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My wife got into this ACN without doing any homework. She was just supporting a friend.

I attended a few of their so called off site meetings and it was the same people saying the same things over and over again. And the same people accepting so called bonus's and awards. They lied to my wife stating she can call the Philipines free with no charge and wanted or force you to buy into their phone/cell plans. Their Customer service was totally horrendous.

So if anyone wants to buy a paper weight - let me know. DO NOT JOIN.....

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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The money is in the energy, not the recruitment. Besides, that is illegal.

Getting paid to recruit in MLM is illegal.

We can acquire all the reps we want but if no one ever gets a single customer, no one gets paid. We are a customer acquisition company just like every other business out there.


Sorry to hear that. What I can tell you is ACN is not a scam.

There's an A.C.N. that is, but ACN is not (view the periods). Everyone who becomes an independent business owner with the company doesn't make money or a lot of it. That's true.

That's ivy true because it depends on the effort of each individual. I've only been with the company for 18 months and I've well exceeded in savings and income more than the one-time franchise fee required to start. You don't have to use their services but it makes sense to in order to get paid on your own services. Again, I'm sorry to hear your wife had an unpleasant experience.

The people making the most money are the ones putting in the most effort on a spare time basis until they can do it full time.

For those who aren't able to do it full time immediately, it takes about 6-12 months if done properly to see a difference. Repetition is key in order to be successful just like anything else.


ACN no good all services keep cancelled and prices keep going up SUCK ACN!!!!!


The money is in recruiting. THAT'S THE SYSTEM!!!

For you pro-ACN people would you sign up 10 people knowing they were dead weight but knew you'd get paid on the CAB's anyway?

I bet you would, especially if you leveled up.


The Money is paid out for Customers, not people (ie: recruiting) The acronym "CAB" is for Customer Acquisition Bonus .... so NO bonus is released until Customers have been acquired.

No one would sign a person "knowing they were dead weight" it is not logical.

It serves no purpose... and it most definitely does not release a "CAB"


The original post for this site says it all: They lost $1200 because his wife joined a business without "doing her homework"

And then they blame the Company.

When entering into any business agreement.... one MUST do their

due diligence, weigh the pros and cons ... and make an educated decision. Ignorance is not an excuse to blame. You look foolish.



2006 Screen Name: Rick A. from Florida

I will add my voice to this mess. I do not know if it will make a difference but if I can help even one person avoid what I went through with ACN it would be worth it! First let me start off by saying there are several ethical and worth while home based business out there not all are scams. I make my living working from home with an ethical and honorable company. Unfortunately I had to spend 6 years with ACN before I found a real home based business.

I was first introduced to ACN in March of 1995 by a very good friend. At that time in my life I was looking for something. I had been running a successful business in retail and manufacturing for 15 years and had accumulated a good sum of money had no debits but was ready for a change. 6 years later I had alienated some of my closes friends almost got divorced and went into debt to the tune of 200,000.00 Now before you jump to any conclusions let me explain how ACN lead me down this disasters path.

1) I did achieve success with ACN. I earned the 2nd highest level with the company in less the 18 months time and I had a few months where I made thousands of dollars. But that was almost all bonuses. This article (web site) is 100% accurate about the residual income. For 98% of those who join even those who work really, really hard even to the point of achieving a higher status then 99% of the people that join THERE IS NO MONEY on the residual side. Unless you have 10 of thousands of customers. You have got to be honest with your self how may people can build a business of 100,000 or 200,000 customers??

I had at my peak 15,000 long distance customer many of them where even using internet and energy services When I was getting paid my average residual check was 400.00 My friend who introduced me had almost 40,000 customers and his residual check was never more then 1000.00. and both checks drop like a rock because so many customers would switch off the service.. Here is the point to why ACN is a scam and how someone like myself could end up loosing hundred of thousands of dollars.

