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Everything about ACN smacks of dishonesty and deceit: Hiding who they are and what they do right up to the last second. Engaging in psy-ops and psychologically manipulative techniques against family, friends, and neighbors.

Selling the right to "sell the right." De minimis residual income. Obsolete products, deceptive customer service, and terrible customer support. Dozens of "gotchas" in their contracts and service agreements. A 99% failure rate.

An ordeal to extract yourself from it.

You should feel sorry for the people who have been ensnared by ACN. They're probably looking at between 6 months and 2 years of ***

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I'm not sure what the rant is about. I'm in ACN and doing fine.

Maybe I'm just lucky. I'd like to know how devilsadvocate could have 800 IBOs under him and not be making money? You must've gone wide and not deep.

You should've been making over $8,000 a month based on those numbers. Please explain how your outcome (and income) was different.


To the person directly below me:

What the *** are you talking about? You're basing your "conspiracy theory" off of "Eagle Eye" !?!?!?

The one where Shia Ledouche out runs an F-16? Your grammar is atrocious, your logic is flawed, and your post had nothing to do with the topic.

& FYI being used by another application has nothing to do with your computer or webcam being accessed remotely. The only technology that freaks me out is Kinect O.o


MIND CONTROL>>>>>trojan horse.........i know this guy that gets a phone call and turns into a different person ,or he talks monotone' freely giving bank accounts and passwords this man is not ***,quite the opposite but the nonsense verbage,of numbers and reinvestment amounts that clearly dont make sense,if u add it up...u pay at least 200.00 a month to join there cult where these most decieptful power hungry creatures gain access to your home through voip,dvr,home security systems,have you heard of the film eagle eye?its happening right now and we are allowing it!!~!!does your webcam say that it cant access it because it is being used by another application? or better yet,it sais that this device is working fine!...for someone else,maybe on another monitor ***,probably in another country,i guess we as a country can send voyer shots of unknowing citizens screwing there german shepard and the risiduals pay a LOT more than.....just ask the rex group and mr.dearing,they bank on BACK OFFICE no matter what *** numbers game there throwing out there to confuse, what they really want, covertly, is access to your info,media,life! BANK ON IT!!!


I have to agree. As a former rep (with over 800 reps and thousands of customers) i would have earned more working at a gas station with the equivalent number of invested hours!!

Lifetime residual, what a joke, there is no such thing as nothing lasts forever.The organization is top heavy and there is little chance of earning big unless you are at the top of the chain, you need be the founding member of an entire country to reap any real rewards. You will find yourself with a whole bunch of overpriced services,pissed off friends,out of pocket expenses for all the "training" and trips and a mountain of washed up "carcasses" that were once your "team" . You will never be able to honestly say to people that you make a real living from this.

It always makes me laugh when i read posts from all the brainwashed losers stating that they have 25 people in their business now and they are making a fortune, quit thier job and everything. Words of advice - be honest if you want people to trust you.


The entire business model is a lie. They proclaim that they can get you services that are drastically cheaper since they avoid marketing costs such as media advertising, marketing, and print.

However, go and see for yourself. Go online to and order Verizon Internet. Then go to and order the exact same service. It's more expensive through ACN and if you use ACN, this means you get ACN's customer support, which is non-existent.

The ACN reps are completely and utterly clueless.

ACN does not even offer a triple play for internet, cable, and tv because they have their own private labeled telecommunciations network - I think they are selling Qwest. Best thing to do is to run from this company and pyramid scam as fast as you can because that is exactly what it is, and what I don't like about it is the fact that customers are getting ripped off by purchasing through them, when it's cheaper to buy direct.

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