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I purchased a few ACN phones in support of my friend who joined this pyramid scheme company. The ACN digital phone service quality is sub par and significantly worse than the free version offered by Skype. But that is not where the rub is! When you try to terminate this inferior service, you will get hit by a $199+tax per phone early termination fee which is beyond excessive!

Prospective consumers, STAY AWAY from this sham of a service!!!! I now have the pleasure of going back to my friend and request that he pays my early termination fees which will be exiting indeed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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Robotic, defensive, and personal jabs... hmmm who defends any company like that?

L ron hubbard? jamestown jim jones?

this is screaming scam. (yes , it got to where the acn rep that was on my back to join, finally quit with the how wonderful joining acn would be for me and used the " youd be Helping me Out bs".

thank goodness theres a site such as this so we can see the vast deception by acn.


Ive never heard so many people saying how great any company they work for is! its a pyramid.

services stink. Do you all notice when any negative comment-truth is said, an ACN happy happy "co-owner" lol that cracks me up,, will reply with, "you didnt do what you were supposed to do" "dont blame the company" "youre not good enough to make money" etc. very robotic, manipulating.

flash wireless service is awful, its all bs.. no one is having stellar service ...

phones are outdated and overpriced, had 3 to choose from, keeps charging credit card for extra services not used etc etc.

open your eyes. go with your gut.. ACN breaks friendships and families with greed and dang y'all lie like crazy!

bad bad run. dont be the one writing the next pissed consumer submission.


I'm an ACN IBO and there is a lot of inaccurate information here.


:grin Too bad you don't know basic technology. My phone works beautifully, not only person to person, but, four way calls.

ACN is very up front about the early termination, so that should have been no surprise.

If you don't want VoiP technology, and you don't GET it, this phone is not for you. But, I have had nothing but sterling service and up front disclosure.


:grin Too bad you don't know basic technology. My phone works beautifully, not only person to person, but, four way calls.

ACN is very up front about the early termination, so that should have been no surprise.

If you don't want VoiP technology, and you don't GET it, this phone is not for you. But, I have had nothing but sterling service and up front disclosure.


I too tried to help a friend and purchsed 2 of these phones, which are still in the bixes they came in. I never used them and paid the monthly fee for 10 months.

When I went to cancel today...yup you guessed it, an early termination fee of $200/phone. So, in a nutshell, I got to pay over $1000 for something I never used. Of course, my friend is no longer there.

Ultimately my fault because I should have told him NO as SKYPE is free. This is the biggest scam I have ever seen!


Here are some details:

It took no less than 13 phone calls just to get my account set up. One agent didn't have any account information on my previous complaints. They were trying their hardest not to send me to a supervisor to clear the mess up that had been going on for over 2 months. It's like once they got me off the phone, they deleted the account info so there would be no record of the previous conversation(s). Getting their agent ID and confirmation number did not help at all. Once I was finally able to get a supervisor on the call (and I was only able to do this BECAUSE I was an Affilate at the time), it still took another 5 return calls because my phone was still not operational 6.5 weeks after I originally paid for the service and the phone. I was crying in disbelief... that's how bad it got. :cry




As an ex-ACN customer, I can tell you that it was the WORST EXPERIENCE OF any previous customer service experience of my life!!!... from any company - not just the phone industry.

DON'T EVER, EVER, EVER buy into their ***.

It is *** from the word Go!! Bell, Rogers and others may give bad service from time to time (depending on which agents you are dealing with), but ACN is the absolute worst.


@ John. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint etc.

They ALL suck in some way or an other.

The exception is they are legitimate companies. You choose to buy their product or service and are not hounded by friends or relative to 'help me out'.


Hey WAW......what freakin' planet did you fly in from???? Learn how to spell. You sound like a complete ***.....


so if the humin rase was not to figer out haw to saervev when the dinasers whear roming (just give up that well work) go at it full steam ahead dont be a wimpp and use your brain you can figer out more than one anser to the qution


ACN is such a contradiction. They say those not operating with integrity fail?!

I failed because I have integrity and wouldn't continue to prey on friends and family and throw them into the finacial black hole that is ACN. Their most successful reps are the sleeziest ones, albeit the slickets and most clever ones too.Then you have the REALLY scummy reps who will do absolutely anything, legal or not, to try to gain reps and customers.

I've heard stories of slamming, propositions for sex, and reps stealing customers from each other. Whenever something bad happens, ACN always says they don't condone that particular act, eventhough their reps repeatedly do these things.


Any ACN representative who is not operating with integrity will surely fail. ACN is adamant about integrity and encourages all representatives to be transparent and ethical.

At the end of the day, ACN representatives are independent contractors and some feel that they need to buck the system. These reps are never the ones who succeed. I was able to build a solid ACN business by following the recommended plan and treating my customers and representatives with respect. I believe this is why I was successful.

I have no doubt that other profitable ACN representatives would say the same thing.

Honesty and Integrity are the way to go. If you try to cheat the system, you will almost always fail.


Easy there John. You'll never rise any higher than the lowest opinion you have of someone else.

I'd go easy with the "***" statements if you want to give your point some credibilty. As for ACN and their videophones, or other products, it's not the poor quality phone or the $199 cancelation fee that irks the most, it's the lack of transparency and forthright honesty that is at issue. But alas, this is the price we pay for deregulation. For every successful ACN rep there are hundreds of vicitms.

Success without integrity is like stealing candy from a baby. Donald Trump epitomizes this approach to living and the world is much worse off because of it.


I remember being a new gung ho ACN rep. I got my videophone in the mail and set it up.

First number I called was my cellphone. Worked fine. The I called my dad. Couldn't get through.

Kept trying, same result. Called my dad on my cell and got through like normal. I then had my ACN mentor try to fix it, and even he couldn't. My heart sunk once I realized that the reason he had been so reluctant to show enthusiasm toward the videophone was because it didn't work and he knew it.

Then I called ACN to get them to troubleshoot a basic function of the phone and they told me I had to pay a monthly fee for tech support if I wanted help!

I've never seen a company try to charge you for fixing their own broken products. It's a scam wrapped in a scam!


I just thought I needed to write you and tell you what a *** you are. 199 dollar cancellation excessive, what is your cellphone cancellation you ***.

why dont you go post something negative about verizon. I could see that you were *** 4 words into your post.

Thank god for people like you. You make being successful so SWEET!!

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