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I signed up as a IBO 2 years ago and did not take the initiative to follow through with the proper training as I just thought it would automatically make me $'s. (my fault) I have recently signed up again and followed the system and am not only saving money on most of my bills but am starting to show a residual income by just following the system.

ACN has a very supportive cast if you just ask if you really want to get down to business.

I also believe these sites are a scam set up by the monopoly's that control the telecommunications and service industries.

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How much is your residual income?


The reason people don't have success in ACN really comes down to 2 reasons. ACN has a system just like every great organization has a system. McDonalds does not have gourmet food but yet they sell billions of hamburgers. Because of the great system they have in place. ACN has a system if you don't follow this system you wont have success. Secondly people like create there comfort zone wherever they go instead of following coaching of the individual that is working with them, they would rather be the expert on ACN instead of directing peoples questions to an expert.

ACN has been a huge blessing to my family but the only reason why is because we came with an attitude of being humble. Stayed in training mode until we knew what we were doing and then duplicated what were taught. Helping others have the same success.

ACN would not be featured in Success magazine, USA today, the wallstreet journal, Fortune, inc magazine and on the celebrity apprentice with Donald Trump if it was a pyramid scheme. Also we would not be doing all across the US and 22 other countries. So to call it a pyramid scheme or a scam shows the lack of intelligence.

Something to ponder though is if you have ever worked for corporate American you have been apart of true pyramid. But it was ok because everyone else is doing it....

@THE ***ure of ACN

ACN would not be featured in Success magazine, USA today, the wallstreet journal, Fortune, inc magazine and on the celebrity apprentice with Donald Trump if it was a pyramid scheme.

Says who?


Well I see a whole lot of invalid comments. Pyramid schemes are illegal.

Multilevel marketing is approved by consumer law and as more and more socially inept nerds seem to miss this point that everyone can make money with ACN. Every IBO can make 10% residuals of their own customers not .5%

Those that persist over time begin to see the larger team residuals as well


ACN does indeed have a winning scheme...for themselves. Its called a pyramid scheme.

It may be possible for you to convince a lot of people to fork over $500 to join under you (the only real way to make money) and eventually make a little money. Unfortunately this pyramid is also deep underwater...

you need to have 6-7 levels below you to see any real fraction of the amount you paid in. Simply put: almost everyone will lose money not gain with this type of scheme, and if you gain, you've convinced many, many people to pay $500 or much more, you cant realistically make your money back in a reasonable time with regular switched services at .5%, and its certainly not the definition of residual, lots of work to get people to join for 20 cents/month ($40/mo x .5% = 20 cents).


call me for further info regarding ACN at 602-577-0664


Hi Bernie I am a one of the Ibo. Please contact me if you"re still interested.


Thank you for the positive information. I know several people who are involved in ACN and are very successful. The people who yell 'scam' are the ones who didn't follow through.


I'm thinking about joining, can we e-mail each other

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