Ambler, Pennsylvania

I'm not sure most of these reviews are legimate. I have some of ACN services like their digital phone, wireless and electric.

So far, I received competitive rates like most providers. I have not experienced bad customer service and I used their chat services just like the previous providers before switching to ACN and received a quick response. Some of the complaints that were written did not make sense since some of the services were listed in the Better Business Buearu Review accredited with an A and A+ rating. Their energy service which is XOOM Energy is rated #1 energy company in the US according to INC 500 review.

My wireless service which I was paying Verizon directly was $126.

With ACN Flash wireless who partners with Verizon, with the same plan, I'm now paying $64. Like I said, some of the reviews on this site is hard to believe.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Bundle.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

ACN Pros: Digital and wireless service.

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The BBB has long been sold and bought by big business . .

.they are a useless toothless paper tiger that does afedquately represent companies true rating any longer .

. .


Your still paying too much btw, thats hard to believe your paying less on ACN Flash versus Direct. Please dont lie about that.

You are in for the business and you will have to pay more. SOME customers will think pay LESS because they dont know theres actually cheaper plans with better benefits......


If you want to be sure, do your research, and, dig into the details if you are having a hard time figuring it out! For example, BBB shows 229 complaints against this company - which not a sign everyone is a happy camper!!

And Verizon rates - if you check their website - which I did today- they have three plans ($30, $45, and $60) for less than the $64 per month you are paying ACN. Their top plan is only $100 per month, so not sure why you were paying $126 ???!! And Inc magazine, if you care to look, rates companies by revenue growth - not by the quality of their service.

Xoom, according to BBB had 250 complaints filed against them, and on Yelp they have a 2 (out of 5) star rating. Keep digging, and get more of the same - so what is so hard to believe???

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