Here are the facts over 50% of the people who achieve the positions of RVP which takes a huge human scarify and is promoted as a life changes position with the company because of the income have left the company.. Think about that if RVP is such a gold mine why over the last 12 years have more the 1/2 of the RVP'S left the company. Many of them recognized as top money earners in the company. I will tell you the dirty little secret here it is that even with tens of thousands of customers there is NO MONEY there! Over 90% of the income even at that level for most of the reps comes from the bonuses and that means no matter what level you are at you need to recruit, recruit and recruit and if you ever stop recruiting bye-bye income!!

Here is another ugly truth when you go to the ACN conventions (and there are 4 a year I will share more about these in a few!) the "co founders" claim ACN is a level playing field that anyone who has the desire can be successful A LIE most of the top money earns in the company today where PAID to come on board or given sweet heart deals which unless you are bringing a huge group from another failed MLM company then good luck to you! Since leaving the company (in 2002) I have been made aware of dozen of these deals which all they did was enrich the owners of the company (ACN) and the one person getting all the perks the rest of the folks get to be out 500.00!!! What a lie when they tell a single Mom of 3 that she can become financially free at ACN and it is simply up to her desire to change her life.. I feel terrible about that one because I told thousands of people I spoke to across the USA and Canada as I built my ACN business. If I had only known that it was not a level playing field! I could go on and on about the hype, the lies, the lawsuits but who has the time. You may ask how did a successful business man loose so much money in ACN. I guess many of you could say it was my own stupidity and I could not argue that part of that maybe true but my real mistake was trusting people. I work directly with several of the so called "top money earners" I worked with and was coached by some of the Co- founders of ACN and they told me over and over again that I just need to work hard talk to more people and I would be rich beyond my wildest dreams.

SO when they said you need to quit your job and focus on your ACN business. I did! (my bad!) When they told me that the only way to make it to the top was to be at all the conventions because that is what all the top money earns did ( I of coarse did not know at that time about all the sweet heart deals they give those people) So i did I went 4 times a year.. Atlanta, Columbus, OH, Long Beach ,CA and the list goes on and on and on each trip costing 900.00 or 1000.00 or more! Yes I did make tons of good friends and boy did those pep rally really fire me up and make me feel good only problem was while I was feeling so good and buying into all the hype I was going broke because the harder I worked the less I earned.

I guess many of you can ask why did I keep doing it if it was not working. Call it pride, I believe what they told me , ego. Who knows all I know is I am not alone. I left in 2002 as I have come in contact with dozens of former ACN followers including my friend who introduced me I found out all of us where in debit most had not lost any where near the kind of money I did but many only now in 2006 have been able to pay off the debits incurred during their ACN experience.

I could go on but what is the point. I have moved on and am slowing building back my savings and getting out of debit. At this point all I can do is hope to save others from this nightmare!!!! If you are in ACN or thinking about it ASK tons of questions.

You have a right to see peoples checks (do not buy into that garbage that reps can not show their checks that was another lie!)

Ask what happened to all the old RVP and Circle of Champions why did so many work so hard to get to that positions just to leave the company.

Ask about the sweet heart deals.

Ask who really owns ACN?

Ask what the average income is for all ETT ( they will never tell you that one!)

Ask what the average income is for all the TC ( good luck!)

Ask what the average income is for all the RVP ( Not just the top 10 money earners!)

Ask why are so many RVP fall out of qualification and why have so many been deactivated and last but not least when the company deactivates someone one and they have done that to hundreds of people over the years what happens to the income that the position that person spent years of their life building.. I will give you a hint it goes to ACN (or the 2 people who own 90% of the company...) I made my biggest mistake in life with ACN .. I hope I helped save at least one person! Some ACN people will say this is sour grapes I did not due the right activities long enough or hard enough. If that where true why have so many of the "Big Money earned left"??? Try to see ACN for what it really is It is all about the owners becoming richer and richer and richer..

Good Luck..

Rick in Florida


This (Pissed Consumer) website made the post above into one long paragraph.


