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I saw my friend today he took me to starbucks he asked me to join him in business with him at AcN so he took me to a meeting where I was told I can make 20000 pounds a month if I find other people to join after leaving I did some research and I found out that u pay a fees of 395 but wait there is a catch once u pay 395 than u have to pay some more money for video phones etc which u will not be told about in the beginning after this u have to trick ur friends and family in to becoming Acn members and might have to take a few to star bucks because it's a technic they use to win ur heart with a cup of coffee can u believe it. This is a business which tricks poor and vulnerable people through there own families and friends and makes them enemies this company is like a cult which never tells u the whole thing they tell u a little and u pay them and after a while they tell u a bit more so u get sucked in it.and the worse thing is there is no clear information on there web site. This is a clear pyramid fraud

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Stop this fraud.

ACN Cons: Fraudulent company, Pyramid scheme, I hate acn.

  • Deception
  • Acn Fraud
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It's big if you go to join any company .they ask some legal documents

But here they just need £395 and more after week.

How they can issue energy certificates if a person not legal to work in uk.


so darn negative

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