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ACN is the worst company ever! They "sell" products that don't even work. Needless to say I stopped selling ACN after my first 2 sales experiences with this company. I don't want to work for a company that enjoys misleading and hurting people.

I.e. A customer of mine bought a home phone. ACN said they would waive the bills the customer was getting from the local provider due to the switch to ACN, but the 2 bills appeared again the following month after ACN said they would resolve this issue. Customer service is as low as it gets, they said since we tried to use our *** phone to test the calls they aren't able to waive the bills. Now my customers won't speak to me and I've gained a bad reputation.

I.e. I also sold a cell phone to another client. The flash wireless iPhone 4 he got didn't even work. It kept telling him to call customer service. I tried 4 different customer service phone numbers and each time the recording told me to call customer service...umm...I thought I was calling customer service?

Long story short, ACN sells products that don't work. Save your time and money and don't even bother doing more research to find good in this company. The nice things you read are written by people who are paid by the company.

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this guy is not being honst I make risidual income eveery month I have many personal customers and my downlines have lots of customer infact more than me and some of them make mre money than me.

I my self also use our own services. By the way WE ARE IN THE SERVICE BUSINESS NOT PRODUCTS SO STOP YOUR FOOLISH LIES.

my client who are my friend have become even closer friends of mine as I have saved them money and provided a better service and my business now is in both the states and canada and growing.

my advice for anyone is to ook at 3rd party and see what all the business magazines we have been published in are saying about us not broke people who don't want to work but want to be paid. as if they think ACN just gives you money to do nothing.


Does ACN teach grammar classes as one of their essential services? If not, you should take one.


Call me crazy, but all these years I've been thinking a cell phone is a product you can buy - even at ACN - only most of theirs are used... I guess this rep sells used services ???!!!


My advice is don't take advice From someone who think they know everything about ACN because they only tried two costumers and they happened to not work out.


What are costumers? And, should we take advice from business people that can't spell?


People that wear costumes !

Haha lmao, they do need to go back to school and take English /grammar classes!

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