Washington, District Of Columbia

I signed up for T-mobile cellular service and bought a new phone through ACN. The next day, T-mobile sold to AT&T (who has horrible coverage in our city) and I canceled the order and service.

It has been a nightmare getting a refund. Despite confirmation of the returned phone and two service reps in writing guaranteeing me the refund, I still had to call my CC to dispute the charge. Additionally, ACN has to release a code to T-mobile to correct the bills, which of course they did not do. They are so apologetic, but nothing gets accomplished.

These people could not break out of a paper bag with a pair of scissors. What a scam!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Donna, we apologize for any difficulty that you are experiencing. Please contact our customer service department as soon as you can.

You can reach us at 1-877-226-1010 and we believe we can help you resolve these issues. Thank you so much.


digital phone service on a Thursday, received the equipment on the following Wednesday, plugged it in and it worked great! My phone # was ported over the next day and I didn't miss a call, even though they told me I might be without phone and internet for 5-6 hours.

ACN's customer service is incredible, as compared to most companies I deal with. LOVE my new digital phone and can't wait to get my video phones next week!


I'm having the exact same problem. The worst part, it's negatively affecting my long-time friendship with the ACN representative.

I keep telling her it is ACN customer dervice that is lying to the customers. I'm beginning to resent her, though, because she is a representative of a company I despise!!

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