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I have been with ACN for the last year and half, I have to mention that this decision wasn't a choice I had to sign up for ACN only to help my boyfriend as he was brainwashed by his recruiter. I had to pay $500 as biz fees, that is not the issue, the problem is since my boyfriend sign up for ACN we never had a conversation without talking about this miserable company and how I am not trying hard to recruiter my friends.

ACN sells services that no one uses anymore. Who would want to have landline for long distance while there is firetalk, viber, skyp and more ... For free!!! I am so sick of this company ruining people's lives by promoting false hope.

This type of businesses are for people that knows a lot of people and are willing to sacrifice family and friends for few bucks. I am about to break up with my boyfriend of 13 years because of this miserable company and because I can't take it anymore. For everyone out there be aware that these recruiters don't give a sh...t about your well being they just want you to recruit as many as you can for the top executives to make more money so they can brainwash new victims.

By the way my boyfriend just got a big fat cheque of $40 since we sign up for this so called wealth making company... lol

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Did anyone else who was with ACN, have a Company called Summitt Energy Take Over Your Account At DOUBLE THE PRICE OF GAS!!!24.9¢ m3!!!Without having A CONTRACT or SIGNING UP WITH THIS COMPANY?????


Maybe... Just maybe your boyfriend will do a lot better when he doesn't have you around being negative all up in his ear.

If you know anybody who runs any business, whether it is a hardware store, pizza parlor, etc they always want to talk about their business. Also if he has been your "boyfriend" for 13 years already you should move on anyway because he isn't going to marry you.

You want to blame a business but look at the 2 individuals involved.


Sir, you are an ***! the fact that the man has been with this woman 13 years shows they are married by heart, some people don't need a piece of paper to hold them together, that is already a very successful relationship if it has lasted13 years.

This man has been suckered by a bull scam, and will loose all friends and loved ones in the process. A business owner doesn't have to push anyone into buying lets say their pizza, he happily advertises! because people want to!

For a business owner "the product the business offers speaks for itself" I too know many marriages that have been hurt by this, it is like scientology and what it does to Tom Cruise's marriages, it is a CULT, but you are right it is about the individual, and unlike Tom Cruise sir, this man is just a broke and looser follower, hopefully this woman he has had for so long can help him see this before he is lost to the cult, marries into it, and becomes like those jehova witnesses which is all they eat, sleep and breathe is the Cult, My advice is she runs, bc such a weak man is to me a massive turn off. Leave him in his Circle and chances are he will die in it, never do anything else with his life and thats fine, maybe his life is not worth any more than that, but we like to think people's lives are worth more than being cult followers who are loosing everything including their pants in the process.


Also she probably hasn't married him, as he is obviously not a good provider, a follower and broke! the longer they stay in the less chance of incorporating into the real world as no real business or executive will take them seriously, so the lower and lower down the rabbit hole they go,save yourself lady, maybe he still has a chance, but if not, again RUNNNNNN


This is ruining my life and relationship too, its all fake, my guy is supposed to be a top dog in the company and he is beyond broke, I am talking about car being repoed and kicked out on street broke, yet he still has faith in it after all the brainwashing and the minute he gets close to coming out he goes to one of those conventions and gets sucked back in. Well that and the fact that I really believe all the looser chicks he attracts because he is their "mentor" now thats a joke!

keep him going back for more ego stroking, but he is beyond broke, its all a lie and then wonders why karma comes to *** him in the ***... I can't say anything because the minute I do I am a hater and his enemy because I don't support what he wants to do, which I am probably the last lifeline he has left. By the time he wakes up his life would have passed being involved in a fake world with no time to recover. He has been in for 16 years now, it is a giant CULT and I cannot believe no one on a government level is doing anything about the lack of ethics involved in this.

It is such a Horrible horrible thing they are doing, playing with peoples lives, hopes and dreams, mostly poor people,most of his downline is dirt broke from "the opportunity" and the promise, living in their parents bedrooms, or plain homeless.I have begun to think he is delusional, when he talks about all the millions these people will make and how they're not jumping on it, yet no one he knows or has known in the 16 yrs has made more than a few bucks, and I mean that literally! I hang on to nothing, because I have already begun to meet other men as I do not think he will ever let go of his addiction. I advise you to do the same, he will eventually meet a girl thats addicted to the cult as well, and be brainwashed through their lives together, as are all those who are in there,they eventually marry other members, because no normal human being can stand that lifestyle and cult mindset. So you either join the cult with him, or save yourself and let him go, or maybe he can save himself, its like being on *** hopefully he gets out before he has lost everything, and that includes you.

I am so sorry as I know how painful this is and chances are this company did ruin your relationship, but do you really want to be with a man who is that easily manipulated and that weak of mind and character that he cannot do his own thing and needs to be a follower and brainwashed. I believe you will be better off. The character of the men involved in this besides the bull they say, is weak, cowardly, insecure and hungry for approval and attention from losers, usually ex hustlers, gang members and *** men, real business men will never do business with men who have ever been involved in this, that is why eventually after many years they have nowhere to go, because no one will trust them, they are *** men or become so.

Save yourself is my advice. If he doesn't want to be saved, and RUNNNNN!!!!!


I want to know how you make it big in ACN. Obviously, there are some who are. What do you need to do?


Just try and be consistent. Most people quit every job they ever had before they even get one promotion, and that's working 40-50 hours a week.

They sign up in ACN and work 90 minutes a week then quit in 6 weeks. How could anything possibly be successful that way? It is not complicated getting Directv and Dish customers those companies have millions of customers already so it has been proven. Same goes for most other services.

The trick is this, you have to learn how to lead people and be sincere with wanting to help them. You also have to learn how to get customers, then be able to get reps who you can then show how to get customers. No different then opening a mom and pop bakery then after you mastered the one bakery most people open another one.

It isn't for people who play victim or expect a check every 2 weeks.


Can you make money without recruiting people?




Yes you can. Its called personal residual income. You will have to acquire many customer in order to have big residual income, which is why you want to build a team because as your team gets customers your residual income grows and so will theirs.


That's right. If you work very, very hard and sell ACN services to at least 20 people every month (who will not quit their phone and/oe Internet services if they find a supplier that is more affordable or dependable) then you will make a personal residual check of $14.20. Congratulations!

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