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i was with acn for over a year they have a very bad reputation in the uk

most will not join them after they have experienced acn for themselves or from hearing about acn from friends and family.

i was amazed at the amount of people in my cold market who had heard of acn and refused to join many RD's and below have left acn to join other mlm groups. ACN makes alot of money from your efforts in bringing them customers and you earn an extortionately low percentage for aquiring those customers and alot of there services are low grade there products are very expensive you can get the same products and services cheaper with out acn.

acn members will not accept any criticism what soever about acn to them its a perfect company with no errors in their presentation meetings they have their members at the back making sure the speaker has a round of aplause when they speak if anyone says something negative they ask that persoin to leave. so in summary why ACN IS A LEGAL SCAM IS BECAUSE THEY HAVE A RUBBISH COMPENSATION PLAN TO MAKE MONEY YOU WILL HAVE TO ACQUIRE THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS THEY WILL SAY NO THAT IS NOT TRUE ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS GET 5 PEOPLE TO GET 5 TO GET 5 AND SO ON. BELIEVE ME MOST OF THOSE WILL LEAVE SO YOU WILL HAVE TO CONTINUE TO GET 5 WHICH IS THOUSANDS. RUBBISH SERVICES AND PRODUCTS AND THEY HAVE A WOLF PACK MENTALITY


Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

ACN Cons: Acn, Deceitfulness, Pyramid scheme.

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I have been introduced to work with acn but before I do I wanted to research the company, was wondering if you can give me a little more information on your reasons or maybe show me some proof of all that your saying, id really appreciate it before I waste a 499.99 fee to begin, please..


I hope you'll ask a guy like him that has a negative perspective and someone who actually is doing it before making a decision, just saying..


If you are about feeding hungry kids, paying higher upfront monthly service fees, and looking to build a residual income based business with people of same mindset, then this business will excel.

If your just looking to save money only, then you join ACN. Theres no profit or little to no money savings to be made unless you network with people of same mindset.


....Correction, i meant dont join ACN if your looking to save money..........

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