Chantilly, Virginia

I was signed up as a Representative and ordered services to get "qualified" inorder to receive the qualification bonus. Never saw a penny.

My upline hounded me like a dog for me to order services so that I would reach the qualification level. Never heard from them again. Found out later that my entire upline had quit ACN. No contacted me to tell me who or where I could go for assistance.

As far as the services are concerned, those with second hand services are just fine. The inhouse services are horible. The digital phone would not work with my system and their help service could not and would not help me to get it to work. After trying for five months, I dropped the service and they hit me with early termination fees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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The ACN opportunity is the same for everyone. Anyone can get the system to work if you put in the right effort and willing to learn the skillset to succeed.

Many freshmen enroll in college but not all graduate.


It wouldn't be so bad if ACN was just some scam company online that has some blind pop-up advertisement or some banner add on a *** site. But these people take the scam into your HOME, and go through your CLOSE FAMILY members and FRIENDS.

They prey on your hopes and insecurities and use your dreams as a way to leverage you out of your money. Such a clever and complex scheme, all just to steal people's money.

Crooks would be the technical definition. Low-lifes would be what they truly are.

@low and dirty

Mr. Anonymous: ACN is not for everyone.

You can make excuses or you can make money, but you have to choose one. You ordered services but the question is: did you get QUALIFIED? Which is what you need to do in order to receive your bonus. In my case, I transferred my services to MY business and received the cheque BEFORE my credit card bill was due.

So does ACN pay Bonus money when you meet qualifications, the answer is YES they do!

The reason your upline hounded you like a dog was so that you would get qualified and get your bonus! As an ACN upline, I can tell you that if it were me that had signed you up into my team and you were not coachable enough to get qualified (take some responsibilities for what YOU did not do) I would have asked you to cancel your position and get off my team. See here is what I look for in my business partners, people that want to change their lives, not make mine a living *** so...

out you go! I am running a business, not a daycare...

And I'm not sure I follow.... Those with "second hand" services?

I've heard of second hand clothes but services, what does that mean? Wouldn't work with your "system". Some people say "I can't make this happen" (poor mentality) and others say "How can I make this happen" (entrepreneur mentality), which one sounds like you? The answer is pretty obvious "I canceled the service..." I'm so tired of reading *** like this on the "internet bathroom walls" you know what else you find in bathrooms?


Low and Dirty: Wouldn't be so bad if ACN was just a scam company online??? They prey on your hopes to leverage you out of your money? Are you kidding? And do you really believe they "steal" people's money?

Did they take it from you while you were not looking or did YOU input your credit card number into the system because you saw hope in what this opportunity could do for you but then... You realized there was work involved and no one said ANYTHING about having to work!!!???? I thought all I have to do is sign up, right? And don't go replying and saying that your upline didn't say anything about work because if you "thought" for one second that there was NO WORK involved in creating wealth well....

'nuff said! You may believe "they" are low-lifes and by that statement I dare to say you don't know them.

Mr. Not Exactly: Did you "leave"?

Sounds more like you got kicked out? You claim that you left because you found out what they didn't want you to know... If they didn't want you to know then how did you find out? Well to your statement to the "suckers": I'm in and I'm staying and I'm glad you quit!

There is no room in this company for someone like you. And as one of the Leader of this amazing company once said "we can't all be rich, someone has to get the JOB done", perhaps he was talking about you. Just a word of advice before I go: Don't speak of what you do not know about, it makes you look "unintelligent".


Nojire: Check your facts, ACN has an A+ rating with the BBB. In closing, before you call a company a "scam" or "pyramid scheme", make sure you have all the information you need to back that up and make sure you know what those words "mean". You come here, and throw out accusation and won't even identify yourself. It's NETwork Marketing not NOTwork Marketing.

I have many people on my team that: 1) knew lots of people and as it turned out, no one knew them, 2) wanted to change their lives but only once the football season, the hockey season, the baseball season and the basketball season was over... 3) that wanted to help their parents and as it turns out, didn't really care about anyone else but themselves. There are 3 lifestyles categories: not enough, just enough and more than enough and YOU choose where you WANT to be. If sports are more important than creating financial freedom, then go ahead, but you will always live in either the first or second category (even if you were lucky enough to win the lottery) but let me ask you: the players you are watching on TV, the guys making MILLIONS of $ per year, which category do you believe they are in?

You are correct! "More than enough" and do you know why? They paid the price, they sacrificed, something you must be willing to do if you want to win at the game of LIFE!

When you give up on your dream, you will find someone who will hire you to build theirs.


Hello everyone. Please people don't be upset.

This opportunity. Is usually new people so understand you cannot approach it like its a job that you've. Worked. When people say bad things about you doing this opportunity they are usually the broke people saying things.

Don't let them damage what you've learned because at the end you will be taking care of you so if your interest is residual income just do what you have to work towards your dreams. Or go back to jobs.

Misery does love company you know. If you are struggling then go to and learn the correct way about business.


Mikal said: "The big difference is...who you are willing to become."

Precisely. The big difference between people who succeed in ACN and those who don't is that those who succeed are willing to become unethical sleazeballs who lie and manipulate those they are close to in order to perpetuate this pyramid scheme ACN is running.

The diehard ACN reps seem to think that the only reason former reps speak out is because they lost money and quit ACN. But the reason I lost money was because I was forced to quit ACN once I found out that what I was told was not true, and once I found out about ALL the things they didn't want me to know about. True, half the suckers will keep doing it, and continue to throw good money at bad. But eventually most everyone either wisens up or just gives up once the futility becomes overwhelming.

Quit if your in, don't join if you're not.


Acn is the same for everyone. The big difference is in you and who you are willing to become.

Acn isn't a job it is a way of life. Don't just talk about 5 mths and yiou said the keys words of failure your upline and yourself quit so where did Acn fail?

It was a purpose an why you stay for 5 get with you upline TC and get back to work our you can contact me. Let all succeed together stay positive and beleive in you first


Having an A with the BBB means nothing now days. It only means you pay the BBB your yearly dues.

Almost every company in the US has an A with the BBB. A more realistic check would be to see if their are any reviews online from people who have gone before you.

In this case their are more negative reviews for this company and its service than I have ever seen. Now that says a lot.


It takes more than getting qualified to recieve a bonus. you have to make it to the next level.

It sounds like to me that you got on the wrong team. ACN has an A in BBB.

That says alot! :p



I work for ACN and I love it. you have to work hard to work your way up.

you cant expect to get paid for nothing.

ACN Works if you work at it. I use the services and I like my services.

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