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Duh. It takes WORK and there are several ways to MAKE money in ACN.

1st is savings on your OWN bills.

128$ a month in my case saves me 1536$ -499 = 1037$ FIRST YEAR SAVINGS!!!

2nd is personal bonus back, in my case at the LOWEST level 1% is 16$

So with JUST myself AND one customer THIS FIRST YEAR I am better off by $1053.00 (even with the license fee)

IF I DO NOTHING.... NEXT year will be $1553 better then last year!!!

Additionally if I find 5 additional customers per service with "the strive for 5" I will essentially have my cellphone, internet, tv and possibly power cost FREE

3rd way is the relationship marketing (people and business you know)

You can find others do do the same... pretty simple...

As far as a business and making money, YES, ACN is viable and more then that it is Probable as EVERYONE uses wireless and power... every day.

Problem is the thinking people have been conditioned to believe... and an employee mentality. Most business owners realize the power and potential in this. good luck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

Reason of review: Good quality.

ACN Pros: Unique opportunity, Flash wireless, Wonderful exciting, Profitable.

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So you don't go to training or any of their big events that cost $150 each just to get in the door? They say you need to go to those to succeed, and with travel cost that eats up your whole $1000 profit right there.

And what about the $480 a year for on-line tracking and support they also say you need?

Maybe you can make a few bucks if you skimp on the training, tools and support, but the top people that speak at the big events say that isn't likely. Who is right, them or you?

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