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Try to make it short and simple,ginna be hard thiugh! My friend git ne to sign up, $499 down the drain!

Transfered my services thru ACN,if i did this,up to a $200 bonus,check came in mail $17! Ordered a cable and internet package, $95 for both,cant beat that,next day they are gonna come to hiuse to install direct tv and internet,next day,just direct tv was connected. Called ACN and asked them when my internet was gonna be installed? We dont sell internet and cable packages.

I told them that sold it to me testerday,called me a liar. I said,lets pull up the recorded phone conversation we had,they started to get pissed at that point. When it was all said and done,i was aoying $235 fir cabke and internet!! On to switching over to xoom energy,which is ACN electric service.

My first bill was $60,which was my average usage a month,plus $95 for ACN for a total of $155! Now it comes time to cancell anything to do with ACN,Ive been on the phone for 3 hiurs and 20 minutes,i got my electric service cancelled,with a early cancellation fee,which when they send it,ill wipe my *** with it,then throw it in the garbage! Tonight i can linger sit on the phone after 3 and a half hours to cancell my direct tv and internet,the reason im having a oribkem cancelling is because the only way they can open my acciunt to look at it is if i gave them my land line number on the account,never had a land line,have not had ine in ten years!! BIGGEST PYRAMID SCAM EVER!

Yeah the top hadful of people,maybe 10 or so,are making it big,driving Mercedes and BMWs,this could be you! It could be you if you get about 500 oeople to sign up under you and have each of them sign up a additional 20 people!

SCAM! Dont let the 15 second recorded speach from Dinald Trump fool you,if someone paid me a million to give a 15 second soeach on endorsing your company,i would do it,mist people would!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Bundle.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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They do not sell a internet cable tv bundle *

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