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I will not recommend ACN for anyone.My contract was about to end within 25 days. My ACN phone stopped working suddenly. Technical service people informed phone is broken, have to buy a new one since it has 1 year warrenty. Why some one make phone works only 1 year but contract the service for 2 years . Asked cust.serv if I can transfer my phone number to another service without terminating my ACN service . They said I can and I did. Now, I receive a bill for$99.00. Such a disappointment. Please do not select ACN as your phone service.


Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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Acn does not do billing! Acn is simply a independent broker!

Bills come from the service company verizon cox direct tv ect...

if you lost cable..youcall the provider not acn... these negative reviews are not legitimate!


Well Smitch, what exactly does ACN do? Just get you to sign your account thru an IBO and then the IBO gets a small percentage of your bill & has no other obligations to the person they signed up? Just shows it's BS.


Jane are you involved with ACN. Without actual facts of the business practices, you should keep your unintelligent opinions to yourself.

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