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I was excited in switching my home phone service to Digital after attending a few ACN Meetings where they brain wash you in believing the stories and presenting Donald Trump as a promoter. After getting the digital phone and exeriencing all the problems with it, I have to wonder what Trump gets out of endorcing this piece of ***. I will not be suprised (if after those people who got sucked into getting one after watching the Celebrity Apprentice on March 27th) to see a significant drop in the rating of Trupm's TV show.

I got my phone 9 months ago and have not been able to use it for a good 30 days because it drops words from you sentences when speaking to someone. Then you have to explain that you got a new phone that you are trying out - needless to say, they were not impressed AT ALL!

I finally decided to cancel the service for the digital phone that's been sitting on my dresser, not being able to use it but still paying $35 per month for the service. In cancelling the service, I am now being billed $198.00 CAD for cancellation fee. I AM PISSED!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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What is the "ALL PROBLEMS" you have experienced? Just curious to know.

There are only 3 components to VOIP technology. If your Internet connection is good and your phone is working, there should be no problems.

Are you an adult or under 18? When you order the service, you have to digitally sign a 12 months contract.

The early cancellation fee is spelled out clearly. Do you complain about Verizon if you signed a 2 year contract on your cell phone service? Please be a more responsible consumer.

You do not sound like a legit victim. Sounds to me you are a fake.


Funny we love our Digital phone from ACN it works great. Ps the business works if you follow the system. We love the Checks..


You mean the bonus check from recruiting people?


I just want to know if I can get some whiz to rewire the phone son that it could work. Ever since I cancelled ACN and switched to Time Warner, the phone does not work. There must be a way.


I was a rep for 2 years. Gave ACN complete and conscious effort. Made my money back and had a small residual check coming in every month. Didn't like the fact that I had to pay a $149 annual fee to stay in, but paid it anyways. I also had a non conventional job where my hours were M-TH 1100-2100 and SAT 0900-1600. I worked it around my job.

When my customers actually showed me their bills and said they were paying MORE now than what they were paying before ACN I felt horrible. I felt like a my dad, grandparents and close friends. "ACN will save you money on your conventional bills!" Is what I was told to tell them, and how it seemed on was a lie. Oh yeah, AND their customer service reps are mostly overseas...I talked to people in India as a matter of fact. Very frustrating! That was one of my first annoyances with ACN.

You wanna know how I got people to join ACN?! I said *** YOU to their *** robotic, non personal, cookie cutter scripts and actually told people up front exactly what they were getting into...not the "just come and check it out for yourself", elusive BS. I was so blinded by thinking this business was going to work!

Why did I quit? A few reasons:

1. The business WONT save you money using their products; there are better deals if you shop around.

2. Their MAIN selling point, the video phone, was a POS and would never work correctly... even in front of people at meetings!

3. Hm, let's pay a monthly fee for a service that you can get for FREE if you just have a simple webcam!!!

4. It's all hype. Their events were all flash and no real "training", so don't waste your money bothering to go.

5. My up line support was there hardly ever. I actually confirmed with my ETL (only minutes prior to calling my best friend) that I'd be calling to patch him into a 3, I called my friend and when the time came, I placed him on hold, dialed my ETL and the call went straight to voicemail...twice...what does that tell your "prospect"?!

ACN might work for you if you:

1. Live in an area nobody has ever heard of them

2. Have a RVP (or SVP) that lives next door

3. ACN actually gets a solid product that WORKS.


its been a year since my husband and I were suckered in and the guy who sponsored us served a very violent tour in Iraq with my husband. I feel like we've lost him as a friend because all he can talk about is this bulls*** company.

Now I'm looking forward to canceling a contract that came with the mistake and I will no longer be contractually obligated to pay $45 a month for NOTHING BUT HARASSING PHONE CALLS, TEXT MESSAGES, AND EMAILS!!! ACN is a virus.


I feel so bad for all of you reps who gave up on a great opportunity.

First of all you have to remember what you got yourself into....NETWORK MARKETING (Key word there was MARKETING)

I never listened to my upline because all they tell you to do is the lame "belly to belly" boring meetings or "PBR's"

I have studied marketing and sales and the problem where everyone goes wrong is not learning that you have now opened a business so you have to do some work.

First things first I bet you never identified your best target market? or did you even bother to learn how to prospect?

Start thinking for yourselves and research how to make things happen instead of *** about the company LMAO


First of all people ACN is a third party agent re-selling services AND products from legitimate companies like Sprint, ATT and others. They DO NOT own the phone lines, cell towers etc. So if you have *** service and it is not the piece of junk video phone or the cell phone, you have to put the blame on the actual provider of the service.

The problem arises when you have to call tech support . You have to deal with ACN and not the actual provider of the service.

I'm not sticking up for ACN at all. I think they suck you into believing you are going to make a lot of money. I know. I went to a few "training sessions". Buy yourself some nice running shoes and beat feet.

