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I have been an ACN rep for 8 months. I purchased 2 video phones, one air card for my lap top, my local and long distance service, and my satellite TV service from them. I signed up about 12 new reps in my first two months after joining. I worked my tail off, went to two international conventions, attended many, many training sessions, and held several "home style" opportunity meetings.

Within 60 days after signing up many new reps, each and every one of them canceled most or all of their ACN services and many of them just plain quit ACN. They quit because the customer service was very poor and the video phone service was very inferior.

I recruited about 30 of my friends and relatives to watch the Celebrity Apprentice show on March 27, 2011. The next day, most of them called, emailed or sent me text messages regarding the program. About 90% of them did not like the program. Notice I did not say they did not like ACN.

I have been very conscientious, dedicated and very hard working at my ACN career. I sent an email to the RVP in my up line, letting him know that not all people are madly in love with the program or the *** commercial which promotes the ACN video phone. The response I received from my up-line company "executive" was absolutely deplorable, and shows the total lack of class of ACN.

Here are his exact words: "..., with all due respect, please keep your excuses and blame for failure to yourself....This company separates the winners from the losers. Take me off your email list." I did. I also canceled all my ACN services and am encouraging everyone to do the same. Your right Mr. RVP, those who drink your kool-aid and who join or stay with ACN are losers and failures.

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Hello, I am very you had a bad experience in your first 30 days and your upline was extremely rude :( As of now, in 2019 we are the largest reseller of all essential services and partnered up with Spectrum, center point, Att, Best Buy ETC. Email me if you are interested in hearing more information. Best wishes, Jessica


I was involved in ACN for about a year in around 2003. I actually became a Team Coordinator in 10 months and had about 100 reps under me.

They claim that TCs make 6 figures a year. I made less than 20K busting my rear end, including going to help launch Australia in Perth for 5 weeks. Oh.. and when I was at the conference in Perth, one of the twins that is a co-owner just looked at me like I was from outer space when I told him I flew out from California to get my business going.

A great expression for ACN is "big hat, no cattle". I have been treated like *** from about a dozen different RVPs. Sure, they have the great speakers like Raskin and Zalucki... but the product they are selling is ***..

and the people running the company are liars and scam artists.

I brought friends and family in only to have them screwed by this company. I only hope it implodes.


your a loser i mean only 12 ibo's really? i have 16 and im only in this business 4 weeks please save your part time working no plan studying *** out of network marketing staying in a 9-5 is for you, by the way be my customer :) LOLz


ACN is doomed for failure!! Their selling strategies are based on deception and they dont have the best interest of either the customers, the employees or business partners.

I lasted 6 days and cancelled the IBO to get my money back. People need to be very aware of these cults-scams-MLM.

A good company will offer the best to customers and employees. ACN will fail and will love to see it happening.


Right on!!! Somehow, there needs to be specific laws against criminals like ACN.


Worst phone service ever. They billed me for the months service.

3 days into it i deleted my credit card info from my account.

They cancelled my phone service and refused to reimburse me my money. Signal/Internet service didn't work 90% of the time.


I have tried setting up services with acn for myself and each time I tried setting it up when it wouldn't work is ask for my money back they would say we will give it back as long as u set up another plan I lost round 300 that way and 500 to become a rep its a scam


I was involved with acn for 2 years. I worked very hard at it part time.

I switched over every one of my services and attended many trainings and conventions. However when it was all said and done I was earning about 80 dollars per month residual. I was a little discouraged but I still had the dream of creating that residual income every month. A friend of mine introduced me to a new company.

I still pursued acn part time but also started with this company.

Within 3 months I was making more residual than I was after 2 years in acn. I am no longer involved with acn as I have pursued a new business.

For all the people who share a story please email me I would like to hear about them.



ACN and Flash Wireless are the worst of this world. They made fraud to me and stole from bank account $ 320.

When I called them to reimbursement, They refused to do it.

I lost my phone numbers and my money too. They are the worst thing that ever happen to me.


I had same problem they sold me phone plan when it didn't work they said they would reimburse me if I started another plan but then wanted another hundred which again didn't work so now they have almost 300 of my dollars and never reimburse me


ACN may be a great company to make $but as a customer they suck! I had to cancel and go back to Verizon bc the customer service and attitude reps are horrible. I can't spend money w/ a company that disrespects their customers!


You are right about some customer service agents, but you cannot say bad about the whole ACN company. Yes I am agree that ACN has to pay attention on quality of service and customer service but still its very good business and I'm making more than I need for living. Just a hint about income in ACN, I make more than $10,000 in less than 10 days


What position are you in ACN?


If you have never been ripped off, join ACN for the experience of a lifetime.


I'm not an ACN rep, but I've been considering it. I was fairly impressed at the first of 3 "training" sessions that I went to during which the presenter claimed that Warren Buffet said ACN would account for the largest shift in income in the history of the US.

This is BS, what Warren said was that energy deregulation in general would be. Then we have the Donald Trump endorsement (apparently the only company with his endorsement that he doesn't own), what people fail to realize is that a guy like Trump will endorse anything that will get his face (and therefore his companies) out in front of people.

In other words, he only endorsed ACN so that thousands of ACN affiliates would endorse him...hmm.... :p


I been in Acn 6 months and i'm a TC. And Acn paid me little over 35k so far.

people who fail are those who didn't know they system. its very simple.

just follow successful people in this business thats all. I have seen most of the people who talks negative are always broke don't follow there bank account because they don't have any. ACN have perfect system if you fail it's for can

its all because of you! Now lets all put those neg broke people to the side and move on......


I don't believe you. Nobody makes 35k in their first 6 months in ACN unless you are being set up as a shill.


And that system is RECRUITING people. Don't forget to mention that.


I have been in ACN for under a year, and work it part time. My residual out of my own store already covers my car payment.

I love ACN...

Stop complaining and dont beat yourself up since you obviously just dont have what it takes to make it. I love all of our services we have purchased through acn, and continue to grow my residual every day.

@Eric in LA

Dump your $125.00 car. No wonder you can afford the payments with ACN residual.

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