Boston, Massachusetts

I was first told about this service from a friend that I had trusted. However to make a long story short.

I switched my phone & dsl.from my current carrier because there service was getting very expensive. All I can say is ACN's DSL.Service is SERIOUSLY HORRIBLE !!! I loose my dsl/internet connection up to ten times at night.

When I try contacting there tech.dpt.I am told to go & try purchasing additional equipment from a hardware store. Not to mention that I only had the service not even one month & I am just finding out that I am being charged for one month in half of service...This COMPANY SERIOUSLY SUCKS !!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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I have also met Joe Goodyear and he has taught me a new way of thinking and how to have success in ACN. Do your real homework by learning from real people not the Internet. It's too bad this is how people "do research"


Here's the truth and what research gets you. Joseph Goodyear, born Joseph Popkowski makes false claims to hype people up.

In a recent ACN meeting....Joe claims to have bought his brother a BMW M3. Knowing his birth name, I found his brother on Facebook. When I messaged his brother inquiring about a BMW that his brother bought him...he had no knowledge and claimed that was untrue.

Lets's did deeper shall we.... both Joseph and his wife Tami claim ACN provides them with financial freedom yet they cannot even satisfy their own Federal Tax obligations..need proof....go here and see for yourself

@David Hiller

Out of curiosity what year was this conversation with his brother?


ACN resold Verizon, so your issue was with them not ACN. ACN is an amazing company helping people save money, feeding hungry children and giving people an opportunity. Sorry you had issues.




It's not ACN DSL....that would be AT&T DSL which ACN brokers ... along with other companies depending on where your located and whats available.

Sorry that you DSL has gone out 10 times a night!

Seems a bit over exaggerated to make a point though. However, if it is truly going down that many times each evening, you might want to call AT&T to have them run a test on the incoming line to your home and if necessary replace the connect hub on the outside box.


Looks like ACN is trying to come to Taunton. A co-worker of mine just gave me a longwinded spiel about investing for the future, He said he sat at a meeting and is convinced ACN is the way to financial security.

I asked what ACN stands for. He said I don't know, come Wednesday and ask at my meeting I am hosting. So I googled it. He said he met Joe Goodyear a pretty *** good speaker.

So I googled him too. I asked if there is an investment. He said to come to meeting and find out. So I googled ACN initial investments and followed that with a Better Business Bureau inquiry.

After all that... I made a decision DO NOT GET INVOLVED! If it looks like a Pyramid Scheme, Smells like a Pyramid Scheme, and talks like a Pyramid scheme... then it's not for me, even if its a "legitimate" business in the business world.

I suggest everyone else do the background work I did. There is less than .5% success rate for IBO (Independent Business Owner)investers.


I've Met Joe Goodyear and he has coached and trained me to become successful in ACN. He is one the greatest mentors in the business and if you get the chance to work with him you should.

There's a proven system and business model that if you follow you will succeed, problem is most people don't follow the system...

Joe will teach it to you, my advice LISTEN!

Kevin T


I am not even the one paying for my internet but I know it is ACN. Before I had comcast.

it was by far the BEST INTERNET I have had in my life. HIGH QUALITY!!! I could download say a 14 gig file in 8 hours. now I have a 14 gig file (after) and it has taken 2 days AND COUNTING!!!

we may be saving $80 but I would rather have quality over cheapness. in otherways :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


Now I know you're lying because the ONLY way Comcast was the best ever was if you never had internet before ....*** net zero was better than Comcast


So instead of fixing something that should not be broken in the first place, they try to charge you for more products and services that you don't want, need, and which probably also don't work. It's all just a scam to get more and more money out of people.

I can't wait till ACN gets shut down. The critical mass is building up against them...


Hey ***! Did you notice they said they tried contacting support?!

All they want is for him to purchase more items that won't fix and him install himself. I feel sorry for the weak minded people that get taken advantage of by these *** suckers!

This business attracts dirt bags they prey on the weak for sign up fees and poor service! Never would I allow anyone from ACN to work for my company on any level!


This is clearly not typical performance of the DSL Internet service. Please make sure you contact ACN Customer Care to ensure that it gets taken care of promptly.

You can find the appropriate contact information on the 'Contact Us' section of our website at

We will get this issue fixed for you. Thank you for your patience.

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