The service stinks, when you call ACN for help, they can't even help you. We have had the phone for a least 2 months.

We have yet to have good service from the phone and the internet in a 24 hour period. We were promised when we signed up we were getting 6 months free phone service and 6 months of internet. Not happening folks. We get the phone and now are already being billed for internet.

From dropped calls to can't receiving calls or can't hear or understand what they are saying not worth getting. Stay with Bell or Rogers, they money is worth it.

Believe you me. Tick off in Ontario

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

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ACN may be legal but it is a company that preys on idiots. I went to a meeting,everyone was black and all the people Presenting had day jobs.

Asked to see dudes bank account cause he claimed to make $9000 a month...seen that guy working at subway 2 weeks later hahaha he refused to show me his account of coarse. Get a real job people this is a legal scam preying on ignorant people who are gullible.


Kyla, we are very sorry to hear about the bad experience you have had with your ACN service. We have located your account, and you should not have received an invoice for an early termination fee.

An ACN customer service agent will be contacting you by phone to correct and resolve all issues with your account. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Been with ACN for 14 months, it has worked two days only, called them countless times, said theyd fix, refund my money, basically what i wanted to hear. then they keep charging my credit card regularly.

yesterday was the last straw, spent an hour explaing (again) to 3 differnet dept.s was told i would get a credit, and my credit would not be charged again. 3 hours later i get a new invoice in my email. cancellation of service fee! 190.00 bill for a service thats never worked.

still waiting for my other refund.....probably will not get it, or the rest of the money they have taken over the last 14 months. Next step i will have to cancel my credit card i guess.

wish i never ever got involved, such a headache!! worst most horrible customer service ever.


:( ACN reps are disrespectful and belligerent. My latest rep was EATING as she talked to me in long rambling, obviously scripted responses.

I like free calls to family w/ACN service but all else stinks. ATT has to come out every time my ACN services flags..often!


The reason ACN customer service is so bad is because most of their "customers" are just disgruntled and confused ACN reps. They have lost money, are losing money, or will be losing money....and they are angry.

Add on the fact that ACNs products and services don't work very well, and you wonder why all these pissed off people are calling into ACN for support. Of course ACNs phone reps are going to be in bad moods and not want to help anyone. All they ever do is talk to pissed off reps all day about things they can't make better. A good company prides itself on customer service.

But a bad company like ACN can't do that because all they have is angry customers who are pissed off about the services they have been conned into signing up for two years, only to find out they don't even work and can't get their money back. That has to be a nightmare job btw.


acn customer service reps are really not helpful. they sent my modem for the internet to the wrong address twice and continued to bill me for internet even though i had no internet service.

then they cut off my phone because i didnt pay 19.38 while all of this was going on. bell canada would never have treated me this way. after screwing up acn made absolutely no attempt to keep my business. they treated me like sh.t.

when i called bell to tell them about my experience bell was much more apologetic than acn was and bell even gave a great offer to get my business. acn could not give a rats a.. about treating me like *** .acn talks about having a live person on the other end of phone to handle your problems but they are useless id much rather talk to emily the computer or even some customer service rep thats in india because they give you much better service they are far more knowledgeable care about customer retention and are willing to make reasonable concessions when they are wrong.donald trump should try calling customer service himself they would probably end up screwing this guy over to because they are so useless. acn thanks a million for nothing.

no internet for 47 days after i switched from bell to acn then the buggers cut my phone.why would anyone pay for such horrendous service. why why why .


Kevin Moening is a person with no respect with potential clients. He meet my wife trying to sell her on becoming part of ACN and instead he pursued her to have an affair.

My wife and I were having marriage problems and Kevin Moening took advantage of the situation and pursued to have an affair with my wife. He uses ACN to prey on women.

who ever is thinking of using ACN or doing business with Kevin Moening beware...He is a disgusting person with no respect what so ever for other people. What ever you do dont do business with him...


IT seems that every negative comment has a positive comment, right behind it. WIthout the detail, it looks like some ACN person is just making a positive comment to nullify the negative one. :zzz


I've had great service with my phone and ACN Customer Service. I highly recommend it!


This is absolutely the WORST system (next to 2 tin cans and a string). Dropped calls, dropped line, constant resetting and poor quality calls.

I should have had a clue when the rep that sold this to us got rid of her own ACN phone.


I agree. I have had my phone for a month and have yet to have my phone service turned on.

I spent $200 on the phone and can not get it to work and Customer Service is SO unhelpful.

I get a new excuse everytime I call. How can I sell the product when I can not even get it to work?


You get what you put into anything. All these people who say they got ripped off thought you get something for nothing. "work it you fools"


acn is working out great for me...i dont know why some idiots are so hard to please.

i can't be anymore happy with MY service


I signed up with ACN on teh basis that I can get my refunds if I cancel within 10 days. I cancel after two days and ACN said they will not refund the full amount.

They will deduct $57.00.

They certainly do not stick to their promise. It is a Scam


ACN is horrible. From poor networks to overcharging of customers to ridiculously unhelpful customer service.

I have been a long distance customer for a little over a year and when I finally made a long distance cal they overcharged me. When I called to complain they were so unhelpful that I decided to cancel my service. They jerked me around for 4 months saying they couldn't cancel my service (still billing me every month mind you...) until I finally contacted the Consumer Protection Bureau and the CRTC ...oh and all of a sudden my service was canceled.

Bunch of crooks! Stay away!!!!

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