". I'm convinced that if you get their "free "energy for yourself, its also the same way were your getting only the distribution portion of your bill off or discounted not free minus tax like they pitch it of course if you press anyone whos achieved it, they are more then willing to not show you documents that would help build your confidence.

Its just ironic. I had made so much sacrifice applying the system they showed me, bought in, committed to hitting SVP, committed to helping my team grow and change their lives as well. Yet it was a complete nightmare from start to finish yet I take another online business course and go from 1400 in sales to 5400 in sales within the first like 2 weeks of applying what the teacher showed me. I had waited 2 years for a return, so I know it was not from lack of desire...

Finally just recently canceled my flash wireless bill after they raised the price by 23$ a month and had to switch to my family plan. what a nightmare that was. saying I had not ported over a number, was rude making condescending comments to me during the process and finally just saying screw it I don't care if you cancel my number its not worth it to stay with you people. I was thinking before I called hey if they have a good deal im open to switching back do some business. that was the final straw and not willing to do any more business with them (do the math at say 60$ a month x 12 that's 720$ over next 20 years if I have my phone that's over $14,000 they just cost themselves.)

This is my experience. I hope NO ONE ever goes through this, if you find yourself reading this and are an IBO I wish you well, but if you feel like your given the run around with no answers or show of results stop digging yourself deeper and deeper trying to make a bad deal work. Their are PLENTY of opportunity out their wither you go the route of a career, an investor or a business owner. Its not worth it and that's not what business is like. Hope this helps guys


From Ohio

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Customer Care.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

Preferred solution: Warning.

ACN Pros: Learning how to apply mindset to other comanies.

ACN Cons: Everything listed above.

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I've heard many stories like this, and the stock company retort is "don't listen to the naysayers" - which is the dumbest comment I've ever heard - followed closely by "don't quit". Why?

Because you don't know if the naysayers are right - especially when you are new to a business. As to quitting, this is not an Olympic competition, it's retail brokerage, and if it doesn't work for you do the smart thing and quit - move on to something that suits you better. The Sr folks tell their colleagues to "edify" them before meetings, so people will be impressed with their wisdom and success. In reality, some of these leaders can't get a mortgage or pay their taxes...

look it up yourself on your county recorder website. Some of these so-called leaders have run more than one business into the ground - so don't be surprised if they don't, or can't help you beyond the periodic rah-rah speech and group tree hug.

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