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ACN breaks deals with professional MLM'ers and gives them higher ranking so that they can build stories and break records! We recruit a large Network marketer to later find out ACN promoted him day one to a higher position then we were and cut us out of getting paid on 300 reps.

ACN does not help business owners, and families it hurt my family and cost me 10,000's of thousands of dollars to recruit someone and train people to later get cut out of the money rightfully ours.

ACN is a bad company! Also there is no residual income, I had $36,000 in billing and receive one check for 11 months for $13.42 cents!

Monetary Loss: $25.

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A person has to actually DO ONLY TWO things...stick with it & get your lazy butt off the couch and actually talk to people presenting the services and the business opportunity in order to earn money.


That's strange. I have been in a year and am getting not only every bonus I qualify for but residual income also.

I personally know many who also are doing well.

Maybe you should think about libel and defamation of character. Shame on you.


I know about what ACN does, My good friend was with it for 1yr. He left, extremely disgruntled.

Almost the same reason as you, plus others. If you are still interested in residual income, I discovered a company where representatives come first. Better comp plan. Unlimited growth.

Don't give up on your dreams from one or many bad experiences. visit Http:// Just take a look. More services than ACN.

More bonuses. Better CAB.

Your Downline can pass you and you do not suffer any consequences.


So I I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get blasted by both sides of this but here we go. Firstly, I've never been involved first hand in an mlm company however I have been "pitched" to several times and I have family members currently involved in ACN and Herbalife.

I also have 10 years of sales and finance experience in the auto industry. From my limited exposure it seems most people that get involved in mlm's have little or no sales or business experience. Which would make starting a distributorship or sales based business for any product or service a sketchy prospect at best. That being said I feel that from what I've seen an mlm could potentially highly profitable if approached the right way.

Anyhow, I believe that the term "market saturation" was used to try and discredit mlm's by critics here and also said to be non-existent by at least one supporter mlm's. I believe that both party's have a fundamental misunderstanding of the concept and application of market saturation. Simply put it is the level to which a product has penetrated a particular population or "market". Over or underestimating this point can be extremely detrimental to any business and yes incidentally market saturation is real...

it is demonstrable basic economic concept. That being said in regards to mlm's the concept of market saturation can either extremely important or completely irrelevant depending on where you stand in the company. Let me explain what I mean... What those people who use market saturation as "proof" that any mlm will eventually fail dont understand is that mlm's are designed to be unaffected by market saturation at least for those at the top.

Which is why the have the ability to last for decades with hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue. Quite simply mlm's do not focus on selling product but selling the ability to be a part of the business. The reason that they don't simply collapse under there own weight as a pyramid scheme would is that generally the IBO is also a a consumer who in many cases have been contractually obligated to use or keep inventory of the product or service being sold for an extended period of time so in essence the company is making money by both selling them the product and selling them the ability to sell the product for them. Thus even if a person fails miserably at the business they have consumed the product.

Now why is market saturation important to IBO's? because essentially the larger and more successful the mlm that you join is the smaller your potential to make money with it is. Remember, you are not selling a product but actually selling the dream of having a successful business. By joining a large mlm business you have essentially put yourself in a structure where your competitors (the other people selling the same dream i.e.

your "mentors") are actually making money from your sales and have an inherent advantage over you simply by virtue of having been with the company longer. So how to make money with the mlm concept if youre already involved with company? Its actually quite simple and I'm always mystified that more IBO's dont do it. Start your own mlm business!

You would need very little start up money as you dont have to carry inventory, you already have access to compensation structures and so you could easily adapt them for your own use and you would be guaranteed the top spot with literally the entire company in your "downstream"...

to be quite honest I am currently developing a web based mlm company along with a business partner.


Higher positions are based on meeting criteria. If someone works harder than you or is better at the business then they will obtain higher positions faster than yourself.

Curious to why you have spent "10,000's of thousands of dollars"?

By following the model and working hard it is not necessary to spend that amount of money. This is a business. As with any business you must build up a customer base. Also, you show others how to become financially independent.

This is done over time. NOT OVERNIGHT.

ACN offers quick start bonuses so by working hard in the beginning you can get more than your investment back. Then from there you continue to build the business.


I've worked for 2 other companies that are legal and structured something like (well comp'ed employees VS IBO's) ACN. But they had something that so far I'm not seeing in my research of ACN.

Power to be competative. We were incuraged to recruit others and was paid for it. But from that point your pay check came from either selling the product or from installing. I'm always on the look out for a possible great investment.

