Lacombe, Alberta

For those poor suckers that roped into an ACN contract,I feel sorry for you! If you get involoved with them as I did thru a friend,you will get no support and get royally screwed!!

My friend is an ANC rep and she got me signed up with all the promises and everything else.Then when I got the phone would not come and help me with it so I told her to come get it.She did and said she would send it back and I wouldnt be charged and then all of a sudden I was receiving 100 bills from Telus and ACN would do nothing to help.Telus was very accommodating in trying to resolve so I wouldnt be charged.ACN pretty much said sucks to be you,pay your bill!! My so called friend promised me profusely I wouldnt get nailed for the phone and I did plus taxes and bill for $902..Telus was appalled that a friend would do this and apologized.But if you have any common sense you will tell ANY ACN rep to get stuffed and dont whatever you do DONT sign with them.They dont support their clients AT ALL!!!

Whenever you try to call them they will just redirect you to Telus which has nothing to do with them,the contract is thru ACN!! SO BEWARE!!!

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What's funny is that all the other people here saying ACN and thier phones are so great have probably ALL quit by now. The longer you are in it the more you lose.

Some idiots stay in a long time, but most people just run out of money and quit.

ACN makes losers. ACN is losers.


Don't get me started on the video phone.. It stops working whenever it wants to and has nothing to do with the internet because the internet modem says it is.Only 1 port to connect another phone.. It's just too much hassle..


My father and I have ACN for at least 2 yrs with no problems until now. He received a disconnect notice because they said check not received. After finding out we had to have a pin number to even discuss the bill which took a week and then another week to talk to someone about the check they cashed two weeks prior to the disconnect notice I have decided I cannot have a company I can not reach or have to jump thru hoops to get customer service


ACN would like to help resolve your issue with our service or equipment. Please clarify whether your issue is with ACN Wireless service in Canada or with ACN Digital Phone Service which is mentioned in the first comment/response to your post. If your service is with ACN Wireless in Canada, that service is provided through ACN's partnership with TELUS but we would be happy to get you in contact with a customer service representative with ACN to make sure your issue is resolved.


I bought the video phone. It was this simple.

1. It arrived within 3 days

2. I opened the box

3. I removed it from the box

4. I removed the ac outlet cord

5. I removed the ethernet cable that was included.

6. I plugged one end of the ac cord into the back of the phone and the other into the wall

7. I plugged one end of the ethernet cable into the back of the phone and the other into my wireless modem.

8. I pushed the Power button.

It went through normal progamming...on its own...and voila I used it. could not plug the darn thing in and use it??? Then you go on the internet and blast the entire company...rolling my eyes buddy!!

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