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I just left ACN, because it took time away from my children after they promised I would have more time what a flippen lie, they will tell you all kinds of lies just to get you in the business because all they care about is making money off of you, it is a pyramid scheme, and now I have been more poor financial wise than I ever was before I joined, plus when I held A PBR meeting at 8:30 at night to try to sign up more people they were only supposed to stay for an hour, they ended up staying till almost midnight, and I almost lost my job the next day, because I woke up late for my new job, I ended up getting into a fight with one of my teammates because of it,I was supposed to have his help on clearing the people out after the first hour but no instead he sat there and chose to keep talking to everyone when he knew I had a job to go to early in the morning, because he doesn't care that I have 3 mouths to feed and keep a roof over their heads, he just laughed because all he cares about is making money off of me well no more I'm done. oh and the services suck once you sign up it's hard to get out of them just FYI for people who are thinking about getting cellphone services through them or even cable and internet, I wish you the best of luck but as for myself I feel ripped off.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

ACN Cons: Deceitfulness.

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I stopped reading your whining when I saw how much personal responsibility you're willing to take for your life: "...they ended up staying till almost midnight, and I almost lost my job the next day, because I woke up late for my new job"


Why would someone take personal responsibility for a blow-hard that had too much kool aid and doesn't know when to put a cork in it? Really - isn't it delusional to listen to a buffoon go on and on about a business where it seems most people quit?


It's a shame that you feel that way about the business. I do want to say whoever told you that you will achieve time freedom was not telling you a lie.

The whole purpose of getting into network marketing is to WORK and BUILD a residual income, for the purpose of being able to make money later on without having to go to work. However, I like to refer to it as a time investment when you're just getting your business up and moving. It takes a good amount of work before you may be able to have real time freedom, but it is definitely worth it. I always teach my new reps that this is NOT a sign up and get rich quick opportunity.

To see residual income of 3k plus without working every month is typically a 1-2+ year game plan. Some people hit those numbers a lot faster than others, and some don't. It all depends on the work that is put into your business, as well as the support you have from the leaders in your upline. I understand your point of view, but seeing that you already joined ACN, DO NOT LEAVE your business.

You can put as much time in it as you so please, but don't quit. Even if it took you 5 years to start making a small 5k extra a month, don't you think that can change your life a bit? That's just you working your business for like 5 hours a week for a few years. Don't you think that'll be worth it in the long run?

In the next ten years that income will probably double. Not to insult your occupation, but do you think the income you're making in your current job will double? The best thing is you can leave your residual income to your kids when you're not around anymore. Think about what you do for a living now.

Can you leave your job to your kids?

Look I'm not saying this as just another rep defending the company. Economic times are shifting and job security doesn't exist anymore. We all know that.

What I'm saying is own your own destiny. You're either spending your life working paycheck to paycheck, building someone else's dream, or you're building your own. Don't trade your time for a paycheck until retirement. If you want time freedom to have with your family, then make it happen.

Work hard now so you don't have to later on.

It's just unfortunate you didn't have the right leaders guiding you. I'm extremely lucky to be working personally with a board of directors member from the company. I learned more from him in a few months than I ever did in college.

I really want you to think about what I just said.

Network with the right people and opportunities will be there for both you and your family. I wish you and your family all the best in life and God bless.


Big news for all ACN Reps - RESIDUALS ARE NOT GUARANTEED ! Contracts expire, customers terminate, and the co-founders have reserved the right to change or terminate the Comp Plan at any time, for any reason - look at your documents if you don't believe me!!!

And what happens when the co-founders walk away/ retire/ etc??? Just curious how many of you Reps have had this explained to you by your sponsor - or anyone in your up-line???

If someone claims your residuals are financial freedom forever, ask them to put that in writing, and have it notarized... !


Please look at how many people voted negative to Jackson's post - without providing ANY concrete info on why that post is not true. How many leaders have put their personal guarantee on your residuals in writing??

Better yet - contact the ACN headquarters directly and ask them for a guarantee - and then let us know how you made out!


This all sounds nice, but no one lives forever. What happens if the co-founders retire, sell the company, or just shut it down?

No residuals for you, or your kids, or anyone else.

Ad, there is nothing you can do about it - read your comp plan. Don't want to put all my eggs in that basket...

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