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Ive had my best friend for over 15years. We have been threw a lot.

She got interduced to ACN through a friend of hers. At 1st I couldt believe what she was telling how she ....WE could make all this $$. And how easy it is for women to get rich in this business. I wanted to sign up....but had that gut feeling I shoukd look into this company and see what its all about.

This was about a year ago. I Googled ACN...I started reading all the reviews, articles, went to the ACN website ect. Most of it was all bad. That was the turn off for me right there.

I called her and told her what I had read...she didt believe it. I told her I wasent interested in it. She didt like that...for months and months I had to hear about ACN everyday. She begged me on a daily basis to come to 1 of ACN meetings.

I told her no everytime and continued to tell her I wasent intrested in it. That didt stop her. She got her boyfriend to sign up as well....they where both ACN crazy, and on my *** to join them in a meeting....I continued to tell them I wasent intrested. I started having family issues and was going threw a very hard time....I needed her support.

All she did was push ACN on me. Things started to get uncomfortable between her and I everytime she brought up ACN. She said she would not leave me alone aboutt it until I came to a meeting. I told her I would think about it.

It was starting to really bother me that she wasent taking no for an answer....she wasent respecting me especially when I was going threw a hard time. I decited to do more research on the company and actually talk to people about it....once again I got bad responses. I talked to her about it AGAIN and still she wasent taking no for an answer. Im going threw a lot of things, have a lot of health issues, lost my job and am having a hard time finding a new 1...and she still wants to push ACN on me.

Her boyfriend started telling her im not a real friend bc I wont go to a meeting. Thats bs....ive ALWAYS been there for both of them been a shoulder to cry on some1 to vent to borrowed them $ and given them plenty of rides....and im not a real friend. It hurt. The other day I had the final straw she mentioned ACN...and I flipped.

I told her that ACN is her dream, not mine, and that she NEEDS 2 respect that, but I would support her in her goals and dreams. She said that the only way I could support her is if I bought her services. I havent talked to her sense. She chosee ACN over our friendship.

She has been In ACN for about 3 years now and has only made less than $10. Actually she made $0...the check never made it to her house. She works her *** off for ACN. She gets nothing from them and they get all of her, they pretty much "own" her.

Its honestly sad I believe % 100 she is brainwashed. I do know ACN is NOT A SCAM, and people do make %.

The % is very small only "less" than 1 out of 200 make it in this company. I do wish the best for her, although I am very happy not hearing about ACN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

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Sounds like you guys weren't really friends to begin with. You're better off.


This is the most egregious and misguided story I've ever heard. There are no facts to back up "why" you are so against ACN or why you won't even attend a meeting, to at least show support for your "best friend", which woukd cost you nothing, but time.

This sounds like a personal disagreement between two people with different views, not a legitimate warning about the inner workings of ACN and the fact you didn't even attend a meeting means you're making statements about a company in which you're not educated on, that's the definition of ignorance.

Just to reply to the idea or accusation that ACN is a "pyramid sceme" is shortsighted, anyone who has worked for a large corporation, knows every company models a "pyramid ". Post like this are the reason, people looking to pursue success are afraid to take risk.


I found the brainwashed ACN'er


Your a fool if you believe this acn *** hyped up spastics in suits pretending to be rich


By the way I am very sorry you lost your friend to this pyramid scam brainwashing company where no one makes any real money. I make more in a week at my job than 99% of ACN reps make in a year.

Here in Canada ACN has to release how much people make at their company.

The average rep made only $9.00 a year. Almost no one makes their initial investment back of $500 and most are in debt as a result of joining.


I went through the whole experience of ACN as a customer and a rep 4 years ago. This company is indeed a pyramid scheme masked by its useless products that end up costing more than most other companies.

NO ONE makes any money except the top tier and over 98% of people fail or leave ACN. Not before losing at least a couple of thousand dollars.

You are not allowed to advertise or sell outside your family or friends. If you do so, all your clients will be stripped from you and your right to sell their terrible products.

WHAT COMPANY ON EARTH WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO ADVERTISE OR SELL TO PEOPLE OUTSIDE YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS? A company that wants you to eventually fail so that all the residuals from the accounts you acquired before you quit (when you realize it is almost impossible to make any money and you have lost the respect of your family and friends) will go to top tier representatives to cash in.

ACN should be shut down and the owners indicted for masking a pyramid scheme.

I sincerely hope a slow and painful death to all the owners of ACN for not only scamming people out of their money but for disrupting thousands of family's and lost friendships for their unethical and immoral business practices. These chump owners are millionaires ten times over from stealing from desperate and low income people.

To run a company like this you must be a sociopath and an atheist at the same time.


Just happened to stubble across your blog.

I was the same at the beginning and used to get emotional about my close friends not wanting to hear about ACN.

LOL she is simply trying to help you and if people actually understood how it works and what its all about then you would already be involved!!

What part of saving money on your services that you will pay for the rest of your life and learning how to get your services for free and feeding hungry kids in North America didn't you like?

Let me guess you have no idea what I'm talking about?

Maybe you should go have a look At the end of the day you will continue to hear this until you join because resistance is futile!!!!!! I dare you not to go have a look because your friends will and call you anyway!


its very troubling to me that everyone that is for ACN in these comments does sound very much brainwashed(IE repeating lines I have heard many times at these meetings, for both ACN and about 3 other MLM groups)

They truly have lost any semblance of the word friendship in favor of a money is the world approach. And yet the only one who has actually put a dollar amount after saying that it works, pretty much said nothing else.

we have countless free resources claiming that ACN is a scam and only PAID advertisements from affiliate business's claiming it is a great business. Show me some proof, photocopy some checks, along with sign up dates, number of services signed, and a testimonial a year later that says they are still making money, and still have friends, and a life!


