South Pasadena, California

Television reality show ? OMG I heard that from my so called moral up line.

I hope it turns out to be hard copy or something that exposes how ACN takes money from hungry and weak people. Now Mexico is the target and people in California,Texas,New Mexico,Arizona and Nevada are going after illegals and poor Mexican in the hopes of making a killing on poor Mexicans in Mexico who can't even rub to Pesos together. The lines you get are so rehearsed edification is the biggest word used. I was duped and found nobody wanted to sign up and give it 500.00 and have a phone that isn't what anybody else wanted either.

This is a no win situation and there are no residuals it's a smoke screen. The thing I was told is the key is reps,reps,reps. The residual come a long time from now. You probably end getting 5 cents for every service.

Lies,lies,lies yeah there gonna get ya. Screw Donald Trump ! why I thought I should believe him edifying this is beyond me. A good subliminal CD !

The person that signed me is signing up anybody and she doesn't care a *** thing about them. She's loosing her house and spending her husbands 401 K plan to go to Detroit,Palm springs and trips to other states to sign people up. The desperation is at all costs sell your friends out, but by golly, get Reps !

This is a evil,greedy and horrible thing to do to family and friends. I am going to make sure I write a letter to hard copy asking them to do a story on how many people have lost the shirts off their backs and their families to boot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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hahahaha bro you suck .... im not in acn but many of my friends are, and i can tell you this is an awesome company that helps alot everywhere they go.

poor you 9 to 5ers!!


I am from Mexico and in still have family there as well. I think that it is great that a company would give the opportunity to the people in Mexico to enhance their lives.

There a few MLM companies that have come to Mexico and have had a Positive impact in Mexican cities. You don't know what I am talking about unless you have lived it. We( Mexicans) do not need ignorant people to speak on our behalf about something you have only read about or seen on TV.

Thank you for your concern but someone who refers to people as "illegals" has no credibility with any opinion this type of person would have to offer. I pray for your ignorance and hope that you will see people as people and not see them as numbers & stats.


Everyone has and wants to have an opinion. Hence why social media thrives like no other .no one takes responsibilty for their own decisions.

Blame game is the constant these days!

An evaluation of anything is like the interpretation of the bible. We all read the same words , but all have different interpretation of what those words mean. Some People just decide to interpret things negatively when they don't understand it or refuse to understand it .

Do your homework before you put people or things on blast . Think before you speak. & don't let society or the news influence you to always look for the hidden spade .Negativity sells and people Love attention!:I wish people could see that they can be heard without acting ignorant!

Unfortianately there are people that hope we as people never see that light! Stop being a follower & victim to what the "world " wants us to think and think for yourself!


LOL! I love the ignorant people who want hand outs in this world!

I can tell you that the residuals are very very very real, with WORK!! It is obvious you are a lazy person who does not want to work. ACN and residuals will not pay you if you don't WORK!!

I went 7 months without a cent paid to me, guess why??? Yep, you guessed it, I didnt work at it. Once you pay your $500 to ACN, they are not just going to bless you with residual income, you have to go work to aquire customers. Whhhooooaaa...what a concept, customers have to be aquired first and start paying their bills before any money is paid out.

Guess what, in the real world, what happens if you sit on your butt and just compain about life and watch tv and eat raw chicken?? Do you get paid at all?? NO!! You have to work. You have to work.


yeah right! and probably the Famous Donald Trump can now concentrate on ACN after resigning from the board of trump entertainment.

And you trust Donald trump as an endorser of ACN? naaah....think again ...and again..and again...

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