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My real Montary Loss was over $4000 when you add up the cost of the equipment and contract services, fees, etc.

Original review posted by user Apr 02, 2013

I WAS an active ACN Representative and like many others also purchased several Digital Video Phones ($225 + $25 ship/Handling) per device just to earn those *** points. Yes, I was a *** for doing so, just to reach the next Tier/Level.

I personally spent over $1000 just for those *** outdated video phones that WILL ONLY WORK ON ACN's SERVICE! You end up in a 2 year contract and God help if you have to ever deal with Customer Service or Support. Plan on spending a minimum of 1 hour each time or more and you will be frustrated with the incompetence or their BS Contract rules, etc. Don't even ask about returning them for they ship them individually even if to one address, so you get to pay separate shipping and handling for each instead of one lesser charge.

If you return them under the "short" time limit allowed you do not get credited for all the separate shipping fees. Basically you lose $25 per phone even if they were all shipped to the same address at one time. This is really absurd, especially when you are shipping multiple identical items to one (same) address. Why can't they just use a bigger box and help save the customer some money!

ACN forces you to have automated charges and uses only email for any kind of notification. If you fail to get or read an email regarding a failure for payment, you are SCREWED! You end up in collections for breach of contract even though YOU paid for all the Expensive Equipment/hardware UPFRONT! NOTE, any equipment you do buy will you will never be able to use with any other Service Provider.

Good luck selling it! Even if you were able to sell it to another ACN Rep (new fool) they will end up having to pay another hook up fee for adding the MAC Address of the hardware to the ACN Network and enter into a 1 or 2 year Contract! BY THE WAY NOTE, you are the one paying for your Internet Service on top of the ACN fees. It's not like ACN is doing you a big favor and saving you money, besides there are other companies offering similar technology for less money!

UNFORTUNATELY as a New ACN Rep you get caught up in promoting/selling their services to friends and family before you REALIZE how their Services Operate and at what True Cost regarding your time, hours of aggravation and fees. They are to cheap to even mail you written correspondence regarding any issues, then you end up in collections! By the way I am no longer ACN Representative for the above reasons.

How can I promote such *** service to my friends and family. You will end up just having them complaining to you when they have issues or have to deal with ACN as a Customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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