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I already knew of the deceitful tactics of this company through a friend who kept pressuring me to sign on. Unknowingly, my husband received an invitation to attend this presentation today, and I decided to join.

As soon as I entered the room, I knew this was the same venue my friend tried to promote.

I have carefully researched this company, and friend is no longer with them, as well as her son and husband. Loss- thousands of dollars.

For those who may be thinking this is legitimate, the only people making money are the paid salesman who are great public motivators. The audience is overall, young, minorities (not a racist, but it is true) and so are the overwhelming "successful people" who are brought on stage, well suited in ties and suits. The audience are desperate soles, looking to make a buck the easy way without working hard. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE LUNCH!!! It is so sad but reminds me of a religious cult, or revival meeting, where hundreds of thousands of dollars are donated to the wealthy few on the podium, while those in poverty are praying and praying and hoping for some kind of change in their lives. They are the victims of the greedy who prey upon those in need. Poor soles! If only they could see this.

And despicable as the organization is, so are those who have signed on, bringing in their guests such as our "realtor LOL" who are hoping we can also be suckered in, as they were.

So why not be truly HONEST ACN. Tell everyone, that this is a MLM deal, that offers no benefits to their services, except to cost you more money in the long run, and/or no service offerings at all. Admit to the public that the only way someone could hope to make a few pennies, is to bring on board other fools, like oneself.

The only one making money here is ACN. Just read all the posts and see all the complaints.

Just so disgraceful, it makes me want to puke. And on top of it all, I was not allowed in for wearing jeans. LOL

I had to purchase slacks or a skirt elsewhere. I have attended more prestigious venues, that had no dress code. More of a facade, to have you think this is something elite or exclusive!

If that is the case, how dare they give you only water to drink, not even bottled water, or coffee. Muffins were sold in the lobby. Heck I have been to timeshare presentations, that offer way more than this. Downright disgusting. But desperation, lack of intelligence, and lack of research, brings them in, and I pity the poor suckers.

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Wow you sound really angry and hurt so sorry to see anyone like this.

Myself and my family are all in Acn we all get paid every Sunday and the third Friday of every month.

Before I joined Acn I was told that it was a scam but I said let me speak to someone it works for rather than someone it did not work for.

Acn is not a get rich quick scheme it requires hard work and I have seen many give up because it's hard work.

I have changed many peoples gas and electric and saved them money.

But the most amazing thing I have seen in Acn is they way it transforms young people ie My own son who did not want to work who saged his trousers and for years I tried to speak to him then he joined Acn and the change is amazing he has become a gentleman he takes great pride in the way he dresses now at this moment he is in Rome being recognised for his achievements in Acn .

So the question is Acn a scam the answer is no it is not.

Google is marriage any good and you will get many people who say marriage is for fools yet I've been married for forty years and love it I wake up happy everyday. I hope that this will help you to see another side


I have made some Youtube videos to get the word out there that ACN is a scam and a very scary money hungry cult. Please support my videos and let's all get the word out there. Together we can try to save naive people as we can from getting brainwashed by this vicious cult.


ACN has a slew of people who respond with *** because they made an investment and want to promote the company.

Case in point, check out you tube videos, about complaints about ACN. When you click to hear about the scams, it is actually one of their undercover scam artist entourage, actually supporting ACN.

They have a whole slew of people who slam the slammers.

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