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My brother talked me into joining ACN over two years ago. Because he was so excited about the opportunity and because I wanted to show my support, I signed up for the phone service and business opportunity. It was the worst financial and business decision I've ever made.

*The phone sucks! You can't talk and hear the other person at the same time. So if you're telling a story or talking and the other person wants to chime in, it's a no go. They just have to wait until you finish and then there is an awkward pause, and then you both start and the phone cuts one of you off which is even more awkward. It's awful. Not to mention we had to call the customer support line dozens of times to get the video to "work". The refresh rate is choppy. The phone is useless. It's been collecting dust in my basement for two years.

*Nobody wants to join! For several months my brother and I hit it hard, talking to everyone, holding living room meetings. ACN made a big deal about Donald Trump showcasing the ACN Digital IRIS 5000 or IRIS 3000 on his show. We had a big The Apprentice party and talked about it on Facebook and Twitter and created our own blog about it. Nothing. Nobody had any interest in the phone or service. After a few weeks, we realized we made a big mistake.

*They won't let you cancel! As soon as we realized this wasn't going to work we tried to cancel. No can do. You're LOCKED into a two-year contract. This means, with interest on my credit card, I've WASTED OVER $3,846!!! And this is at a time I'm trying to pay off my debt. ACN put me back on my debt free plan for years.

*The REALLY won't let you cancel!! So after two long years my brother went to cancel. They told him he couldn't, that had to call in on the EXACT day the bill was due. What?! Isn't that illegal? He warned me about his experience so I let another month go by and called in on the right day and canceled. Hoorah! I felt like I was free of the ACN scam for the first time. Until…I looked at my credit card bill this morning and THEY CHARGED ME AGAIN…AFTER I CANCELED!! HEEELLLLLLPPPPP!! I'm in ACN ***!!

*Now, as a lot is happening in my personal life, I have to fight with them on the phone, do a chargeback, contact the FTC, BBB and Attorneys' General office in my state and ACN's state and fight to get out of their system. ACN is like a big wad of gum in your hair that you can't get out for YEARS!

Please…if you are looking at ACN's phone service or business opportunity, don't walk away…RUN!!!

Jon F.


Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $3846.

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ACN is a lot of work. Sounds to me that you were just lazy and didn't want to continue doing it.

I was moving up pretty quick in the ranks took a little break and I am still at that same spot.

Your just being ridiculous, and also if you don't like what you have to do than maybe you should read what you are going into before signing the agreement. They even tell you that its a lot of work but the reward is well worth the work.


I don't make excuses for my personal failure in ACN. The reason I lost money is because I decided to join.

That was my fault. Many people urged me not to. But I didn't listen and chose to lose money.

When I criticize ACN, it is for who they are and what they do to other people. It has nothing to do with me.

They'd like to shift the blame back on their victims, claiming that their victims are just broke-minded losers who are now venting because they are mad about losing their money.

But the truth is that ACN is a sham of a company with a sad excuse for a product--the "videophone". I call ACN out for all the bad things it represents and for the harm it does to people, not just because I made a bad choice by joining them.


"By the way John it 'Ridiculous' - loser"

LOL, want to try that again?


By the way John it "Ridiculous" - loser


John - you really are an *** - if you are a so called rep for this rip off of a company then you aren't doing yourself any favours!!! I have been looking into ACN and the scheme and thanks to you and your big headed attitude I will be turning down the offer if I come across *** like you who cannot even spell!!!!


Wow, I was just bored and browsing and I saw the rediculousness of this post. You have actually made me laugh your excuses are so ***.

Thank god for idiots like you that this opportunity is so lucrative for committed people who take responsibility for their defeats and move forward without blame and excuses. All I can say is thank you my friend


Jon, we are sorry that you have had trouble cancelling phone service. According to the details in your post, you should not be receiving charges from ACN.

Please contact ACN Customer Care to discuss this issue and remedy the problem. Our contact information is available within the CONTACT US section of our website at myacn.com.

Thank you for your patience.

As far as cancelling your distributorship as an independent representative, the company terms and conditions state that you have 10 days to cancel and receive a refund.


Call your credit card company immediately and have them stop your card and issue a new one. ACN will be unable to continue to charge you because they will not have your new valid credit card number. That's how you take care of dishonest vendors.

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