Arlington, Massachusetts

ACN and its website page on "Total Costs" failed to include all of the costs associated with their video phone service.

On December 26, 2011, I purchased two video phones and video phone service from ACN, based on the claim that it would cost $29.99 per month plus 1.99 for an additional line.

The only other cost listed on its "Total Costs" page is a $2.99 regulatory fee, which was consistent with the taxes, surcharges, and fees that I was paying with my previous server.

No where on its "Total Costs" page does it warn that additional costs on top of that regulatory fee would apply.

Although the total cost of $34.97 (for service, an additional line, and a regulatory fee) would be a little bit higher than my phone bill with Comcast, I decided to purchase it to help me gain customer points as an ACN Independent Business Owner.

When I received my first bill, it was for $43.70, which included $2.48 for taxes and $8.81 for surcharges.

I immediately contacted the company to complain and request a refund with a return of the equipment that was purchased.

They denied my request with the claim that it states in the fine print under terms and conditions that additional taxes, surcharges, and fees may apply.

I told them that if additional charges would apply then that statement should be listed on its "Total Costs" page.

Instead, they deceptively alleged that I would be getting a rate that was competitive with Comcast, by excluding these additional costs from its "Total Costs" page. I agreed to buy the phones and phone service under false pretenses.

It should also be noted that I agreed to pay $499 to be an ACN Independent Business Owner under additional false promises.

I was told that if I acquired 20 customer points and qualified two "team trainers" under me in my first 30 days, I would receive a $1000 bonus. As they put it, the $1000 bonus would be in the mail before I even had to pay my $499 credit card bill.

As it turned out, I acquired 27 customer points in my first 30 days and qualified two team trainers.

What ACN did to delay payment is they did not credit one of my team trainers with the single purchase that would qualify him and get me my bonus.

This was a purchase for internet that was placed on January 19, 2012 and installed five days later. Two and a half months later and I have still not received my $1000 bonus.

I am concerned that this company is not operating honestly and I am further concerned that they are looking for a reason to deny me my bonus.

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Deenis crisponslander cant be written so you look foolish...also what do you mean "impossible to list all of them."? If a company cant list all of the fees associated with purchasing it's product then thats a huge problem and not an honest way of doing business.

Dont worry i wouldnt be caught dead buying anythimg from acn nor would I ever decide to become to a "Business owner" or whatever *** ypu come up with to take my 499$ startup fee so dont think of me as lost income.

I came to this site to investigate acn and found exactly what my gut told me. The amount of successful acn partners are dwarfed by the thousands who dont live in a fantasy word on a cloud and realize you cant be successful by scamming friends and people close to you to


How can you say something is twenty anything per month, then turn around and charge FORTY something? And this is not even a one-time charge.

It's monthly! So once you get conned into signing the 2 year contract, you get overcharged and ripped off a total of 24 times! Great scam technique ACN.

No wonder worldgate is bankrupt and you guys were laughed off The Apprentice! Such a scam.


Irony is someone who lectures others on what they should and should not do, but fails to use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar in their retort. Dennis, you are a model of every ACN recruit I've ever met. Just smart enough to write a check and buy the b-***, but not quite smart enough to see through the lies the company feeds you.


If anyone noticed whoever wrote this does not put their name up, why because they are not doing the right thing when it comes to running this business correctly. As far as the fees gors every state is different it would be impossable for ACN to list all of them.

So just as you would get any other service simular this in your state those same fee's would apply.

A bit of advice to whoever wrote this bull, put your name up so everyone can see. They never do why because they would be sued for slander.

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