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Brief overview: Its a huge f*$king scam. Pyramid scheme, MLM marketing, what ever you want to call it. $499 to sign up, then $40 a month for "business assistant", and $$$ each time you go to a seminar (which I never did attend 1 but I can only imagine the BS company cool aid they try and sell you). I will admit that some might make money at this, but they will alienate all friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else you pitch this too cause its not something you can sell with passion or at least not to me. 99% of the people who sign up will never make their initial investment back. I was naive in thinking this would work and I completely and utterly own up to it. I should have known better.

Here is my story: One of my co-workers that used to be a friend of mine until this whole ordeal got involved with ACN through a family member who is high up and I now realize is shady as heck. My co-worker would not stop talking about how much money he was making, he was going to make, how he had all these "downstreams" he talked to every day. It was incessive. He caught me on a good day and I had just got a nice commission check from my company and I stupidly signed up thinking it would get him to stop bothering me and I could write some expenses off having a 1099 from ACN. He told me that he would pay half of my start up fee (of $500) if I made QTT in the first 30 days (which I did after signing myself up for energy, a friend for the flash wireless service, and paying $40 for the business assistant). He also told me I would receive a $600 bonus if I made it to QTT in 30 days and that if I didn't like it I could cancel in the first 30 days. After signing up I realized he lied to me about the amount of bonus I would receive and the confusing commission structure that is completely geared to the people on top (hence a pyramid scheme). I stuck with it got 6 points in under 30 days so I could at least get the 1099 and the $250 he promised me. He never did pay me so I was like nevermind Ill cancel. I called in and they said I had to cancel with-in 10 days!!!

Now at this point all you ACN people are saying well you just had a bad mentor/upstream I would say the same until I realized his schemy *** brother in law who actually is high up (RM or what ever designation) was telling him to do this *** in order to game the system. They would trick people into signing up place them under one of their downstreams, lie their *** off to get them to get the points to move up a rank, and even teach them the "tricks" like sign up a cell phone for one month under someones elses name (I actually had a friend with a sprint phone needing service so he was kind of enough to actually sign up which I am now going to help him switch to a cheaper phone service like cricket or another sprint MVNO), have a friend sign up for one month, purchase the business assistant to get a couple points, etc. All with the promises of them being a millionarre but it was all to just line their pockets.

So ACN might be a good company, who knows?, Donald Trump endorsed them (he'll endorse anything for $$$ though). Either way its pyramid is full of a bunch of crooks. I was just lucky since I knew something *** like this might happen so I paid with AMEX knowing that they would most likely be able to get my money back (thanks to their lawyers and I am sure I am not the only ACN person that wanted their money back) which they did give me the full $499 back even after ACN said it would have to be with-in the first 10 days. Since I had cancelled and made a claim with-in the first 30 days. All I can say is good luck to the people thinking of signing up, and to those who have and make good money, good for you. I'd much rather keep my friends and family and not lose valuable relationships over this BS. I am in sales, B2B sales, and I would never sell this *** don't let them trick you saying your selling essential services and your actually helping them out by getting them to buy this stuff. I will say the energy (here in TX) is actually decently priced but from what I can tell everything else is ***.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Sounds like the problem you had wasn't with the company, its with the person that signed you up.....It's not ACN's fault that he lied to you... Something to think about.

And given the fact that you took the time out to write that entire complaint says a lot about you and how you may have some issues. You are just taking it out on the company....something else to think about.

Do you really think that Sprint, Verizon, Direct TV, Dish Network, ADT, etc would be a part of a scheme? And you clearly know nothing about the company....you said it yourself...you never even went to a meeting and you also don't even know the companies vocabulary.

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