But compairing ACN services prices to prices direct (online) from the companies they are selling for turned out to be exactly the same if not more expensive. Maybe this was just an off month for ACN deals. Some packages availible straight from the service provider was cheaper or not availible through ACN. I want ACN to succeed and Myself along with it.

Who doesn't want financial freedom? But how is ACN getting customers to pay the same if not more than if the customers went straight to the service providers.

I only checked for Satellite, wireless phone, and internet. ACN does have other products though.

@Mack HD

Although companies brokers for will occasionally meet/match A.C.N. the subsidiaries such as Flash, Zoom, Anovia, Vivent are better deals when both price AND quality are used for comparison.

Some companies meet or even(gasp!) beat the A.C.N. price but the few dollars you save you pay for in lack of quality.Also A.C.N. is also offering your phone service up to free if you bring 5 friends.

Please check it out if you doubt.

@Mack HD

Although companies brokers for will occasionally meet/match A.C.N. the subsidiaries such as Flash, Zoom, Anovia, Vivent are better deals when both price AND quality are used for comparison.

Some companies meet or even(gasp!) beat the A.C.N. price but the few dollars you save you pay for in lack of quality.Also A.C.N. is also offering your phone service up to free if you bring 5 friends.

Please check it out if you doubt.


Ask the ones that are claiming a monthly residual income of at leat $2500.00 to show there actual business statements showing that income and how it gets calculated, happy hunting let me know how many you find that will support their claims with facts?


@ Agreed, I don't think so..The Celebrity Apprentice proves you wrong!! TWICE.

Get your facts straight before posting your negative trash about an awesome company! MLM works if you do!!


Thank you to all who support ACN and know that it works!!! I love ACN!

My parents who I will retire soon will also. So there, PGL!


I know for a fact ACN is not a scam and it will work for you if you work the plan and not try to reinvent what they already have laid out for us IBO's. PGL- You are a dreamstealer and I am sure that there are a bunch of lame people just like you who believe what you post..GET a real life dude!!!

Laziness never pays nor does procrastination! They are the thief of opportunity. As for me, I am working the plan and doing it for the rest of my life!! You can sit around and trade time for money, but I choose to live my life without boundaries.

Stop posting negative trash about a company you chose not to work. ACN is the BEST and will continue with or without people like you!


What alot of the Doubting Thomas' doesn't realize is what is being said by just about every successful networker here. 1.

It is not a get rich quick scheme. 2. It is a business that takes hard work, dedication, and persistence. 3.

There is no such thing as saturation. 4. Most people that fail in Network Marketing does not do what they do for a day time job. WORK.

Network Marketing is a sales/recruiting career.

It is a numbers game just as any sales career. Show me a real estate agent that doesn't have to go thru the numbers. You can't. I will say this, it is not for everybody.

Some folks are just suppose to have jobs because they need direction from someone else. Then there are those who have a vision, set a plan for that vision then work hard to make it happen. I Have been successful in a couple of network marketing businesses. But it was because I NEVER gave up, Kept doing what it took to build a downline of customer gatherers.

The people on the BOTTOM, as I have seen it put, have the same opportunity, find a few folks that have a vision. Then they wont be on the bottom. Coolest thing about network marketing is it doesn't take rocket science to make it work, just persistence and HARD HARD work, tied to a system. It is very simple, NOT easy as we have all heard it said.

It IS a sales business and not every one can sell themselves.

You better believe in yourself more than the MLM company your tied to because it is you your selling. Not the company.


I was recently approached to join ACN as an independent rep by a family member whom I trust and has a proven track record of financially sound decisions. They have gone over the general details of the business and I have the time, initial investment money, and determination to stick it out until I see residuals.

However, the questions I keep asking keep coming back with vague answers. I am trying to determine REALISTIC goals and objectives to set forth a plan for success with this or any other endeavor I engage in.I Just really have a torn feeling that some things are still not transparent. I have been approached to sell vitamins supplements and cosmetics with MLM companies before and turned those down because of the product themselves.

I realize that energy, telecommunications, and home security services are standard bills for many American households but what makes a compelling argument to re-sell these services when people are already accustom to business-as-usual? If someone reading this has real, authentic numbers to share about what they have made as an ACN rep I would appreciate that candor.


What anyone makes has no bearing on the issue. A person earns based on Thierry own personal effort.

I personally know people who make little to nothing.

BUT they are the ones who do absolutely nothing. I personally know many more who are making comfortable and even insane incomes because they actually put time and effort into it.



