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I am an ACN rep and here are the facts about ACN. ACN is a company THAT WORKS. I have been in ACN since April and have been pretty successful with the business. ACN is a LEGIT network marketing company.

THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A PYRAMID SCHEME AND NETWORK MARKETING (google that and you will see but people automatically group these 2 together which is WHY network martketing has a bad reputation to some people, but in reality the people are just uneducated. And 2nd of all, IF ACN was a scam, then why would Verizon, ADT Home security, Comcast, AT&T, and other fortune 500 companies be partnered with ACN to sell their services? Don't you think their Legal Advisory staff would've said something and not allowed those companies to partner up with ACN if it was a scam? And also, your compensation is ONLY made if you sell the products (which in this case, are services).

Lets say you don't sell a single service, but refer 50 people to the business and THEY ALL join because they were looking for an opportunity, YOU WILL NOT MAKE A SINGLE PENNY. Before you can start getting compensation, you do need a certain amount of services you have to get. ACN does work, but requires alot of hard work and alot of self discipline, just like traditional businesses do. It is up to you whether or not you want to succeed in this business.

And as for the Infinity Group International, when you hit a certain position, you are able to make an organization. ACN wants to build leaders within the company, but you can't do that when ACN is just one big pothole of people because ACN is in so many countries and all 50 states, so what they do is they create these organiations/teams/however you want to call it, so leaders may step up and help people achieve their goals more efficiently. There's a reason why this website is called and I know that, but with all the negativity on here, i thought i'd shine a brighter light on the company to help you open up your eyes a little bit on the business and help you understand it a bit better.

Comments are welcome, but if you're going to comment on how much BS this company is and how I am full of ***, PLEASE give me some proof. I'd rather listen to facts than someone just trying to talk bad about something, wouldn't you?

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What I am wondering, if acn (IBO) has to get people to sign up for services just to get a percentage back, what happens when these customer's end up cancelling their service because of poor service. Then the acn(IBO) loses that portion of income. My question is how do they make money when people cancel their service?


You lose the small residual if a customer cancels their service.


It just seems like A lot of money is made from recruiting. Will an ACN rep sign up a dead beat to get that bonus?



I know nothing about the MLM aspects of ACN but as a consumer ACN has been a nightmare. we've been charged over $160.00 and have had no dial tone for five weeks.

customer service sucks. Service sucks.

ACN sucks. Ipso ergo....

@T - Sea

T-Sea, please contact the ACN’s Customer Care team at 1-877- 226-1010, and reference case number 8785957. We would like to help correct any problems that you might have had. Thank you.

@ACN Inc

What's funny is ACN Inc does nothing before hand to satisfy the costumer but ones the review is up they want to call some number...HAHAA what a joke..SMH


My boyfriends coworker has got involved on this and has offered him a position as an IBO under him. I personally don't want him to join because acn has an association with fracking and I personally don't believe in investment in energy sources that aren't renewable.

I understand the difference between a pyramid scheme and network marketing and it makes sense however I personally have found low consumer reviews on the actual products and services provided by acn ?

( with tons of digging through heaps of Internet trash that doesn't tell me anything about the product quality) I would love to hear more from someone with personal testaments of consumer satisfaction.not just satisfied reps?


ACN Sucks, period. the products are bogus and do not work.


ACN is a MLM company. It is not a scam, but it does offer an incredibly low commission structure and you paying to sell products most of us could get paid much more to sell for free or in many cases get referral bonuses as consumers which blow the 1/4 of a percent commission away....

But thats not why you join an MLM, it's a dream of never having to work again, residual income that never ends, sitting by the pool and doing interviews for infomercials on how to be successful.

All you have to do is get your friends to sign up as an IBO (independent business owner) and get at least 3 services, like home phone, internet and cable. And pay $499. Then they will get you a tiny percentage of there bills and they can sign all their friends up. If you can get hundreds of people under you and sign up 20+ people a month you will make thousands.

The reality is that very few make any money in an MLM.

I can't find the financials, but there was a study done on ACN. They collected over 60k in sign up fees and the top earner that signed up that year only made $796 - her $499 fee.

Here is there comp plan. It pays up to 1% on the first 30 units sold. That means if you sold 30 phone service at $25 bucks a month you would earn a residual income if $7.5 dollars.

And many of the services only pay half of the commission which mean on your first 3 levels on your downline you are only making 1/8 of a percent on what they sell. Not saying it's impossible, but it's some of the hardest money I've ever heard of. Good luck


The only people that will complain are the lazy ones that expected to get rich in a month. They'll also complain about their current job and employer (if applicable).

The rest of us, who are willing to work our *** off to get ahead are the ones who will just smile at the lazy and move on to be with our own kind.

Everybody stay positive and focus on your businesses, your families and whatever else makes you happy. Opinions of the people that you don't want to associate with don't matter. Don't give them any attention. Instead, treat them like children and teach them that they'll get your attention when they have a positive outlook; they always come around.

ALL of you, have a great day!!



I discovered a interesting french website, specializes in the management and prospecting activities network marketing in FRANCE. Their solutions can help to find partners and CRM and they looks pretty full to manage a team.

I hope this information will help.


I like how he said that if all youre going to do is talk ***, give him proof but out of the 3 people that put *** as the review and the *** that made fun of his writing, none of them have yet to say anything about ACN


1st "***" stands for s.hit

2nd "***" - b.ull.***

3rd "***" -


This review is very helpful. My husband and I just signed up today.

The unknown is scary and uncomfortable. ACN sounds like a wonderful opportunity. We are both self employed and are use to hard work. We are in the stage that we are not 100% comfortable and have so much to learn.

We are taking a huge leap of faith, Glad it seems to have paid off for someone.

It give me comfort. Thank you


Thank you for your kind words. Entreprenuership is living a few years of your life like most people wont, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't.

I have worked hard jobs, the 9-5, I have done it all where i came from (Hong Kong, China), but what I have noticed as I moved here was that the land of opportunity was not what people have praised it to be. Corporate America is tough and brutal, but gladly I found another Direct Selling Company by the name of Ambit, which ultimately led me to ACN, and have never looked back since.

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