Hull, Quebec

ACN Customer Rep are not willing to help. Even if they know there's a mistake made on your bill, you will have to fight for it to get a right price.

I asked to talk to a supervisor, the customer rep hung up on me. Called a second time, pissed as twice as the first time. But this time she was helpful. She checked everything to make sure everything was right in my account.

Also, I made a change of address a month before the date. On the scheduled date, they put the service to my new address. 20 days later, I get a bill from them to my old address.

I called to know why they sent me a bill to my old address if they knew I moved and I did transfer the service to my new address 15 days before the bill was sent out. They say it's not their problem and I should pay the pay right away...

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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ACN is renowned for terrible customer service. It's not just that their actual support agents are bad.

It's that there services, fees, and contracts are so absurd that it ends up screwing most of their customers. Then when you get a clueless rep on the phone who doesn't care about you getting ripped off, that just adds insult to injury.


At ACN, Customer Service is one of our top priorities. Please give us a call at 877.226.1010 so that we may try to resolve this matter to your satisfaction.

When you call, please be sure to reference case number 8208488.

Our Customer Service agents are waiting for your call. We apologize for the frustration this has caused.


So if you sign up with them you only have 3 DAYS FROM THE DAY THEY SHIP THE EQUIPMENT TO CANCEL SERVICE!!! It could take that long just to get it!!

There is a $59.99 early termination fee along with a $14.99 Port Fee Service charge! I was told they would NOT charge my card and what happened?? THEY CHARGED IT!! I was also advised from AT & T when I switched back it takes 12-14 days to get your old number ported back to them plus a $50.00 re-activation fee.

In order to have my home phone and internet restored I had to pay the $50 and get a BRAND NEW NUMBER!! This was by far the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!

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