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The only ACN residential services you call realistically sell in NYC are: U.S. energy (with proven savings), Digital talk, local & long distance, wireless (no savings!). Most ppl don't have satellite in apt. bldgs. nor ADT, unless it's a condo, & most ppl have bundled TimeWar svcs. which they don't want to break up, & no dsl in svc in manh. Other svcs are not appealing. e.g. WiMax & Mobile App.

Commercial svcs: u can get the 10% commission for signing up a commercial energy customer ONLY IF u already have 40 customer points! really?! Video phone: must buy 2 @ $189 ea. in order to use it.

The only svc worth selling: U.S. Energy. Join ACN knowing the truth. I've been in it 3 weeks & wish I knew then what I know now. I'm not saying it won't work for everyone, but think of the svcs ur fam & friends use. There is no saving on switching ur wireless svc. The only plus is that ur friends & family will be earning u two customer points per customer. NO SAVINGS!

There's no clear page on your business website in which u can enter a customer's current ConEd energy expenses & compare them to the Planet Energy (ACN's energy supplier) monthly rate. Therefore, you can't conveniently show ur customer what they would be saving if they use Planet Energy as their supplier. Planet Energy's rates are lower than ConEd, though the rates vary from month-to-month.

Oh & it's a pain in the rear to get people to do ur home meetings, u can only have so many friends & friends of friends. Some complain that the ppl who signed them up abandon them after the person becomes a rep. In my case, they've been on my a**!!!! Calling me during my other work hours, more than once a day, asking me to schedule home meetings & make lists & ... exactly! U're already tired reading all the b*s*! Do ur homework before u fork over $499. U have only 10 days to get ur $ back if u do sign up as an ACN Rep. Hope this helps.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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You people are such closed minded losers that haveno idea what a pyramid scam is!

Corporate America is a true pyramid scam and I work in the corporate world and not in network marketing!

Have you ever heard of Avon, MaryKay, Primerica, Longerbetger, Pampered Chef, Remax, Keller Williams Reality, or Century 21? They are all network marketing companies and are some of the most successful companies in the world! Primerica has sold more life insurance, investments, and annuities then any other financial services company or insurance company in the US.

If you don't experience success in any of these companies it is one of 3 things. You are either the type of person who expects to make money without putting in the effort and you quit before you even give yourself a chance, or the company you worked with just was not the right company for you, or you are a complete loser and you will be average your entire life. That is it! Otherwise anyone of these and many other companies including ACN can earn you well into a six figure income or even seven figures.

Why am I not working with one of these companies you may ask? Well, good question! The answer is I work in the corporate world and already earn into the seven figures, but I can tell you network marketing is a better concept by far!


Would you be interested in seeing why some of ACNs top producers left that company to come to ours? It's as simple as looking for two jobs that are the same.You would go with the job that has better compensation.

Aside from the emotion and the relationships you have built, would you like to see a better comp plan and one in which you can progress through and not worry about losing your residuals because you lost you qualification? (thats a secret ACN does not tell you until its too late...smh) email


ACN is a Test for those who want to move out of their comfort zone and challenge life. If you are happy doing what you have been doing all your life and you do not know where you are going, then YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR Destination. Right where you are.

Even at your 9-5 Job, If you do not put in the Hours then do not expect to be paid. ACN is a wake up call for those who know how to self reward their own efforts and they can measure their own success by their own performance.

ACN does not force anyone to use their products. We do that for our own reasons to reach a Goal faster. I have been successful in selling energy and it seems to make sense to most people.

The Goal is not in selling services but one needs to get customers to be eligible for bonuses and commissions. Once you have acquired a certain number of customers, you have to help your team in progressing in the same way. As the Team grows , so does the number of services and so on. This way we have a dedicated and fauthful customer base. Whats wrong in getting paid for the life of the services being used?

No one is forcing anyone to join, its is just a No Brainer thats why everyone wants to join.This is the only company who has revolutionized the concept of sharing with the common man. Even the well to do are finding it appealing. The more the merrier. If you do not like ACN then you probably do not like to work hard or out of your comfort zone. Welcome to the workplace.


