Brampton, Ontario

if anyone come to your house and telling you change your service like home phone, internet, video phone gas, electercity, water heater tank, kick their *** big time and tell them to get out from your house even if he or she is your best friend, these *** are liars, they never tell you the truth about their garbage services

first they will come to your house with big smile and tell you we save you lots of money, which is not true at all at all actually they are there to *** up for their own personal benifits

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

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Sorry I meant "and CANNOT! improve your internet service


I agree, anyone who has questional internet connection should never by any of those digital devices. The devices are only as good as your internet service, they are not magic and can improve your internet service.

As a consumer you should know what you have already before you purchase anything.

Those reps who mislead you should be stripped of their ACN business, but again, as a consumer you must not put all of your faith in anyone. Take the time to do your research and don't expect someone else to do it all for you.


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I don't think you should be categorising all ACN business owners into this category - for a start ACN company policy states that we should never proclaim that we can save people money - how can we when we don't know how much the person is spending in the first place?

I do understand how you feel about people who conduct their business unethically or misleadingly, but to rubbish ACN and call their services garbage, you would have to have been an ACN customer yourself to even make this statement.

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