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Be very aware of signing up on ACN it is very hard to cancel their services and very expensive as well. They tie you in to 2 year contracts and charge you a fortune to get out of them.

There are many better options out there so don't make the same mistake I did. It was hard and expensive. They promise that you can make tons of money if you get enough people in front of their superstars but if you can't their isn't an easy way out.

Too bad they have to be so mean when you try to get out of their system. My experience with companies like this is that they get class action suits file against them, if any one ones to start one up I'd be glad to testify and pursue damages because my family has been damaged by them.

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How did you het out of the contract ?


You are right! ACN is a piece of *** mis-selling to the general public.

Not everyone is a business person but they lie their skint *** to get money off of people struggling already.

Do not sign up unless you are confident that you can have the customers and the plan to make this work. You are better off starting your own company instead believe me!


glad I came here I will opt out


The worst part of ACN is that not only do you have to recruit a ton of people and get a ton of customers just to break even, but as time goes on all those reps and customers will drop off and quit or cancel. It's so hard to move forward in ACN as is.

But when you factor in that you'll actually move backwards once people start cancelling, then it becomes clear this is an impossible business for any new people who become invovled.

Two steps forward, two steps back. It would take years to make any signficant money, and ACN will be shut down way before then, I guarantee it.


Martin, you have NOTHING to do with ACN? I would have never been able to tell. You have such a solid understanding of the way it works.



I have NOTHING to do with ACN,

But that a friend asked me to check them out.

And I love all of these sheep trying to defend ACN. Nothing says scam louder then watching people flock to complaint boards and try to defend with rehearsed excuses.

Its sad though..Sad that they convinced you that when you fail, its your fault, and not the fault of the greedy system that they created to have you grazing sheep lined into the slaughter.

There are cost of being ACN Rep. About 499 USD to begin, about 149 yearly - annual fee, monthly fees about six bucks and administrative fee of $1. It is about 230 USD yearly. At 1% commission, total billing would have to be over $23,000 or about $1940/mo. That's about 40 average customers. And this is to break even!


Carlita Sims, you are one of the fortunate ones. Others sign up for the same reason and receive poor or no service.

The contract leaves you no recourse but to pay for the non existing or poor service. They must make their money on the cancellation fee.


All i have to say is I love ACN is brother switch me over and saved me 100 dollars a month


What you are saying is that you did a poor job of being an ACN rep and somehow it is their fault? You signed a contract.

You started a small business. If you don't want to be an ACN rep, why did you sign up? If I decided to buy a McDonalds franchise and then wanted to back out, do you think they would let me? No.

Have some responsibility for your actions. I am not in ACN because I do not think I would be good at it, but I know many who are great.

They make good money. I am not trying to be mean, but c'mon.


Isn't it disappointing how people complain about things...I know when I got started with my ACN Business they were very clear with me. They gave me 10 days to change my mind....TEN days....that is more than the law requires.

The service's, who are through major providers that we all use...also gave us time to back out of their contracts...wireless gave us 30 days. Seriously, plenty of time for us to think "ah, ***, I don't want to do this now". I have actually had people change their mind after becoming reps and it was a simple process, I walked them right through the procedure. If you can follow simple instructions you can do it too.

Even those people did not start bad mouthing ACN...they just realized it was not for them...and that is absolutely fine. They still are customers and love their services. A class action lawsuit?? ...against who really?

The top five wireless providers, the top satellite tv providers, the number home security provider??? Let us know how it all works out for you........

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