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As a customer of ACN, I felt it was necessary to let everyone know what service they are getting themselves into. It sounds like a promising deal, don't you think? Having the ability of owning a phone that allows you to see who you're talking to, right? I loved the idea, too, but trying out the service, I have the following observations to share:

ACN phones, while loaded with nice features, are not necessarily practical. I mean practical in terms of actually being able to hear it while talking to someone. I live in the tri-state New York City area, and I always seem to have problems listening to family members when they call my ACN phone line, especially cellular phones. I originally thought that it was the fault of the cellular phones, but it doesn't seem that way, considering that it has happened on various occasions and it has been frustrating for both me and those who are on the other side of the phone line.

I also question the DSL's capability in being able to sustain such a phone line. ACN offers DSL service with Verizon and Quest, with the first being my provider. The DSL service is decent, although slower, but nevertheless doesn't give any problems when browsing on the internet. Using the phone, however, with the video phone seems to chew up a significant amount of bandwidth. The conversations are delayed and it's sometimes hard to hear the other person. I have tried 3 phones and the problem is still there.

The antithesis of this, though, is that the phone line seems ultra sensitive to other sounds other than the person calling. This may be an issue with the actual phone, but it doesn't seem that way considering that the phone seems to pick up all sorts of background noises, like the television. I remember having POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) and yes, you would hear that, too, but with the digital phone line it seems to be so much more louder. I'm not sure why, but it certainly isn't an attractive feature since the main purpose of the phone is to communicate with an individual, not with background noise.

The phone does have the tendency to go out sometimes, often, without warning. When it happens, the phone has to re-register itself and wait to be verified into the ACN network. Such a thing is time consuming and a turn-off, especially when you were on an important call. When this happens, your calls are automatically redirected to the ACN voicemail system, which isn't bad, but then again, expecting an important call can be problematic with the remote possibility of having a service outage.

Does anyone else have similar problems? Maybe I should try with a different internet service like CLEAR?

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I don't even have DSL on my iphone and I can get FaceTime to work better than these *** video phones.

1. They're clunky and totally inconvenient.

2. I would much rather pay Apple, AT&T or T-Mobile for an iPhone and any incurred charges for something actually worthwhile.


common sense .. you need a fast internet connection to load vidoe and voice .

without it you will have problems.

dont forget , you share that internet speed with all your other "toys" -- computers, ect.

when all the other toys are using the bandwidth provided you will have problems of which info gets slowed down. usually its video...


I have had ACN phone service now for 4 months and it has been nothing but a headache. Sometimes it is ok, but a big part of the time my voice echoes and I hear what I said just seconds after I say it.

Nevermind even hearing what anyone else says! There is so much background noise it sounds like you are in some kind of tunnel filled with traffic like cars crashing and horns honking.

I have tried getting ACN to correct it, but they keep telling me I need to upgrade to a videophone. I am changing service because this equipment is garbage and so is their service.


You need a high speed internet connection to even stand a chance at getting the videophone to work. And even at that, it's not likely.

It's a garbage product. I say dump the service and go elsewhere.


Hey! I see hear the issue is the videophone performs better on high speed internet like cable. Once you experience it you will like it.

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