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** BEFORE YOU READ THIS PASTED COPY OF THE EMAIL I GOT PLEASE KNOW I CALLED THE COMPANY AND TRIED TO GET SOME MORE INFO.... THANK GOD I BLOCKED MY HOME NUMBER !!!!THESE JERKS ARE SLICK AS HOG *** !!! **** 11/3/2014 Account #: 101789208Thank you for contacting ACN Customer Care. This email is to inform you that your Case 8880265 has been resolved. We would like to inform you that a refund totaling $403.67 was issued back to your credit... Read more

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I agree with the other posters - LET'S STOP the SPECULATION and second guessing!!! People on one side say ACN is much better than having a "J-O-B", and others says it is a waste of time and money - we can all see that...! We also know that "TALK IS CHEAP" ! Yes? It is only human nature to want some proof, when someone claims they have a life-changing deal for us. Don't we do research, check references, and comparison shop on most big decisions?... Read more

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I visited this site a little less than a year ago when I was first introduced to ACN. I read through the complaints/reviews and was a bit deterred from what I had read. However, this past September, I joined ACN as an IBO and in the first 30 days, I worked hard and recouped my investment through the monthly bonus promotion. The savings I found by switching my own services, balanced out the minimal expenses I had made thus far. I have a great... Read more

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First of all I became an ACN ibo for $499.00 then my wife joined for another $499.00 with the line that you are in business for yourself but you are never alone. We went past the 10 business days without really doing much of anything and should have been kicked out and refunded our money but instead we were led on and told we were making it. I went out and bought suits so I would look nice for the meetings etc. we bought several of the services... Read more

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Not many Reps I have spoken to, in researching this company (as they suggest we do before we join) seems to be aware that if you do have a problem with ACN as a Rep, that you will probably have to lay out about $4,000 to $5,000 just to get an arbitration hearing to resolve it. NO ONE actually told me this from ACN. I looked at all the published documents I could find, and made some phone calls and stumbled upon this information in the process.... Read more

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Here's another aspect of ACN they never talk about. ACN, like most companies, reserves the right to change their Compensation Plan? That's not unusual... But, what is unusual, is the way they have added a footnote recently to their Comp Plan, that says they can change it WITHOUT NOTICE ! Yes, that's right, what you think you will get paid for the work you do, can change, without ACN telling you! That's EXACTLY what that footnote means! OK - so... Read more

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Promised a bright and successful future that appeared to be so easy. They stated to do exactly what they said, and clients would agree to term of services. Not true. Potential clients were smarter than I not to purchase the services. I'm so disappointed and frustrated. I spent a lot of my hard earned money to go to pay for the storefront, go to meetings and conferences. ACN is a fraudulent business. I would like to know how to ban together to... Read more

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Good idea - see for yourself! Well, I did. A friend of mine has been hounding me to go meet with her "business partners", to see what "the opportunity we have our hands on". I had already asked her some questions, and got very vague answers. But I took this see for yourself advice, and I'm glad I did. It was almost as if the whole thing was scripted and rehearsed. When a speaker said something, many in the audience applauded, cheered, stood up -... Read more

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To start off, I am not a customer of ACN's services nor an ex-ACN employee. I'm writing this review based on what I've experienced so far, heard of, seen, read about, etc. The story: My friend/roommate met a guy at her job, who was a TC (Team Coordinator) in ACN. Young, fancy suit, fancy watch, decent looking enough to get her attention. It's funny, because I think now that if he was a 40+something year old guy who was dressed down, she wouldn't... Read more

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Instead of listening to people who obviously did NOT work at building their business, judge for yourself by speaking to those who actually are involved in ACN & follow the system. Just attend 1 local business overview & you can check things out & ask your questions. Also, don't think all of the so-called negatives are actually legitimate, as those in competing companies can flood the internet with anything they want to write... Read more

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