Attended a conference in Cleveland this past weekend to learn more about ACN and can I tell you everyone I met came off as crooks and liars. Quick talkers and trying to make money off friends and family. Not to mention one of my friends who works in a hotel said the staff was treated horribly by these employees.

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Jerry Gardner and Jamal Lawler from philadelphia pa are king of schemes...they got 1500 from my friends and told where they stay


I was at that convention and completely disagree I met a lot of good people who didnt try and sell me anything bjt tried to help train me on the proper way to work my business and since that training I have doubled my business. All of my customers are happy with their services and my IBOs that signed up receive tons of training and support.


Ok, but this business is mostly about recruiting people is it not? All I saw was people bragging about all the people they've brought in.


The ACN products are not competitive. The videophone costs $39 a month and only can only be used with other subscribers. Skype is free and you can chat with multiple people at the same time for FREE.


They just seem really greasy and shady. Did a lot of them have cheap-looking business wear?


Completely agree, they were terrible to all the services in the area. By far the worst behaving convention ever.

They all tried to sell me something but couldn't actually tell me any details, complete scam. They act like they are all making money but can't top a server to save their lives

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