I just got away from this horrible company. I won't exactly call it a "scam".

It's MLM, like Amway. Some people make money. Even I got 1 small check but I'm thankful the only person that ever bought services from me was my mother-in-law LOL. I just finally finished my contract with them for my phone.

Then I got this email:

Dear (My name here),

You recently transferred (xxx) xxx-xxxx to another telephone service provider. Subsequently, your payment type on file has been charged the following:

Transfer Fee$14.99


Total Amount$16.66 These charges are in accordance with the Terms and Conditions to which you agreed when you signed up for ACN Digital Phone Service. Best Regards, ACN Customer Care Seriously???? All I can say is READ the super fine print, if there is an extra charge to pile on, these people have figured it out.

Hey, they Have Donald Trump as a spokesperson; that says it all. If you want hair like "The Donald", jon ACN :-)


Definitely a scam! YinYang has the ACN script in hand.

She is not your friend. Say I sell car insurance. So if my friend doesn't buy their car insurance from me then they shouldn't be my friend? Who blackmails their "friends" like that.

It's a cult. They are basically told to go after their family & friends & to kick the "negative" people to the curb (even if they are family/long time friends) if they don't go along with it. They try to guilt you and tell you that you don't "support" them. Bunch of BS.

What's funny is that ACN becomes their new family but they can't get them to join as they are already in it. My advice to you is to kick both of them to the curb.

It does hurt but you now you know what is more important to them - it's the prospect of making $ but the kicker is - most do not.


This is probably a waste of my finger power, but I hope you will read through to the end: I'm surprised you say that you wish the best for her, but then you don't become her customer, and then complain that she doesn't make any money at it. She can't make money without customers.

Just like any bricks and mortar company, you need to have customers to make any money. If you really wish the best for her, perhaps you could become her customer, have an open mind about what she is doing, look at the industry reviews about this company instead of the "bathroom wall" rhetoric that you find in google, and tell others about her services so that she can get her business off the ground. Maybe you are upset because she is going through personal growth and changing in positive ways, and you feel like you are being left behind. She didn't choose ACN over you -- you abandoned her when she needed a friend and customer!

If she's being "brainwashed", it to become a better person overall, and a hard working entrepreneur. Stop complaining and start helping!

One other note: the only money she is has to spend to be in this business is her initial investment in her online company and her annual licensing fee.

The training is free, the meetings are optional, and there is no inventory for her to buy. Anything she does pay is legally tax deductible.


If it's such a great Co., why do they need to focus on friends and family???


Are you frigging kidding me? "Support her" you say?

She tried to support her friend by telling her to run away from your shady *** company. Why does someone have to have the need to switch over her services? I'm pretty sure if my friend worked for AT&T, DirectTV, they wouldn't call and bother me to switch over to their service and that I'm not their "friend" if I didn't. Get a grip ACN slave.

She said she was going through rough times and all her friend cared about what getting her signed up for ACN. I'm sure you have no real friends other than your ACN butt buddies.


I have made some Youtube videos to get the word out there that ACN is a scam and a very scary money hungry cult. Please support my videos and let's all get the word out there. Together we can try to save naive people as we can from getting brainwashed by this vicious cult.


Sounds like she isn't your friend. ACN can be a cult for people who are easily brainwashed.

I know someone who has been with them for a year and they tell people they are going to be making more money than a doctor real soon. This person hasn't even made $20.00 ... I have also found people who want to believe the ACN dream so much are all against 'The American Dream'. Uhm hello!

You are sold on the ACN DREAM. How can people not see this and continue to isolate themselves from family and friends?

Also, people and ACN want to say how they have earned ____ (usually more than 500.00) in their first paycheck. PUH-LEASE.


Again, why bother trying to reason with you, but here goes: Maybe your ACN friends isolate themselves from you because they need to stay away from negative people who will try to hold them back in their successes. This "cult" has some of the keenest minds on the planet running their own ACN success, who researched the company thoroughly and have found it to be one of the most ethical, financially secure, and compassionate companies ever.

There might be some ACN reps who over promise, but I assure you they will not last in this business, and they really should be reported. It is certainly possible to get bonuses that are $1,000 or more, but in the beginning it is the bonuses of hard working people that keep them going until they can get true residual income.

I encourage you to stay in your current job, probably in the service industry or a factory, because we need people like you to stay out of ACN. If everyone were bright enough to start their own ACN business, we wouldn't have you serving us fries.


Maybe people need to stay away from ACN Brainwashed people like you. You ACN robot!

Show us your paycheck, your real life, post your Facebook on here because the ACN people I've stalked on FB, all they talk about is ACN, ACN, ACN, want to work part time and make this much money!?

NO. Real friends, real people don't post stuff like that!


Like any traditional business, to make money as ACN IBO you need numbers.So if you do not want to support your friend by getting the service through her, but rather go and support another business person to get your verizon phone, then your friend is really just wasting her time with you, you are not a friend at all, friend support each other, through thick and thin, you do not deserve her and she certainly does not need your negativity. You are toxic!!


You are so brainwashed. She is toxic because she doesn't want to buy something?

If the opportunity is so great it should sell itself. It shouldn't matter whether a friend buys from you or not.

A true friend wouldn't put pressure on another friend. I think you're mixing up who is toxic.


Probably the most retarded messed up thing I've read, this comment alone speaks volumes of what sort of people are part of acn

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