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My phone was recently broken, this was partly fault of my own and partly it just being an old phone. I was on vacation when my phone broken, so I figured I could do without and just order a new one when I got home. So I get home on the 9th and we ordered a new phone at about 1:00 PM, with the website saying an order sent in by 2:00 PM will be shipped out the following business day. So, Sunday comes and obviously it doesn't ship then, but I hadn't expected it to, then Monday comes, the website says the order is processing. So, Tuesday comes, processing, we place a call and the costumer service is useless and roundabout, then Wednesday, processing, Thursday comes and goes, you guessed it, processing! Call again, same old useless, roundabout service. Finally it ships on Friday, saying it is due on Tuesday (10 days after the order had been placed)

Tuesday morning, my father (who receives emails for the account) gets an email saying that my order has shipped and will be there Saturday, which is odd, seeing as he got the same email on the previous Thursday, but, we accept this as a glitch. The really weird parts about it were the new tracking number they gave us and the fact that the old order seems to be cleared from their system. We just hope it's a glitch and wait for the package to arrive. At 4:00 PM, the package arrives, much to my joy, we open it, and here are the contents of the package: Some inflated package protection and instructions on how to activate a new phone. Nothing else, no phone, nothing. So call number 3 to customer service, we want to talk to management this time, eventually we get to and, well, essentially the best they can do is "sorry". They do not offer a refund (full or partial), they do not offer to even attempt to speed up the shipping of our product, they don't even offer any discount on our bill or a credit.

Anyway, I'm currently waiting for a phone that will get here a full 2 weeks after it was ordered, I expect it to be fine, working and with a gold brick or $1,000 cash for my wait (though that last part may be wishful thinking). I will let you know if I get another box of air though.

Overall, I'm happy with flash wireless's mobile service, it's relatively cheap and has decent coverage, but that's the only part of flash wireless I tolerate. Horrible customer service, horrible shipping. As long as you have a phone that is invincible and never needs to be replaced, or you don't have any reason why you would ever need to contact somebody via phone, flash wireless is for you. If you however, you know, need to contact people by something a bit faster than email, (because online texting apps now require you to have a phone... let that sink in) you may want to take you business elsewhere.

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Pscheurman, please contact ACN at 1-888-226-2141 and reference Ticket Number 5177669 so that we can get your phone to you as quickly as possible and figure out what might have gone wrong. Thank you. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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