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As an IT professional, I take seriously the grossly incompetent installation of an ACN phone system that was perpetrated on one of my clients. The technician (if you can call him that) ripped out the existing wireless router on the cutomer's fiber connection (thus killing their wireless without cause or notice) and put the ACN box in its place.

This rearranged all the IP addresses on the network, which incidentally disabled all access to the server, which necessarily runs on a fixed IP. My client was briefly convinced (apparently by the incompetent ***) that I had somehow caused their whole office to come to a standstill, because I had serviced the network a few days before. The ACN box now blocks all ouside access, preventing remote administration of the server -- a critical element of my services to that client and also important to one of their execs. ACN has so far failed to return my calls.

I need access to their box's configuration in hopes I can repair the damage.

I still have no idea whether I can re-establish tunneling. This whole thing is simply outrageously unprofessional.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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All I have to say is .....

Technical Support .... You Never Called ...

they gave me accsses to my ATA and Modem I made all the change's I needed for my remote admin . and you call your self IT lmfao


Just Watch, oh the hubris....Yeah, the "hurry up and join or you'll miss out" approach is a bit transparent. The only thing that will be around a few years from now is this website.

And it will be filled with comments from ALL the current ACN reps who lost their businesses when it folded under, which is coming very very soon. Oh, I will be watching, I can assure you of that.


ACN is going to blow your mined in the next feaw years and you are going to be on the sidelines going man i wish i wud have do you think any one was skeptikal when the first cellphone came out YES you all are going to be crying the bluse when that acn skum down the streat is making it big time im on my way so get out of the way and go back to work at mcky des


ACN is an impossible company to be a rep for, or a customer of. I realized this before even having to deal with any technical issues.

Just the business model itself is bad enough, let alone the quality of their products.

I can't imagine losing money, conning my friends and family into losing theirs, then sitting on the phone with some worthless technician trying to fix some faulty ACN product. Talk about wasting your life away.


IT Guy 2, I have communicated in detail with ACN.

As it happens, the limitations of the setup options of the phone "box" (it's an IP PBX/SIP proxy/gateway router/etc) are exacerbated by networking issues brought about by the rather weird interactions of differing Windows versions. As a consequence I can't set a fixed IP on the most critical machine. It will only cooperate if it gets its IP from the DHCP server.

The box's DHCP has no option to assign a particular IP to a particual machine. Ergo, enter Murphy.

ACN's responses so far have been to offer no technical solutions, to insist the box must be the gateway and to say they won't guarantee quality of service if I put their box behind another router.

This remains a situation no serious business with a competent IT staff would tolerate. ACN should be capable of putting their device anywhere within a customer's network that the customer wants it, given adequate QoS configurability on the intervening device(s). They can surely develop a list of known-suitable routers.

Time constraints haven't yet allowed me to correct the layout. I've updated the router's firmware and will do the setup within a day or so.

With some allowance for unknowns (this is my first time dealing with this particular situation) I'm expecting VOIP performance to be as good from behind the gateway as it ever was. But now my client must wonder whether ACN will support them in the event of future problems.


James. ACN guy was asking you to help report a tech that obviously doesn't know what he is doing.

If he is botching people's offices, it would be a good deed to let ACN know. I suppose they would find out sooner or later, but let them know now if you think he is incompetent.


Joe, you're obviously clueless. My client wasn't (as most are not) knowledgeable as to the networking issues that could arise, in fact didn't know that the phone setup would or could have anything to do with their computer network.

ACN Inc, I'm taking care of it. The phone box is poorly designed (as a gateway router; it's fine as a VOIP system) and offers incomplete options for the configuration I need. But I have an approach that should work. In technical terms, there are QoS and service-access issues involved if I put it behind another gateway, but I think I have it worked out by way of a highly configurable router with excellent firmware.

TimK, yeah, billable; but I'd rather earn my money dealing with dasasters that weren't needlessly generated by incompetence. There are enough of the other sorts to pay my mortgage.


It sounds like your client ordered the service and didn't understand the situation. Tell your client to discuss all system changes with you. Your blame is seriously misplaced.


James, as an IT professional you should be familiar with, or at a minimum get use to, clients subscribing to services or applications without consulting us. I don't think this is a unique situation.

In my many years of experience this has occur from Verizon, ATT, and cable companies. It's called billable hours!


JamesGx, if you know that there is something wrong with the installation – or the competency of the technician – please use the appropriate contact information (available on our website at to report the situation. We sincerely appreciate any information that you can provide.

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