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Instead of listening to people who obviously did NOT work at building their business, judge for yourself by speaking to those who actually are involved in ACN & follow the system. Just attend 1 local business overview & you can check things out & ask your questions. Also, don't think all of the so-called negatives are actually legitimate, as those in competing companies can flood the internet with anything they want to write... Read more

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I thought that there was a lot more that was going to help me build a bigger better and more reliable income and life for my family. We have been living paycheck to paycheck and many times going with out food,Then nationals event come and well "that's the event you have to go to" to see what it is all about, in all actually, they got me even more in debt, 500 sigh up fee, annual fees and then you have to pay to go to a meeting any were... Read more

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  • Sep 26, 2014
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I want to cancel my agreement please confirm with me. By my mob. 07563211630

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Call them up and see what it's all about don't give anybody your info just like that! I don't about you but if I could save $5 on my light bill I would look into it! We go to stores and get $3 off with coupons and we are happy. Why not save every month and in some cases more because if you have a fixed rate and rates go up, then you'll be saving more than $5. Acn is affiliated with Xoom energy company which is an esco company and if you are in... Read more

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Ok let me type this right because i dont want anybody talking about my english or my spelling. Got a text message saying i should give a guy who works for ACN my account number, phone number on the account and my email. All that just to take $5 off my light bill. Should i give him my info??? Read more

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My wife joined ACN with the promise of expanding in Mexico to start her business venture. I sat into the meetings and I am thinking its a total marketing scam. They seem to only promise living the good life however they focus more on recruitment than anything else. In my opinion with using ACN it is a low quality company. Here's what I mean. First off when we signed up with the Flash wireless the Verizon side in order to get someone to activate... Read more

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Hi, I'm in the process of sticking it up them after I discovered my friend was transferred using someone else's Medicare care for the credit check. They stole her account without her permission. This is legally called slamming guys. Not telling you the critical information summary and signing you up themselves is a breach of their policies and procedures. I got them from their own back office and now I'm using them to get back to the position my... Read more

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Attended a conference in Cleveland this past weekend to learn more about ACN and can I tell you everyone I met came off as crooks and liars. Quick talkers and trying to make money off friends and family. Not to mention one of my friends who works in a hotel said the staff was treated horribly by these employees. Read more

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-THE BBB is corupt. You can pay them for a good rating. -They want you to warm market and ask friends and family. When I asked my upline how their experiences went, they told me they had to erase some of the phone numbers from the people they loved because they did not want to help them. <--- wtf? I said. They made me invite my friends following the training. Long story short, I no longer hear from these friends.... HUGE RED FLAG HERE. -MLM... Read more

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They got my husband to join Flash wireless by giving him a free phone that was a piece if ***. When the phone burned up less than 90 days later, we asked them to stand behind his word and replace it...we get no call back. Michael has ignored us for a week. They took my $47.00 to hook the service up, so now they have my money and my husband has no phone. I would NEVER recommend ACN to any of my friends or family. Bad enough they ripped me off. So... Read more

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