I recently joined ACN for the utility savings. I can say I am saving about 3-5% on my gas bill.

I don't believe the phone service is worth it; skype and face time on ipad/iphone are free.

I honestly believe it takes TIME and EFFORT to get customers. I believe the best way to get clients (people that work under you) is to show them what you are making because proof is in the money.


you know everyone i have read all your comments and came to one conclusion. Those who wrote bad comments about ACN are those who haven't done much for the company to achieve success, u treat it like a game u will loose in the treat it like a business and realize that it takes time to grow and make that sick money!!

acn provides u that opportunity u just have to know how to train yourself to hustle! in some locations the services are great and some it isnt nothing is perfect in this world!! and ACN doesn't gaurantee u 100% saving! read the stuff before u confirm on a product!

i and most ppl i know who are in acn are achieving amazing results and success! before u closed minded people go off at a company maybe check out the integrity site of it!!!

which is 100% satisfactory!!! nothing more to say


With a modest investment, people have the opportunity to earn residual commissions from essential services. What is not to be liked? Its not perfect, but nothing in the world is perfect. Reps can truly create income without recruiting. Just 25 new customers = 10% commissions. MONTHLY!

Success with ACN is both an art and a science. Persist to learn how to leverage it as a system and you will be successful.

Residual income is Sweet!


ms atl, Madoff Investments was a BILLION dollar business....what's your point? A scam is a scam.

You've wasted three years of your life and I'm sure you haven't made even an average of 17 grand a year, which is considered poverty level income. So tell me, in three years have you made $50,000 in net profit with ACN?

If not, then ACN has made you impoverished. So much for all that million dollar talk...


Its a million dollar business. You must treat it that way.

You get what you put in it. Ive been in for about 3yrs. I had my ups and downs but never lost focus on the big picture. You must invest in your business its 1099 income.

WRITE IT OFF! Winners never quit and quitters never win!


How do you even get people to your home meetings? If you tell them its for ACN they'll come online, see it's a scam, then not show.

If you lie, or don't tell them what it's for, then that's called "ambushing". And most people will flake out if they don't even know why they are supposed to be there. They'll never bother showing up. And then once you burn through all the people you know, how hard do you think it will be to get perfect STRANGERS to show up at your HOUSE for pyramid scam meetings???

It's going to be an uphill battle all the way, that's for sure!

I wouldn't want that to be the cornerstone of my business-recruiting strangers to come to my house. Screw that!


The I've been in three weeks followed by excuses part explains it all to me. I had all those "cocerns" but after over a year of consistent training ACN has provided a great source of income for my family. it isn't for everyone but I'd DOES work.


There is plenty of opportunity to make money in ACN, you have to be willing to put in the time.


It would be more easier to characterize ACN and see if it fits you and your needs.

I joined ACN because I can personally sign myself up for 15 services. Adding my extended family to the network in the first 2 months made me 25 services altogether.

And, yes. Per service dollar amount comparison ACN is not cheaper than traditional provider. But bonuses and bundled packages are easy sell if you know the right people to sell it to.

It is not knowing about truth about ACN that can save you... It is certainly your adaptability and common sense that yields you your customer points. Of course, it is your business. You would have to figure at least certain things out before pointing fingers at the 499$'s worth of a combined tech, telecom and energy dealership.

And, if things were easy, anyone can become millionaires.


Just joined ACN two days ago.

Then spoke to my young brother who lives in FL. He did ACN during college days and the checks helped pay his bills.

His buddy's who remained in ACN recently told him they are own audi's and bentleys.

So I for very positive reviews from a family member who tried it. His secret was having a positive mind set and truly wanting to help people make real money.

Note: I just started this thing, so I have no subjective judgments to make about ACN.


I would love to speak to youin more detail. I just joined 6 days ago and am still deciding if this is worth it.

Can you email me?


I would love to speak to youin more detail. I just joined 6 days ago and am still deciding if this is worth it. Can you email me?

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