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Ive had my best friend for over 15years. We have been threw a lot.

She got interduced to ACN through a friend of hers. At 1st I couldt believe what she was telling how she ....WE could make all this $$. And how easy it is for women to get rich in this business. I wanted to sign up....but had that gut feeling I shoukd look into this company and see what its all about.

This was about a year ago. I Googled ACN...I started reading all the reviews, articles, went to the ACN website ect. Most of it was all bad. That was the turn off for me right there.

I called her and told her what I had read...she didt believe it. I told her I wasent interested in it. She didt like that...for months and months I had to hear about ACN everyday. She begged me on a daily basis to come to 1 of ACN meetings.

I told her no everytime and continued to tell her I wasent intrested in it. That didt stop her. She got her boyfriend to sign up as well....they where both ACN crazy, and on my *** to join them in a meeting....I continued to tell them I wasent intrested. I started having family issues and was going threw a very hard time....I needed her support.

All she did was push ACN on me. Things started to get uncomfortable between her and I everytime she brought up ACN. She said she would not leave me alone aboutt it until I came to a meeting. I told her I would think about it.

It was starting to really bother me that she wasent taking no for an answer....she wasent respecting me especially when I was going threw a hard time. I decited to do more research on the company and actually talk to people about it....once again I got bad responses. I talked to her about it AGAIN and still she wasent taking no for an answer. Im going threw a lot of things, have a lot of health issues, lost my job and am having a hard time finding a new 1...and she still wants to push ACN on me.

Her boyfriend started telling her im not a real friend bc I wont go to a meeting. Thats bs....ive ALWAYS been there for both of them been a shoulder to cry on some1 to vent to borrowed them $ and given them plenty of rides....and im not a real friend. It hurt. The other day I had the final straw she mentioned ACN...and I flipped.

I told her that ACN is her dream, not mine, and that she NEEDS 2 respect that, but I would support her in her goals and dreams. She said that the only way I could support her is if I bought her services. I havent talked to her sense. She chosee ACN over our friendship.

She has been In ACN for about 3 years now and has only made less than $10. Actually she made $0...the check never made it to her house. She works her *** off for ACN. She gets nothing from them and they get all of her, they pretty much "own" her.

Its honestly sad I believe % 100 she is brainwashed. I do know ACN is NOT A SCAM, and people do make %.

The % is very small only "less" than 1 out of 200 make it in this company. I do wish the best for her, although I am very happy not hearing about ACN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

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I personally know several people who are doing very well with ACN. ACN has been around for over 20 years and works with well-known service providers (ATT, DirecTV, Time Warner, Sprint, Verizon, need I list more?).

They have figured out a relatively easy system that can be replicated by the reps. You should follow the system if you are a rep and you want to get results. I am using several services that were brokered through ACN.

No problems and I feel like I am getting good rates on home services.

If you are open minded, why not go to a meeting? At least you can see what your friend is so excited about first hand.


You got most of it right, except when you said that ACN is not a scam. It's a scam, ma'am.


ACN is a real opportunity but it requires a lot of hard work. Judging by this post your friend obv didn't follow the system.

If you had said no to me I would have laughed and moved on.

She can't focus all her time on one person she needs to move on because somebody else could want the opportunity. I started 3 weeks ago and have already made over $800 on my first check.


True, she should have just moved on, however I guess her ACN friend is the friend in this equation, she wants good for you and want to take you with her to the top. Problem is you are sooo negative and blocking your own vision, It takes a lot of time, hardwork and energy to live like a king and your friend will be king soon, I pray for her.

You just watch, very soon you will be so ashamed to even be able to look her in the eye. you continue building another person's dream and retire POOR. ACN Works!!! Only the lazy say otherwise and call it a scam.

Let me educate you the real scam is the 40/40/40 many people are involved in.

Work 40 hours a week for 40 years only to retire on 40% of what you were struggling to live on in the first place. By then you will be so old, for anyone to even look at you.


that's hilarious you write like an old testament scribe


How many friends did you have left after making that '800.00' check? How many family members still talk to you?

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