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I'm with ACN now and its the worst that i had to deal with.... since feb-28 i didn't had nothing more then problems...

the phone adapter needed to be changed but just after 1 week and for that they did cancel my account and open a new one???whats this??? now since March-08 they activated a "new" account and every single night i lose my service , every morning a need to reboot the modem, in April-05 they did send a tech that didn't fix nothing except realize i was with 3mbs instead of 5mbs of the 6mbs promised...fix this ... nothing else... since April-06 i'm calling almost every single day as no service in the morning...

21 days after and also canceling a tech without show up in my house, they decided to change the modem... well guess what worked for 2 days after start the same problem... no service in the morning...

techinal support dont know what to do...

and the last one, today, its that i need to pay for a tech if the tech came to check inside the house??? this is a joke for sure... asked for a supervisor.... well never available 24h to contact the cust...

if you are thinking is go with this company DON'T DO IT, i will never refere this ACN company to anyone, bad network, bad cust service, bad everything... and id anybody from ACN will answwer me that i need to contact cust suport to have help because you ACN guys dont do what its promised, please dont lose your time here and use your time trying to help really help and solve the cust problems.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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ACN has the crappiest service ever if you run into a suit dude offering you ACN service then don't do it. You'll regret it you get nothing but problems and you don't for what you've.payed for


so why does the service only work after 9am without problems and always cut after 4am....

Not the my lines at all... even 4 tech already came over and no problems with the lines its really the ACN service not good.

its like they cut the service at night...

They dont care about anything...

After 3 months still the same thing... i have a new company provider, i will starting soon with them... ACN its *** service and nobody will be able to make me change of idea.


Hey Tony stop sticking up for these cons. Because you drank the KOOL-AID and want to ruin your life as well as others around you, don't blame the ones that have caught the scam within days and got out but still get screwed.

All ACN reps have are excuses.The answers you give your so called clients are useless.

The only time I ever get silence from any of you and I know a few of you is when I ask to see a paystub then you all shut up or talk about the guy with the Bentley still waiting to meet this guy with a rental car. hahahaha.


Have you considered that it may be a problem with the lines in YOUR home - and not ACN's fault? If they have replaced your modem, and it's still not working, there is probably something else going on here. You are responsible to pay your own line repair bills.

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