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First off I want to start by saying I do not think acn is a horrible buisness. I have seen many people make a good living for themselves in this buisness.

With that being said it was not for me. The business plan is great but its truely about who you know. If you do not know someone with time, determination, and some extra cash to start with dont bother. I payed $500 to get started with acn and after several home meetings with at least 30 guests not one person was remotely interested in becoming an ibo.

The major complaint I have with acn is the pressure. I was pressured to make a list of people I havent spoken too in years to awkwardly invite into my home. They left making fun of me and said I was a joke. Half didnt even show up because people spread the word about the "pyramid scheme" I was a part of.

When I ran out of people I felt comfortable having in my home I had 0 potential IBO's and I lost all faith. At that point my team gave up on me even though I really had tried. I am in sales myself and im top rated in my company with over four times more sales than our next leading sales associate and I couldnt even sell the idea of acn.

If you dont know people with money to start dont waste your time. Nobody will help you when you run out of people to invite and you will lose your investment.

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I went through the whole experience of ACN as a customer and a rep 4 years ago. This company is indeed a pyramid scheme masked by its useless products that end up costing more than most other companies.

NO ONE makes any money except the top tier and over 98% of people fail or leave ACN. Not before losing at least a couple of thousand dollars.

You are not allowed to advertise or sell outside your family or friends. If you do so, all your clients will be stripped from you and your right to sell their terrible products.


A company that wants you to eventually fail so that all the residuals from the accounts you acquired before you quit (when you realize it is almost impossible to make any money and you have lost the respect of your family and friends) will go to top tier representatives to cash in.

ACN should be shut down and the owners indicted for masking a pyramid scheme. I sincerely hope a slow and painful death to all the owners of ACN for not only scamming people out of their money but for disrupting thousands of family's and lost friendships for their unethical and immoral business practices.

These chump owners are millionaires ten times over from stealing from desperate and low income people.

To run a company like this you must be a sociopath and an atheist at the same time.


ACN is destined to have the same faith as Excel Communications. History repeats it's self. Be informed.


When you said "Half didnt even show up because people spread the word about the "pyramid scheme" I was a part of", it sounds like you didn't invite the right way. If half of those people that have never seen or heard the business that you do didn't show up because the others were talking smack, it sounds like you either said a little too much, or said the wrong things, or both, which caused that backfire.

If you had a huge belief with a great posture, then most people wouldn't laugh at you. Sure, some might call it a scam. But not that many would laugh in your face, if you had a high posture. I've had people tell me I'm crazy, that I won't make it, and blah blah blah...

Funny thing is most of them don't even know the difference between a pyramid scheme and a legit MLM company lol. All I can say is now I have the last laugh. Get your upline to train your *** (and show them how to do it if they don't know), have a backbone, work hard, and stay committed. Cuss most people will test you before they say yes to see what you're made of.

And when you make it to the top, then they'll want to join you.

At that point it's up to you whether or not you take them in with open arms. Good luck with your life young apprentice..


I smell BS!


Its true if u don't work hard in life u don't get anything in return I do believe ACN works, if your willing to convince and harass your friends and family to get money out of them, *** might as well be stealing from them, then for sure your gonna make some $$ work hard ppl BELIEVE in ACN cult and you shall be granted with safe passage through the gates of *** where only loneliness and other fellow ACN cultists await you!! Being lazy and useless is not good in life !!

You have to work hard to recruit more ppl into the the belief that is ACN!! Follow the plan that will lead you to free from all friends and family bonds as you won't have any if you join ACN


Remember it can only be your fault if you fail. It will never have anything to do with the greedy, lying, hidden fees bastards who are the top-tier of ACN.


ACN is based on our own efforts, do nothing get nothing in return, do little and get little in return, the potential isn't in who you know but rather how you go about meeting new people..... ACN is about networking, this means you know someone who you can peak and present to...

Again that word is someone..... The people you meet everyday doing you shopping at the cashiers, the cafe folks who serve you, the ice cream truck man who drives by....

You can meet new people everyday....

I read through the ACN policy book before I got started as I had ideas, I looked into other network marketing companies such as Amway, irefer123, diamonds club some other one I can't remember and finally the latest is ACN, it has the best networking system set in place and is completely supported by Donald trump for a reason... We all talk to some sort of outside service providers that we allow into our life, make the most out of it!!!


You mean recruit nothing you get nothing.

@Rick Stanton

Recruiting helos grow your business faster but if they dont get customers you dont make money no customers no money. Dont make money recruiting people.


The what are the CAB bonuses from?


I don't have much to say cause this seemed pretty sincere, but I would like to add that it's not only about signing people up under you... Our service I'd needed every where.

Wheather it be in a home, office or elts where u never run out of options, until u give up...

this being said I'm sorry it dident work out for u... Sincerely best wishes!!!


ACN services are needed everywhere? Skype must be in trouble.


Thanks for sharing....I almost signed up with ACN but I think I wouldn't want to do it anymore.

Good luck to you! :-)

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