If I recruited 5 and got 25 customers and that duplicated through 4 levels, I would have 1x5x5x5x5 or 625 reps in my business. If in turn they each had 25 customers I would have 15,625 customers in my downline through 4 levels 625 reps x 25 customers each=15,625). If that same scenario was repeated 20 times by 20 different people (as in your example) the totals would be 625 reps x 20=12,500 total reps and 15,625 customers x 20= 312,500 total customers. It's certainly big numbers BUT NOT anywhere close to the incorrect numbers you posted.

If you want to make an argument, get your facts straight.

MLM works- but only if you work it and develop the skills, confidence and belief to endure people like you who chose to distort the truth in an effort to keep others from trying to do something to better their life. Stop being a dream stealer and just go live your life.


Acn is an awesome comany with lots of bunus money and true residual income. It is amazing that people join Acn and because they did not become a millionair in a month or less and so the company and the oppertunity is a scam...BS!!!People are just lazy and these people quit everything else in there life and its always someone else's fault.Pride,fear and lazyness keeps most people broke!!! I love ACN!


ACN is a God given opportunity. Best compensation plan I have ever seen.

The 4 co-founders have a vision that is amazing. The training and upline support is available 24/7. Life changing. You have to work hard and have a servants heart to want to help others, but the sky is the limit to what kind of income you want to earn.

It has been an awesome journey for my husband and myself and our family. :)


PGL,you make a compelling argument against MLMs like ACN. MLM's are really just pyramid schemes which require exponential growth--an impossible prospect.

This means they are doomed to fail eventually. ACN is in a very oversaturated market, however many people still haven't even heard of ACN. The reason is because most people won't allow themselves to be tricked into going to a MLM meeting, so they never even hear the word ACN. Also, there is a lot of population growth in the world so new people are constantly being exposed to MLMs like ACN.

That is why an older MLM like ACN doesn't just hit market saturation, then implode. Even once it hits saturation, it can linger around for years, meanwhile everyone at the bottom who has just recently joined will lose their money. That's about where ACN is right now. They'll be able to tread water for a while because they'll still have enough fresh money coming in to keep the scam afloat.

But once local and national news agencies start doing stories about this scam and how many people are losing money, it will prompt a "run on the bank" within ACN. Then the company will not be able to recruit anyone or gain new customers and it will have to either restructure or shut down completely.


The problem with an MLM system of making money such as this, is you always need a downline so those further up make the income. ALl well and good - work hard at it and create your downline. However, what about the people at the bottom of the downline? To work effectively you will always need people at the bottom, the new recruits, the ones that are told can make it too if they work hard enough and build a downline. Ok, so it still sounds all well and good, however, has the company research where their market saturation point is? That point where no more people will buy the product, or, even worse, the point where the population to sell to runs out? MLM is such that the people at the bottom are sold the dream to make it big, pay a fee and trained to walk the talk. The don't get paid a salary, so no risk to the company. When the product market saturation point is reached (which it innevitably will do), the people at the bottom are left with no more people to sell to. The people on the upline continue to make their money from the downline, but eventually at the expense of those at the bottom who part with their cash to find eveyone has already bought/heard of the product they are trying to sell. This will happen at some point, therefor it is unsustainable.

Look at it this way - the big long term successful companies in the world did not make it big operating an ML marketing system, they use traditional marketing streams and continually research their market saturation point to grow, managing their HR levels based on the workforce required to sustain the business (or cutting back where neccessary). They don't keep employing more people as they grow ad infinitum, therefore the MLM system of continuously requiring more and more people is eventually doomed to failure.

Still not convinced? OK, if I need 25 customers and convert 5 to sales reps, who in turn obtain 25 customers and convert 5 sales reps, and this keeps this going as you build your "downline", each one at the bottom is "sold" the dream based on this model and this how they are convinced to part with their recruitment fee. If you and 20 other people are told this in a meeting and each gets their downline 4 levels deep, then you will have 7,812,500 customers being serviced by 20 downlines 4 levels deep from the original 20 people. Of those, 1,562,500 customers will be sold the dream that they can do it too. If they get to the same 4 level downline, then they should in theory be servicing 610,351,562,500 people. See the problem? Success at MLM has less to do with hard work, and much more to do with a finite resource (people) and at what level you get into the system. At some point people will drop out because the numbers just aren't there to sustain an every growing system, which as a new recruit you simply have no idea where you sit and whether the market has been saturated by the product yet. At some point new recruits will be conned into parting with cash to sell a product nearly everyone has or no one wants anymore.

I live in Australia, have just heard of ACN, but with a population of just 20 million, it won't be long for the market here to be saturated and for many new recruits to get burnt, just like Amway.

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