Stay away from ACN.

As for "The Donald"... He will endorse camel dung if he was being paid enough. Don't be fooled.


You won't really understand this until you are a rep, but there are an INFINITE amount of things that can go wrong for ACN reps. A skilled rep will have a legitimate answer/rebuttal for some of these issues, but at a certain point you can't fix everything, especially things that are really messed up that you have no control over.

If you are a new rep, you have no chance at being able to answer to all these things going wrong. At that point, you have no choice but to just BS people and lie and wing it. I mean you are trying to BUILD a business, not sit there and put out every little fire for every little customer and rep below you.

But if you don't put the fires out, they'll become disgruntled and quit or cancel. It's a never ending battle that you simply can't win.


I let one of my friends convince me to switch from QWEST to ACN for my home phone. What a mistake, ACN's service is total garbage.

Its slows my internet connection down so much that we can't get on Xbox Live, can't watch movies on Netflix, and the phone calls sound like a cell call in bad service area. I have Vonage lines for my business and they work 1000 times better than ACN. On top of this my home alarm system will not work with the ACN line either. This thing has been nothing but problems and one hassle after the next.

My rep keeps telling me to call customer service... I don't have time to be calling customer service every other day to try and get our phone line straightened out. They also have hardly any options for the phone service, when it first arrives the voicemail answers after 3 rings, you have to call customer service to get instructions on how to change it, their call forwarding options suck and if you set it to your cell and then call home from your cell it goes straight to voicemail instead of ringing. If someone is trying to talk you into this service DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!

I'm not a rep but if someone trys talking you into sinking $500 into that - don't do it. You're not gonna make tons of money like they tell you, you're gonna be trying to sell garbage, and its just another *** multi level marketing scheme!

Jeff A

I did this, spent $500 on setting up an ACN franchise, then I found out there's an annual fee too, then I ended up getting services I didn't want or need just to make it work, then I ended up spending money on their marketing material, then I had three Private Business Meetings (PBR's) in my home, then I found out that no one in my area wanted to do it despite my "going by the book exactly as they suggested", at the same time the people that got me in were saying misleading me over and over saying we're going to have this type of PBR at so and so's and this persuasive person will be there when that wasn't happening, they'll help me with some of my "warm leads" because they knew them too but they never did follow through as they said they would, they'll always be there to help me if I have questions but they couldn't answer my questions on the phone so they said they would meet with me when they were in town and they kept flaking out, then they said just go to the trainings in Charlotte, which I did 3 times only to find that the information was always the same and never answered my questions or gave me a way to answer them. Man, so in the end I'm stuck with Direct TV, which I never wanted because I use Netflix, and ACN phone that SUCKS because the thing doesn't consistently work and no one else I know has a video phone so here I am a year later and still haven't used this expensive and worthless phone realizing I could have been better off using Skype which by the way is way better and more versatile and in one month I've used with several people all over the world. So, in the end I wasted a LOT of time trying to convince my friends to waste their money and time so people which is a bit humiliating, and I wasted over a $1,000 on this, was mislead over and over by people I thought were respectable people, etc....

It's funny because these people act like they're helping people, but you can't help people if you're hurting people. This did hurt me only to help those that were higher up. This may work for some, but it doesn't work for all, but in my experienced opinion it's very pyramid like scammy and did more harm than good for me and other around me, a bit waste of time and money. These people aren't providing a real service or product to anyone, it's more about trying to exploit people you know, in my opinion.

I will be putting together some sites that will be very optimized in the direction of the market this company is in to illustrate what happened to me. I've not even got started in voicing my opinion on this;) Yours truly, keeping it real!


It's amazing that they can even make talking on a phone with a cord coming out of the handset look "technologically advanced", but they do a good job of that in the promotional videos. Then once you get it you realize that nobody uses phones with cords any more.

Not to mention nobody has videophones that you can call. Not to mention the videophone doesn't work right and can't even call out to many numbers.

What a *** product from a scam company. Shame on ACN!


I hope more people start exposing this company. I tried my best to convince a good friend of mine to NOT buy into the company but he did. He got all excited about it, told everyone, recruited like 15 people (who the *** has 500 bucks to throw away? think it went down to 200 too i think but still) and went to conventions.... what i can relate it to is someone who gets swept away in a religious movement and i have been to a lot of religious conferences that make people act the EXACT same way as the people involved with these multi-level marketing companies. you have to sell what you think is amazing and of course you'll never admit you got taken for a ride....

...recruit your friends, family and people you know, to buy a product that is WAY over priced and completely obsolete... and you'll lose all respect from them all. people, SERIOUSLY, ask yourself if it's worth it! i lost all respect for my friend, i ignore his calls and texts now because that's all he talks about. he's acting like he found GOD and wants to share it with everyone. truth is he got played and he wants validation while he tries to convince himself that he made the best decision he has ever made.

it's not worth it people. old *** technology with a multi-level marketing company = you got suckered.

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