Oakland, New Jersey

Words cannot even describe the nightmare that was joining acn and it's all blame down to one person Miss Juana Oliva. The company itself might be good but I'll never know for sure because of this poor excuse of a woman and here's why

1.) She lies every waking moment of every day. She told my friends and I that people def said yes to our meetings then when we called them they said no such things.

2.) She gossips and will bash you behind your back she told my friend that I'm a bad influence on her and she didn't do well in acn because of me. Oh and we were a yea. Cause THAT didn't put a strain on our friendship my friend nearly had mental breakdowns at least six times when we were working with her.

3.) She manipulates you better than the devil would. Seriously. She actually texted me that she got out of the hospital and is suppose to stay in bed and is now risking her LIFE to speak to me about my business. And when my friend tried to get away from her she told her that she had someone line up to be on her group. Guess what? She didn't.

Some other little fun facts:

She told me that I have to go stores BY MYSELF and ask these business owners to my house to discuss ACN. That's not what business are gonna do in fact I should go over to their house and bring wine.

She put her grandma on my account without telling me and then she was being charged for it so then I had to pay her. Wait. It gets better. She told my friend that I was refusing to pay her the money when in reality she never approached me. She kept texting my friend one nasty text after another about how I refused to pay her back how she needs to get involved with this and how I'm just a bad person.

She told my friend that they would be going to a conference together. Can you say wrong?!? My friend dropped almost two grand just to realize that she be going on a different airplane and a different hotel from everyone else. When she didn't make the flight Juana called the airline LIED about it and was pissed when my friend hung up the phone.

Acn may or may not be a good company like I said I dunno. Be please if you ever see the name Juana Oliva she is a lying *** who will destroy your friendships all on the name of the business

So run fast and hard. I know I did an I've never been happier.

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I think the person who wrote this is full of it!!!! Why don't you say what you need to tell people in their face????

Woman or Man up? I call this person a straight out WHIMP!!!!! If you feel like that about this young lady confront and be a women or a man about it!!! These comment I call to be USELESS!!!!!!

Grow up and stop spreading lies about people. If this was so call truth you would comfront and not be a whimp!!!!!!!! Are you afraid of this person??? Get A LIFE WHIMP from OAKLAND NJ!!!!!!!!!

Your Mama is a *** and so are you!!!!!!

Comfort and stop hiding!!!!!! WHIMP!!!!


I have been in other independent marketing companies and from what I read of your experience I can tell you that most of the top companies in network marketing are reputable. She most likely wasn't in very long or she is not being mentored by one of her trainers.

She might not be asking for help or attending the work shops that are vital to learning this or any business. It takes years to develop the skills, integrity and mind set for these types of business's unless you already have the back round experience. The company from what I have seen is good and has good intentions to save people $. She is just green.

Find someone who has been in it for at least a year.

They have invested their time and energy and will represent the ACN products as they should be.

San Diego


company not good. USED car salesmen, timeshare pushers apply here. If mom and dad can pay for you to make money just have them give it to you outright why TRY TO SELL THEM junk they do not need

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