When you get a phone call that your friend/family member has a business plan for you to check out IT IS ACN. They will not give you any information before attending a meeting SO SAD FOR THE SUCKERS that get in and now have to save FACE!!


They make nothing except on the fees that they charge 2.00 dollars a month for what. Terrible services,


I read the comments and i find it very interesting where these people are getting their figures.One said that the representative lied by saying the phone calls to the philippines is free,well if youre listening probably you have known inorder for you to do that send one of the adapter/videophone so that your calls were free.I encountered one IBO who had thesame problem.So many explanations were given yet cannot get it.plain ***!!!Ive been making money from ACN because ive worked to get my 50 points.To you friends/family -correct your spelling first because i bet you dont get the concept either.I dont remember being charged 2.00dollars on anything.Im so privilege to found all need to be educated!!!!


Hi im doing my "homework" I have a friend that wants me to attend their meeting soon I wanna how long have you been with can and how successful can you be?


Elisha, i agree with you 100%' Acn has blessen me in so many ways. People keep on.saying that acn is a scam, but i guess that means dish network, comcast, adt, sprint, tmobile and ect that acn deals with are a scam too.

You get out of the business what ypu put in. People forget that the people on the stage were all a qtt starting out too, but they worked hard and actively did the business, so that is why they're successful. And no it's not because they had all of this money to start out with. One of my fierceless and amazing leaders started the business when he was living on his moms couch because he was a teacher in a poor city, but now he is a millionaire.

I'm sorry that some of you were approached in a horrible way or lied to, but that is not how everybody in acn conducts their business.

They're still some honest people out there who truly have a passion for helping people. Acn isn't for everybody though.


thank you Selen for the wonderful comments.Most of the IBOs who did not succeed blamed ACN for their failures,I had one IBO who did not do the work and said he did not make any money from ACN.. that is plain ignorant and ***.Where can you find starting a business and doing nothing and expect returns.Kudos to you all who is doing the work ...GO ACN!!!!


yes im interested in ACN what is the cost


I am interested in becoming an IBO with ACN. I live in sac ca. Are u a Rep in sac ca or do u know of any in this area that I could meet with?


If the company was so great and really successful why do they only give a 10 day money back guarantee ? BE CAREFUL !!

I know from personal experience !!!! I also know of a company so successful and HONEST and not wanting anyone to get hurt financially that they give 120 days full money back guarantee.

PLUS many many more success points, and a much better business plan...


Just stick to your 9-5 pyramid scheme. I'm a single mother and have been with ACN since January of 2012.

I truly enjoy the people and the money. It has drastically improved or financial situation. The integrity of the company compares to no other. Remember, as with anything, you only get out what you put in.

Not everyone is capable of running their own business... that's why we're not looking for just anyone.

I'm sorry the opportunity was shown to her. It sounds like time was wasted for both parties.


THIS is the way of the futer A.C.N old bizz fail or get swepped under the carpet this one is on cuting edg of the futer thay are going to blow your mined with the stuff of the futer so dont get swepped under


I get really angry when I hear ACN reps try to tell you the "real reasons" why people fail and succeed in ACN. Obviously, if you do whatever it takes to succeed, you will succeed.

Obviously, if you quit or fail, then you didn't succeed. So they say that the people who failed "weren't cut out for it". And the people who succeeded "Followed the system". Don't you see how intuitive and meaningless that is for them to say?

Of course if you fail it wasn't right for you, DUH! And ACN doesn't even care WHY people failed.

It doesn't matter that they were lied to or quit once they found out the company is unethical. Their tactics are so transparent and sleezy, it makes me ill.


Duh- so what exactly are you saying?put it this way why would you start a business if you think you are not going to do it? Now tell me what would be a good words for that?ACN provides tools to help you, to be successful in your business.I met an IBO who does not even check her back office.Now it is just like saying that you have a store and nobodys attending to it.You blame ACN for that?If your answer is YES then i know exactly what kind of mental state/intelligence you have!!!!

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