A friend joined ACN and has been pestering me to do the same. It didn't sound right so I've spent the last week looking into it.

First of all, calling people names is classless, rude, and unprofessional.

If all your supporters are going to claim that this is about helping people, they need to learn simple manners. Please do not respond to this post with "just because people are lazy does not mean the system does not work" or "people only fail because they are weak fools" or anything like that. Moving on, after some research this is what I have found. ACN is MLM.

No, it is not legally a pyramid scheme because they do technically offer products and services (which are most often purchased by the IBOs themselves to accrue and maintain customer points). Most of the people that back up ACN turn to "the corporate world is the read pyramid scheme". Just because a business' structure resembles the shape of a triangle on paper does not make it a pyramid scheme. It has to do with the income of the higher ups relying solely on the paid "franchise purchases" of the people signing up.

ACN DOES resemble a pyramid scheme because at the end of the day it is not the services that are putting money in people's pockets but rather the cost of recruitment. No, I am not simply referring to the $499 start up cost but all the other costs that add up to maintain a position in this company (business assistant, retreats, and so on). George Parker made a fortune off of selling New York monuments to unsuspecting immigrants, and this business is not much different. You are selling a dream, a false idea, and people continue to buy it.

This is what has kept ACN in business for over two decades and has allowed it to expand world wide. You may or may not have made money off of this company but if you did it had nothing to do with the services offered but rather the people you recruited under you. And as for "but people do make money from commission off of the services offered, it is negligible, and that .5% commission is what keeps this company legal. Can you work up to the promised 10%?

Sure, but not without recruiting and maintaining a high number of people under you. I know I am probably leaving some points out but there you go.

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Good mind. You said it ALL, and in short.

Excellent observation and analysis. Spot on, my friend.

@From the INSIDE and now OUT

Thank you. Needless to say I told my friend no but he continues to push. We'll see where this goes for him.


I have been pestered by a friend to join this scheme but you have given me food for thought. It just sounds too good to be true so i am sceptical about the credentials of this business


Like I said, you can technically make money doing it, but at the end of the day it is all about how many people you can recruit under you and not the goods or services you are getting commission on. Also, from what I remember (and I apologize if I am wrong) but the UK has had somewhat of a back and forth with the deregulation of energy so I am not sure where ACN falls in your country in that aspect.

I am not saying not to help your friend, but please do he research first. Start up alone in the US is $499, plus the monthly website fee of $30, plus weekly meeting fees, etc...




Good and thoughtful insights.

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