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The thing I'm so glad I've learned through failing miserably in ACN, is that it's not my fault. Even though when I've failed my up line would say " you're not talking to enough people" or " you have to get motivated" ..the facts are that whole "WARM MARKET LIST" doesn't work for the average guy like me. Average that, I never worked in corporate America, didn't go through college, I'm not a doctor, lawyer, singer or actor, or a former business leader.. When successful people in ACN give their testimonials to the average people that attend business meetings and PBRs.. A lot of those people already had decent careers before joining ACN.. Having those careers that I just mentioned gives people credibility.. For example there was a young guy within our team who is a actor and he hit ETL within his first week in the business.. The RVP would boast about how hard he worked and his determination.. But here's the truth.. Those people that joined that young dude in the business didn't join because of his hard work.. They joined because of who he is! That's the thing.. Warm market lists will only work for you depending on what your credibility is.. If you're a actor, movie star, athlete, doctor, lawyer, CEO or whatever of course people will sign up under you.. If Bill Gates decided he wanted to become an IBO do you think he will have a hard time recruiting family and friends and associates? Exactly..

The truth is I've put way more money into ACN.. So far all I've got was a $20 check.. And it's going on 2 months.. I payed the $499.. Then my up line said get your YBA.. $40 a month.. They want you to qualify as soon as possible so they can get their bonus check..then I payed for weekly meetings that $10, then Saturday training that's $20.. Then home parties at my up lines house that's another $20.. I had to sit down and do the math.. So I've stopped attending meetings.. Bugging friends and family.. I just stopped all of that nonsense.. Now my upline is saying go out and talk to strangers? I'll never make no money this way.. Neither will anyone else

Here's the thing for those who are reading this.. I do understand why many people say it's a scam or a pyramid scheme because of how many people fail.. But if you were taught how to properly brand yourself and how to market on the Internet by prospect funneling you can make great money in ACN and any MLM.. That's what the top earners are doing but they will never teach you that.. I had to learn this all myself..they will continue to teach the average guy like myself, the warm market list, 3 way calling, home meetings, events, scripts, none of that *** is going to build your legacy, build your business, all it's doing is building your I said there is a way to make money.. But you will never make money the way they teach.. That's why they say you can't advertise.. A had a lady one time tell me I can't advertise on Facebook about the services of ACN.. I thought I was an INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER! This is my business and I'll run it how I want.. Folks if your still in the business you can make money by getting the right mentoring through Internet marketing.. Instead of you chasing people, people are chasing you.. That's leverage..

Don't let your upline make you feel bad because you didn't qualify or you not signing up enough people.. Because THATS NOT YOUR FAULT. You don't have the slightest clue about marketing and neither does the majority of new IBOs. Stop attending all these dumb PBRs and BOMs TCs and RVPs that say the same *** over and over and over again.. Do research and find a legit one internet marketing mentor you will teach you how to brand yourself.

Hope this helped anyone out there. I wish much success to all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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i have been approached here in UK .. I haven't made my decision yet. Though i have done network marketing and have unsuccessful in both namely worldventures and myshoppinggenie.

I am keeping my mind open about Acn as I don't want to wast my time on an unprofitable venture

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