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I was doing my shift at my job and a random guy asked me where he could find something in particular. I went to show him where it was and he was truly happy and gave me his card talking about this ACN stuff.

Next day i met him and his business partner and they talked with me about how great this acn was. They gave me some papers to sign and asked me if i know a bunch of people to join the compagny. They asked me if i can put 500 $ to put in the compagny to later on, gain some incoming revenue from acn. I was hype to join but then came to my senses.

Is it to good to be true? His business partner said to me like : " dont let the negative people bring you down and stuff. He was really persuasif with this acn. What do you think people?

Leave me some messages on my email if you want.

Thanks and good day to everybody. My email is

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Sales Representative.

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I wouldn't chance it. Just read the majority of ACN reviews here. Or better yet google ACN scam.


You can find anything and everything on google. If you look up "ACN SCAM" you WILL find people saying ACN is a "scam", if you look up "ACN success" you WILL find people saying ACN is successful....


I wouldn't chance it. Look at the majority of ACN reviews here. Or better yet just google ACN scam.

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